PHOTOS: Game 27

Hans Benson.  He either scored the game-winner in the shootout or was one of the bad guys in one of the Die Hard movies.  Either or…

Dave Caruso, who figures to get one of the starts this weekend…

Cyclones D-man Jamie Coghlan

Jack Combs, who scored the first T-Devils goal tonight…

Tim Kunes

David Leaderer

Cyclones backup goalie Robert Mayer

Mayer.  He’s the third goalie I’ve seen with that mask concept…Hannu Toivonen had the “exposed ear” look in Boston, and Princeton backup Thomas Sychterz had something similar as well.  And yes, I know nobody cares but me.

Cyclones starting goalie Jeremy Smith

Smith, sporting a Milwaukee Admirals themed mask…

Smith is a prospect in the Nashville Predators organization…

Andy Thomas

Slavomir Tomko, who played in his first game with the T-Devils after being dealt by Elmira…

Matt Vokes

Brett Wilson

Tony Zancanaro

Hey, kids!  It’s former NHL defenseman Dwayne Zinger!

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