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What’s Going On…

August 4, 2011

What’s going on is…really, that I don’t know what’s going on.

Let me be as honest with you as I can.  With a lot of people from the Trenton Steel in place with the Trenton Titans, I wanted to basically do what I did for the Steel with the Titans.  I approached the team about this, and…long story short, it won’t be happening.  I can assure you I certainly don’t break the bank, but for a team at this level, a guy like me is a luxury so I certainly can understand and don’t fault them for their choice at all.

So, that puts my 2011-12 return in jeopardy.  I’d essentially already decided I wasn’t going to take any unpaid stuff anymore, as the Steel gig was, and that’s what this blog has been for three years.  There is no guarantee that I’d be back with The Trentonian this season as I have been for the past two, so outside of any gigs I pick up with them…that is likely all you’ll see of me in 2011-12.

I will, as a placeholder should things change, register a new Titans blog.  I’ll reveal the URL and all that stuff, and when it goes live, will ask that you redirect yourselves there.  I do want to cover as many games as possible for The Trentonian, and would likely still maintain a blog if I got enough games to warrant doing so.

I want to come back.  I do.  But I’m 28 and I still live at home.  Awkward, but true.  So, until something changes…that’s what’s going on.  I owe everyone who’s been reading this for the past three years the truth, and that’s where we’re at right now.

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