Press Conference

I’m heading over to Waterfront Park after the press conference at the arena…I’ll have comments from Rich Lisk and Brian McKenna, so stay tuned.


19 Responses to “Press Conference”

  1. Philly Devil Says:

    FLYERS SUCK!!!!!

  2. trentontitansfan Says:

    Yes, but Titans Rule!

  3. Mike M Says:

    Al. Grow the F up.

  4. trentontitansfan Says:

    Already put in for our same seats; the folks immediately around us – all Devils fans BTW – have done the same. Looking forward to 114 becoming a happening place again. Plan to be on hand tonight at Trenton Social to wish the new group good luck with the insane amount of work they’ve got to do. Think I’m gonna wear the new Titans shirt my wife bought for me at the presser 🙂 Kinda feel like a junkie who’s found out his dealer didn’t get put away after all, lol…

  5. Scott Says:

    Grow up you tool, your org dropped the ball as they have done in every minor league market they’ve squated on. Move on Lou’s backside is wating.

    The ones you’re going off on here are the few that continued to go game after game, how many games did you go to? That’s your schtick isn’t it on all the other boards while you call the rest of the Devils fanbase asses?

  6. Dondee Says:

    Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble making contact with the Titans office in order to purchase season tickets. Left several messages but haven’t heard back from them yet. I’m sure things are chaotic for them right now but was really hoping I could hold on to my same seats in 106.

  7. trentontitansfan Says:

    I would say just keep trying them. They’re pretty slammed but are adding more people. If it’s an option I’d suggest swinging by the office. I know my wife could never get through on the phone either; friends of ours left a message yesterday morning which was returned in the afternoon and they purchased their seats then.

  8. Shtikl Says:

    Say, the new owners and the city might want to respond to the concern in the first comment about the Trentonian’s story today. If they can make the place “feel” safer, they may draw bigger crowds.

  9. chiarams Says:

    Not much you can do to make the suburbanites feel safer. Trenton has plenty of warts, but the arena area is hardly unsafe.

    It’s no different than it was 10 years ago.

  10. trentontitansfan Says:

    I’d bet money the people that say that don’t go to the area. There is NOTHING unsafe about the area the arena is in. Trenton is like any other American city; take a wrong and you’re in crackwhore central. But you don’t even drive through “Trenton” to get to the arena. If you’re coming from the burbs it’s all major roads and you’re dumped off right at the arena. It’s a strawman argument.

  11. Mike M Says:

    Really, some people should just stay in their bomb shelter if they’re so afraid of the real world. It’s right off a highway, not like you are driving through a neighborhood.

  12. chiarams Says:

    Totally agree. If you’re coming to the arena from anywhere within the Jersey burbs, you’re either coming from the Route 1 freeway section or Route 129. Ooooooooooooooh, really scary stuff!

    Admittedly, coming from PA is less than great – at least the “back” way from the toll bridge. But again, it’s hardly what I would consider scary.

    It’s not like the Titans are gonna host pregame parties at Black Jack’s Lounge or anything.

  13. Shtikl Says:

    You know it’s not bad, I know it’s not bad, but the new owners have to put tushes in the seats. That means bringing people in who don’t know the area well, and bringing them back after the first time. But I know you all have your hearts in the right place. You’re more concerned about the quality of the hockey and the cost of going to the game. Wouldn’t bother you if you had to walk through a pit of snakes and a cage of hungry lions. 😉

  14. trentontitansfan Says:

    When I used to live closer to the city I always chuckled at some of the routes my GPS suggested I take; roads I wouldn’t be on in broad daylight. But they’re nowhere near the arena and all it takes is one visit to realize that. Hopefully they can get Trenton cops to man the crosswalks for all games to stop traffic. We park in the lot across the street, and last year was a bit bizarre. You’d have the cops there for a Tuesday night game with 500 people in the building and on one of the Scout nights when they had a decent crowd, we’d exit and find we’re on our own; they didn’t even close the road, have fun crossing the street and getting out of the lot. They do need to make sure Hamilton Ave is shut after games so people can get to the parking lot; this was only an issue this past season.

  15. Jerry Curl Says:

    This is so bittersweet. As much as I love the Devils, Lou never gave the T-Devs a chance. We all know they blew it, but having the Flyers and Ed Snider involved at a minimal level just bothers me. So why couldn’t they just have an affiliation with an out of market team? Colorado, Vancouver, Winnipeg or even Buffalo for example. Instead of having a local affiliation which alienates half of the local fanbase no matter what. I’ll probably go to a couple games, but I already feel the same as when the Titans were here before… indifferent.

  16. trentontitansfan Says:

    Well, again, affiliation at this level doesn’t really matter. No one who spent any real time with the Flyers spent any real time with the Titans. It’s just bloody unlikely. I just don’t get not going because of who the affiliate is. It’s not like the money’s going to the Flyers (as it did with the Devils). They’re not wearing Flyer colors (as they did with the Devils). I don’t see the similarity at all. I couldn’t wear Flyer orange so I completely get not wearing the jersey that looks exactly like the parent club if you can’t stand the parent club.

    During the Titans first run it was really easy to forget/ignore they had any connection to the Flyers or Islanders. The Devils literally shoved themselves in your face; that’s the difference IMO. I heard more than once ‘as long as they don’t change the name I’m ok with it, if they change it I’m gone’ and they changed it – and those folks were gone.

    And yes I despise the Flyers with every bone in my body and am not sure what makes me happier; Flyers in last place or losing in the SCF yet again. But at this level all that matters is they send players and it’d be nice if they didn’t call guys up during the stretch and have them ride the pine 😉

  17. Jerry Curl Says:

    trentontitansfan… I respect your opinion, but my issue is not with the players. I remember the garbage the Flyers forced on Trenton the last time they were here(Cam White anyone). My issue is more about aligning with the organization itself. It’s not that I just hate the Flyers because I’m a Devils fan. It’s that I disagree with having a partnership on a business level with Comcast/Spectacor. It’s bad enough they run the building. I have fundamental issues with the bully parent company, the Flyers organization and the way it does business. I know this shouldn’t effect my enjoyment of seeing hockey on a local level, but it does stick in the back of my head. Much like supporting the Thunder, and their affiliation with the Yankees. Fortunately I just flat out don’t care about baseball enough for it to effect me either way. Hockey is in my blood as it is with most of the sports fans. I’m glad for you and the other people here that loved the Titans, I’m just not one of them. I’ll still probably go to some games, just not the way I did when they Flyers weren’t involved.

  18. Matt Conti Says:

    People ask me fairly often ‘Who’s your favorite team?’. My standard, and honest, response is ‘I’m a hockey fan first, then a team fan(Flyers)’. That said, I don’t consider affiliations when I support my local team. They play in Trenton, my hometown. I’m a Mets fan, but I support the Yankee’s affiliate, the Trenton Thunder. I wasn’t crazy about the Devils’ aquisition of the team, but the sweater still read ‘Trenton’ on the front. Even the nights that I wore a Johnstown or Dayton sweater as an EBUG, I was still a hockey fan(or player) first, then a team fan.

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