Titans Return To Trenton…

As part of a media advisory…

(PR) The Trenton Titans will make their return to the Sun National Bank Center on Opening Night, October 22, 2011 when they take on the Florida Everblades. Season tickets start as low as $396. You can purchase tickets by visiting the Titans on the web at http://www.trentontitanshockey.com or by calling the Titans offices at 609 341-1100. Help us bring back your team.


There is a press conference tomorrow at 1 PM…and I will be there. Thinking the rest of the details will come out then…


27 Responses to “Titans Return To Trenton…”

  1. trentontitansfan Says:

    *happy dance*

  2. titansman Says:

    web site dsnt work yet and phone number is tape for messages but yippie

  3. LanghorneTITAN Says:

    New Team, New Username, SO HAPPY…

  4. trentontitansfan Says:

    I’m glad I still have my trentontitansfan email addy floating around, now I can use it again 🙂

  5. Scott Says:

    Amazing and we keep sitting here saying it sounds too good to be true. Certainly gives the market the best odds of turning things around.

  6. ForeverTitans Says:

    Wonderful news! Hope you’ll be firing up “Inside the Trenton Titans.”

  7. Scott Says:

    New investor/owner along with her husband.


  8. Scott Says:


  9. Scott Says:

    John Martinson


  10. Brian Says:


  11. Mark Says:

    Say, don’t you need to rename this blog? 🙂

  12. Philly Devil Says:

    Hey Mike, I am trying to unsubscribe to this site but I do not see that option anywhere.

    If I ever come back to the Sun Arena, be looking for the TRENTON SUCKS sign! oir Trenton Sucks Snider’s Dick Hard!

  13. blueballs Says:

    Isn’t that sweet, poor little Philly Devil forgot his meds again.

  14. Scott Says:

    Hey Philly Devil – WGAF?

  15. Shtikl Says:

    Wow. Ashmore did more than LouLams to promote the Trenton Devils. Don’t come here and flame at HIM for the T-Devils’ failure to thrive. If you really want to show your appreciation to the people who actually TRIED to kill ECHL hockey in Trenton, go moon Lou.

  16. Tom A Says:

    I am a NYC kid…. Ranger season ticket holder in another lifetime…. now living in NJ but still a HUGE Ranger fan…. I passionately dislike the Devils, Flyers and Islanders. But THIS is NOT about that. This is about having a hockey team in OUR community. A place we can take our kids to— sit and talk hockey…and bond. I just don’t get some people….

  17. blueballs Says:

    No one “gets” Philly Devil. Not even the multiple voices inside his head.

  18. Titans04 Says:

    Same here Tom – hardcore Rangers fan that couldn’t careless about who the team is affiliated with as long as they are successful with the main goal of being as competitive as possible. Our main priority is Trenton hockey.

  19. Philly Devil Says:

    That’s why none of ya’s really have a clue. Yeah, I am going to sit there in a NJD jersey and root for another NHL team’s prospects! Like when Flyers fans had come to our building rooting for the team with the NJ logo on their jersey! Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

    Quite frankly, I’ve forgotten more hockey than 99.9% of fools on this site. Could careless what any of ya’s think of me for I of the “I know more hockey than you society” you are truly benath me.

    I would never put money into the pockets of a piece of trash like Ed Snider unless I get to see a Devils affiliated team. So keep on kissing his ass pathetic trolls.

    Someone rooting for the Flyers makes as much sense to me as uplifting Pelle Lindbergh and his pathetic drunk driving loser self to “hero” status.

    Granted, the NJD could have run the team much better. However, I go to a hockey game to see THE GAME OF HOCKEY! I don’t go because it’s wave a flag, stuff a teddy bear, get a bobblehead, Opps, I am a REAL hockey fan..wow imagine that.

    So let me guess, Wayne Simmons is going to drop out the first puck with “community” leader Ed Snider? Is fast Eddie going to donate “gently” used skates to the “community” again this year?
    Wow, what a generous billionaire.

    I bet Snider is “bullying” his way already up to the Comminssioners offices of the ECHl like he has done for years to the NHL front offices. Eddie always has to get his way ya’ know!

    I love the game of hockey period..will support every league and what not, every level from NHL to sledge hockey (bet most of you clowns don’t even know what that is).

    Hey, maybe the Cryers can trade for PL3 so he can sell seats. Sorry, maybe the blog author loves goons, but to me they are a disgrace upon hockey. Fighting is needed in the game but not to fight for no reason. If a team nees a figh to get it going, to skate harder then your team SUCKS!

    So since the Trenton Devils are no more, all I can say is the following: TITANS SUCK, GO ROYALS!

  20. chiarams Says:

    Clozapine. Heavy doses. Repeat. Frequently.

  21. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    What the hell?

    Im a diehard Devils fan, but Philly Devil you are looking so stupid right now. The Flyers dont OWN the team, they never have. Supporting the Titans does not equal supporting the Flyers. Hell, when we WERE affiliated with them, they were stingy with their players, and you would hardly even notice that we WERE affiliated with them.

    While I was not upset when the Titans became the Devils, other fans were. Flyers fans werent upset that the team was affiliated with the Devils…it was because they were NAMED the Devils. It would be as if the Titans now being named the Trenton Flyers.

    BIG difference from being affiliated and being owned by one team.

  22. thunderbaseball Says:

    This Kool-Aid is delicious! Thanks, Lou!

  23. chiarams Says:

    Failure tastes delicious.

  24. Titans04 Says:

    We’ll miss you PD at all 4 games you attended, which based on your lunatic rants on TG’s board means two things, one you’re not a real fan and two you’re part of the “pathetic” devils fan base.

    The majority of us here will continue to go year in and year out regardless of what NHL club we’re a fan of.

    Can you tell us the story one more time on what a great guy Frazee is?

  25. blueballs Says:

    Careful T04 – he might threaten to kick your ass again.

    Internet muscles and schizophrenia are a scary mix.

  26. trentontitansfan Says:

    Just got an incredibly generous offer from Lou & Co. They want to give me complimentary tickets to a PREseason game.

    PREseason. And of course sell me season tickets.

    Gee, thanks….but fairly representative of the effort put forth down here. Get bent.

  27. Shtikl Says:

    Are those tickets for the preseason game in Albany, being hosted by the NY Rangers?

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