Want The Titans Back? There May Be Hope After All…

A group of former Titans season-ticket holders are making a push, with the Trenton Devils ceasing operation, to bring back the Trenton Titans.

Published reports by Adam Kimelman on http://www.nhl.com and Wayne Fish at http://www.phillyburbs.com have alluded to both the Flyers and Comcast-Spectacor, which manages the Sun National Bank Center, of being open to such a franchise if an ownership group can be found.

A Facebook group – Bring Back The Titans – is attempting to show that demand for an ECHL team in the Trenton market is strong, and, to show that, obtain commitments for 500 season tickets with a $25 deposit.

If you, as a fan, want the Trenton Titans back, here is your chance. This is an open group Titans fans can join ay http://www.facebook.com/groups/248561481823226?notif_t=group_activity

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


34 Responses to “Want The Titans Back? There May Be Hope After All…”

  1. Section 106, Row F Says:

    I don’t subscribe to Facebook or Twitter, but someone please add my name to the list – in fact, please put me down for 3 entries (for the season tix I held)

  2. Section 106, Row F Says:

    and by the way…..this was added to the ECHL Schedule page TODAY


  3. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Section 106 Row F.

    They just want name no of tickets address and a phone number..

    if you want, send them to me by email and ill pass them on


  4. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Hmm, interesting. BTW, as a dual purpose deal I posted the link to this blog entry on the facebook page and mentioned someone wanted in but was facebook-less (lol)

  5. hockey34 Says:

    Section 106, Row F, you can contact Bernie Haney at bhaney62@comcast.net if you are interested in committing to tickets.

  6. Bernie Haney Says:

    Everyone .. please feel free to contact me with Name / Address / Phone Number and Number of Tickets .. at bhaney62@comcast.net

  7. Section 106, Row F Says:

    Bernie, THANK YOU!
    You should already have my details in your e-mail.
    Let’s get some air under this puck and get this team on the ice.

  8. Tom - Section 110 Says:

    I hope there is room here for the weekend ticket package holders? I commit to three Saturday plans 🙂 (and I know they dont count but I also commit to 2-3 road trips)

  9. Bernie Haney Says:

    Tom .. there will always be room for partials .. I have heard from a group of Reading fans who want to do 7 game packages and others looking for partials .. at this point we are looking for FULL SEASON Tickets .. but if and when the Titans return .. they will welcome everyone.

  10. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Nice going by the Reading fans. Of course it certainly helps them a lot not losing Trenton. Hopefully the momentum keeps up!

  11. JB Says:

    As great as it would be to see the Titans return, it needs to be done right.

    The worst thing that can happen here is for a new owner to be rushed in without doing due diligence, have that owner make mistakes while rushing to assemble front office staff, coaching and team staff, sell sponsorships, plan and conduct marketing activities and otherwise set up the new organization – rushing to lay the foundation usually leads to a poor foundation. If another franchise flops in the Trenton market, it’s going to be very hard, if not impossible, to convince a third owner to come here.

    Less than three months remain before the start of training camp. Even if a new owner can be found quickly, let’s give that owner next season to do the job right and put a strong foundation into place. It will be tough next season without hockey here, but it’s better to have that and ensure that there will be a strong franchise for years to come than to rush to get a team in place for next year, have that franchise fail and then have no team at all.

  12. Titans04 Says:

    It would be an uphill challenge but if the ownership group actually knew the market they would be light years ahead by default. Leave the white horse and red paint at home. Turn the clock back and run things the right way all the negativity would be replaced by positive momentum. I have no doubt if someone were to take on the challenge they would have a solid plan on how to make it happen based on many years of experience.

  13. chiarams Says:

    Sage advice JB.

    Agreed on all accounts.

    I am concerned on what happens if the current drive to get a team in place for 2011-12 fails.

  14. JB Says:

    Chiarams, the failure drive to get a team in place for next year would be far from the worst outcome here. Even if they can’t get an owner in time for next year, I’m sure they’ll be able to find one eventually.

    The worst thing that can happen is that whatever comes next also fails. And a very easy way to fail at something is to rush into it without doing your due diligence and making sure you have a solid foundation.

  15. Titans04 Says:

    Leblond dealt to the flames – congrats to him.

  16. Bernie Haney Says:

    To all of you who are worried about failure .. this search has been going on for awhile now .. and everyone knows that from the hockey operations perspective we are in the home stretch .. if this is going to happen .. it will happen soon .. the league will do all of the due diligence and will decide whether 2011 is feasible .. those involved believe that it is .. and so we have to trust that the team working on this have all done it before .. A BIG THANK YOU to the people who committed to the investors that they will be season ticket holders .. and to all of the people who sent me notes looking for partial plans we will pass this on to the NEW Titans staff when it is formed .. To our friends in Reading .. we look forward to making more noise then you as we renew the Titan/Royal rivalry !! AGAIN Thanks Titans Fans .. Check out our facebook site .. BRING BACK THE TITANS !!

  17. Hockey? On A Baseball Blog? What? « Mike Ashmore’s Thunder Thoughts Says:

    […] Since I know there are some folks who are interested in just Trenton sports who come here, I figured I’d pass this along as well…looks like there’s a movement going on to try to get the Trenton Titans to return.  Check it out here… […]

  18. Shtikl Says:

    Nice try, Ash! YOU ROCK! as usual! Hope it works.

    Hmm. It’s OT but I see Phil Aucoin has signed on with the Reading Royals. Wonder how he’ll do this season after 3 years of completely pwning Dutch hockey.

    Also it seems Jeff Lerg got married (google alerts finds the darnedest things, gotta switch ’em off now).

  19. afratt Says:

    I’m in for 2 seats. Already sent my info. Keep spreading the word

  20. Section 106, Row F Says:

    Where are we on this? I can’t access the FB page without an account, but as an interested party…I’d like to know.

  21. Scott Says:

    Lerg to Europe http://www.asiagohockey.it/news_dettaglio.php?PID=833&Tipo_News=ALL&

  22. chiarams Says:

    Just crossed the 150 line this afternoon.

  23. Sandy Says:

    If anyone is interested, I made flyers to hang in local businesses to help spread the word. If you would like to help by hanging some in your area, please email me at skg267@msn.com and I will email you a copy.

  24. Shtikl Says:

    Uh… remember Kevin Dean, anybody? He’s given up Lou’s Kool-Aid and will be drinking Prune Juice. Assistant coach for the Providence Bruins, according to ProJo 7/20.


    They just had to dig the T-Devils, too.

  25. Scott Says:

    Glad to see Kevin land on his feet.

  26. Scott Says:

    Even cooler is Ted Dent getting the HC job in Rockford

  27. northjerseyfan Says:

    Cail MacLean has taken an assistant coaching job in the AHL with Abbotsford under Troy Ward.

  28. DevilDawg Says:

    Interesting how the ProJo says operations were suspended in April too….

  29. trentontitansfan Says:

    So according to the Facebook group, we may hear something this week. Someone posted they thought they saw Paul Holmgren at the arena. We shall see….

  30. Scott Says:

    Kell is heading over to Italy.

  31. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Good luck to Trevor….

  32. Shtikl Says:

    They know him already: “a hard worker, generous and selfless.” Best of luck, Kells! Ci mancherai! Colpisci duro!

  33. al3ab Says:


    […]Want The Titans Back? There May Be Hope After All… « Inside The Trenton Devils with Mike Ashmore[…]…

  34. linkbuilding Says:


    […]Want The Titans Back? There May Be Hope After All… « Inside The Trenton Devils with Mike Ashmore[…]…

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