Devils End Season On Positive Note

(PR) Reading, PA – The Trenton Devils broke a 1-1 first-period tie with three straight goals, and went on to beat the Reading Royals, 5-2, in the final game of the season Saturday at Sovereign Center.

The Devils’ win gives them a final record of 27-37-2-6 and denies the Atlantic Division-champion Royals (44-23-2-3) a chance to win first place overall in the Eastern Conference and get home-ice advantage throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs.

The winning goalie for Trenton was Jeff Lerg, who made 31 saves on 33 shots in his third straight victory while clinching a winning record of 13-12-1. Trenton’s goals were scored by Brad Miller, J.S. Berube, Matt Germain, Jeff Prough and Tony Zancanaro, and five Devils had multiple points.

Daren Machesney allowed four of the five goals, saving 35 of 39 shots in a losing effort. Reading received its goals from Yannick Riendeau and Olivier Labelle.

After three penalty calls in the first three minutes of the game, Trenton had a power play and Brad Miller scored the game’s first goal to give Trenton a 1-0 lead. Assisted by Jeff Prough and Ryan Hayes, Miller’s goal came off a high-slot drive and gave the Alpharetta, GA native his 14th power-play point of the season; he added an assist later to finish the season with 23 points overall.

The Devils’ lead lasted just a minute, as former QMJHL MVP Yannick Riendeau scored his 18th goal of the season into a gaping net after Lerg had been drawn out of his crease by solid Reading puck movement by Olivier Labelle and Ryan Cruthers.

The Devils regained their lead before the first period’s midway point, when J.S. Berube netted his 12th goal of the season. Ryan Hayes got his second assist of the game with a leading pass to Berube, who got around a Reading defender, made an expert move to his left and fired past Machesney. Miller, who finished plus-4 for the night, had the secondary assist.

The Devils built on their lead by scoring twice in the second period for a 4-1 edge after 40 minutes. First, Matt Germain scored at the 4:00 mark and made the score 3-1 by making a tricky move around Machesney after receiving a breakout pass from Jordon Southorn. Then Jeff Prough shoved in his 25th goal of the season, at 15:25, on Trenton’s fourth attempt of a net-mouth flurry. Berube and Hayes earned helpers, capping their rookie seasons with 30 and 50 points, respectively.

In the third period, Labelle scored to narrow Reading’s deficit to 4-2 with a tip of a Sam Roberts point shot, but the most veteran Devil, Tony Zanacanaro, capped the season’s scoring with his tenth of the year, a shorthanded empty-net goal, in the last minute of the game with assists to Dave Leaderer, his 33rd point, and Matt Germain, who posted seven points in his first nine pro games.

The Trenton Devils win the game 5-2 to cap the 12th season of professional hockey in New Jersey’s capital city. The final gathering of the 2010-11 team will be Tuesday at Dublin Square Irish Pub & Restaurant in Bordentown for episode 12 of the Along the Boards radio show heard live on Z88.9 at 7 p.m. featuring head coach Kevin Dean and Devils players.


35 Responses to “Devils End Season On Positive Note”

  1. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    Looks like Leaderer wont be back next year

    04/03/2011 Dave Leaderer (D) Milwaukee ADD Signed to PTO

    Thank god

  2. Titans04 Says:

    Amen, perhaps the most disappointing of them all.

    Time to dust off the game 72 champs banner. Glad they went out on a high note.

  3. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    Im not sure who to blame for this season. Say what you will about Chris L, but I liked our roster. Who would have thought alot of the returning guys would regress so much this year. Guys like Akeson, leaderer, thomas. Vokes after last season looked to be pretty good and then he gets injured and injured this year. Early injuries to Nolet and Southorn hurt REAL bad. TJ Miller has lots of potential, but again injuries. I dont think Zancanaro played as well as he did last year. Caruso wasnt as dependable, and the teams lack of confidence in Lerg made them look elsewhere (which I think was a mistake). Brad Miller was a good pickup, as well as Germain Berenguer, and Godlewski ( I wish the last 3 could have been here sooner *shakes fist at college*)

    Here is what I blame on Chris L and others
    1. Not improving the defense when certain guys went down
    2. The insistence on playing guys like Pender or Vich
    3. Not trusting Lerg. He struggled early on, but he also had a poor poor defense in front. This last stretch has shown he can be solid if they will just trust him with the workload.

    These are the guys I really liked:
    Lombardi – Has such a sneaky shot
    Hayes – Great hands, needs to be a bit better defensivly
    Ginand – At times seemed lazy defensively which is why I think he wasn’t called up sooner
    Berube – Not the fighter he seemed to be in juniors but 33 pts in 40 games isnt bad. Looks like hes skill
    Brad Miller

    Our defense actually looked ok with guys back from injury and the kids from college. Gotta replace leads and vich tho.

  4. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Ginand another goal, in the shootout. Caruso with the win.

  5. chiarams Says:

    Leaderer a +1 for the M-Ads tonight – gave up one on the PK though.

    I think the problems were plenty for this team…mind you this is coming from an outsider’s point of view…

    Not enough finishers – they had maybe three guys on any given night that could actually put the puck in the net.

    Poor backchecking from their forwards – most nights the defensive corps were outmatched, but they didn’t seem to get much help from the forwards.

    No real QB on the power play – You could make a case for Miller filling this role, but really – the lack of an established guy to run their PP was a problem all year.

    Brutal PK – (insert any name here) was unable to master any semblance of a system. Maybe this is on Dean – who knows.

    How Lerg was handled was definitely a mistake – Only 3 regulation wins after he came back in January.

    We’ve been over it a million times – The Devils insisting on their players not getting opportunities to move up to other clubs absolutely kills any hope of being competitive in this league. The only time the T-Devs were the slightest bit successful on the ice was in 08-09 because Kowalsky was able to make some moves.

    Chris is clueless when it comes to building a team – he might have found a few hidden gems here and there, but they’re surrounded by too many guys that belong in the SPHL.

    For every Dan Charleston that he’s brought in, he’s also signed gems like Luke Lucyk, Tim Kunes, or Pender (who no doubt will be brought back next year).

    When the T-Devs (or A-Devs/L-Devs/etc. for that matter) are actually successful on the ice (or even off the ice), I’ll give Chris some credit. Success at this point would be finally winning, I dunno, a playoff series this millenium? I’m sorry – when the last playoff series your minor league affiliate(s) won was 1998. During the CLINTON administration, all fingers point to the top.

    Until there’s the slightest shred of success, he’s an absolute joke to minor league hockey, with nothing on his resume to be proud of except his last name.

  6. GT Doot Says:

    This team sucked and anyone who found any good in it or any positives in this season is a dam fool. Get your heads out your butt and get the Devils out of Trenton. Trenton will be the door mat of the ECHL as long as the Devils are allowed to continue to use this team the way they have!

  7. Bob Smyth Says:

    Berube’s earned a good, long stay in the AHL. I would not be surprised to see him in the NHL sometime – strong, good work ethic, tough, finishes every check, takes the beating blocking out the goalie in front. Hard not to like the way he plays.

  8. JB Says:

    GT Doot, the Devils aren’t leaving Trenton because they have nowhere else to go. Lou wants total control over his minor league teams, which means owning them. And the ECHL Devils won’t draw any better anywhere else.

    Unfortunately, we’re stuck with them at least until Jeff Vanderbeek decides to sell the minor league teams or a new owner buys the Devils franchise and sells the minor league teams. Even if the lease was up, Mercer County won’t kick them out without another team guaranteed to move in because they don’t want a White Elephant.

  9. chiarams Says:

    I gotta think that the Devils could make more (or at least lose less) money elsewhere.

    At this point, I could see them doing something completely crazy like moving the team to Codey Arena and cutting all losses.

    If the arena was left without a primary tenant, I’d have to think the county would bend over backwards to get the Phantoms here.

    This of course all overlooks the fact that Lou & Company are happy to lose money in Trenton to spite the market.

  10. Titans04 Says:

    Hope you guys are all tuned into the Time Warner Cable cup game 7 tonight, who said they would never win anything? The radio guy is delusional.

  11. chiarams Says:

    Clearly they’re envious of Trenton’s Game 72 Championship.

  12. Titans04 Says:

    They shit the bed too, how surprising is that and really somebody should fill Heller in that the battle for that cup was between two of the 3 shittiest teams in the entire league. With the win the Phantoms jump past the devils leaving only the sound tigers between them and dead last. It’s not too late for that to happen at this point.

    Rick has overdosed on the kool aid at this point summarizing last sundays 9-4 loss by saying they played a good 40 mins. They really must pay these guys a shitload of money to totally sellout.

  13. trentondevilsfan Says:

    A good 40 minutes is what we often get too. Most times a coach mentions that its quickly followed by a need to play 60.

    At this point winning a playoff series would be a massive success.

    We definitely had a few really solid guys that have earned AHL spots (Ginand. Berube, Thomas) and a few worth a look next year. Unfortunately that seems to be the measure of success.

  14. Titans04 Says:

    nice to see Coleman win goalie of the year, no coincidence that the last time we had any meaningful success on the ice we had a stud in goal. It’s been all down hilll ever since. Still not sure how he ended up in the dog house at the end of that run.

  15. Section 106, Row F Says:

    A lot of talent on this team, plagued by injuries and untimely call-ups. This is no way to build team camaraderie…but who’s to blame?

    Maybe blame Lou and Chris….but look what they had to work with. Maybe blame the coaches for failing to motivate….but look who they had to answer to. Maybe blame the players for not finding a way to “gel”…but look at the coaches and management. In any organization, the blame falls on the leadership. In any team, the team’s captain should provide that leadership…or take some of the responsibility.

    I had an opportunity to see Mr. Kell in action off ice (in the elevator) during the last home game. I have never observed such a rude, arrogant and immature example of what a team leader should be. NO WONDER THE DEVIL’S FAILED THIS SEASON. HE’S A TOTAL JERK!

    Had my girlfriend caught him staring at her ass and gesturing to his buddy, she would have “Chaz Johnson’d” him into the middle of next season….missing a few more teeth.

  16. Titans04 Says:

    Well Lou and Chris selected the the players so how much further do you need to look, they hand picked the talent that there was to work with. They’re the ones that sat on their hands when it was obvious to everyone that this team was seriously flawed and no getting it done very early on. They choose to not make a significant move to try and turn things around. Status quo was just fine with them.

    There’s plenty of blame to go around no doubt about that, just look at CL’s win loss record in his 9 years of running the minor league affiliates, as Chairams mentioned not a shred of success.

    On the radio show they even threw around the saying we’ve used here all season since I heard Doug Yingst say it last summer about “winning to develop vs. trying to develop to win” they said that was their philosphy, hard to believe based on the results year after year.

  17. Shtikl Says:

    Chris can still hide behind the fact that the Dweebles’ minor league clubs are failing on a rock-bottom cut-rate budget.

  18. chiarams Says:

    But who sets the budget? If they don’t want to invest the money in a minor league team, then why did they buy an ECHL team?

    Oh right – because god forbid any non-Devils affiliated team operate in Trenton.

    As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money…when Chris wins his first playoff series as GM, maybe then he can stop taking some of the blame.

  19. Titans04 Says:

    OK so anybody else get their renewal? Looks like they went up but I don’t have last year’s and the first payment. Is due 2,5 months earlier. The message that came with the time is we aren’t any good but we try hard. Ugh. At least he’s honest.

  20. Shtikl Says:

    Renewal time already. Wow.

    IMO even Dweebles hockey is better than no hockey at all.

    Do you seriously think the Phailures or the Rags will bring a minor league affiliate to town next season if the Dweebles fold? If you do, you should wait until August to renew and let the Dweebles sweat it out. Otherwise it’s a painful dilemma: do you give them money now, and hope they finally start paying attention to the fans, or do you make ’em sweat and hope they realize you’re not happy?

  21. Titans04 Says:

    Since they arrived in town the renew date was as late as paying half on 7/15 to get the “discount”, now it’s 5/1. Hopefully someone else can confirm if the tickets went up and by how much, I’m not sure, they maybe the same. I feel bad for Jim having to put that cover letter together that’s for sure and you have to admire the honesty of the sad truth. Sure we would all like to win more but the boys to try hard.

  22. DevilDawg Says:

    At least you guys got renewal forms. T-Devs have our email and as far as I’m aware, we havent been contacted.
    We were expecting our rep to come on over and bring us the forms seeing as the dont have our address but we’ve received nada.
    From looking at the price where we sat, I think it might have gone up approx $50 a ticket.

  23. Titans04 Says:

    Classic stuff right here from Albany – to start next years marketing slogan is:

    “We’re the best worst team in the league ever!”

    and some more of the we can’t worry about the people that don’t come to the games…..

    The Albany Devils: When ‘first’ often means ‘last’April 11, 2011 at 9:41 pm by Mark McGuire

    ALBANY — Well, give them this: It was certainly a season of firsts for the Albany Devils.

    They finished:

    Their first season (back) in Albany.

    First in worst attendance — a mere 42 percent off the league average.

    First in worst defense and most penalties and worst penalty killing percentage.

    “A bad combination,” coach Rick Kowalsky said.

    At least the Devils didn’t finish first in worst power play. Only 29th out of 30.

    Finally, there’s this: First in worst home and overall records in the American Hockey League.

    OK, so first means last in a lot of ways here. That all said, the first season for the Albany Devils just didn’t feel that epically awful. In fact, according to the team, the Devils’ 70 points (32-42-1-5) sets the record for the most ever by a team finishing dead last in the AHL standings. I guess that earns a Which is nice, but not much more.

    On the ice, the Devils stumbled early and never got out of their own way. When they got scoring, the defense wasn’t there. When they had the D and goaltending, there weren’t enough goals. And even when they had both, more often than not they would take some ill-advised penalties, often out of frustration.

    “A lot of nights we hurt ourselves,” said forward Stephen Gionta, who became the franchise’s all-time leading scorer this past season. “You can’t give teams second opportunities.”

    Of course, it didn’t help that the Devils used 43 skaters over the course of the year. (A total of 19 dressed for both the Albany and New Jersey Devils this season.) Kowalsky did not use the roster churn as any excuse, since all AHL coaches have to deal with turnover, if not to this extent. That said:

    “The biggest thing is we struggled … with consistency,” Kowalsky said. “The chemistry wasn’t there.”

    Certainly discipline related to penalties and specialty team systems will be a major point of emphasis next season. And a side note: The surfeit of players getting valuable experience in this otherwise lost season could pay dividends in 2011-12. Things could turn around.

    Besides, the bigger challenge may be off the ice.

    Despite the anemic attendance (3,114 a night), general manager Chris Lamoriello said he thought the first season went well all things considered. And those considerations include a ton of early home losses and the fact the team did not move from Lowell to Albany until well into the off-season.

    “On the ice, certainly we didn’t have nearly the success on the ice that we expected to have,” he said. “Off the ice, I think we made a lot of headway, certainly establish our brand in the community.”

    He then said something curious: “We don’t worry about the people that aren’t here. We worry about the people that are here. That is our focus”

    Enhancing the fan experience is laudable, but getting more seats in the stands first is vital if this franchise is going to make it for the long haul in town. That has to be the primary focus of the spring and summer.

    On Monday afternoon Times Union Center workers scraped up the last vestiges of ice from the arena floor while dismantling dashers for the final time this spring. Players’ pickup trucks and SUVs were parked out back, U-Haul trailers attached, waiting to blow town by nightfall or the morning.

    The season is over. So begins the first full off-season of the Albany Devils. Maybe this first will be better than all the other ones.

  24. Shtikl Says:

    Hey, maybe youse “fans” in Trenton should come to the home opener and every subsequent game with your imaginary golf clubs, and some countdown signs that say “Tee time in ___ days” — ya know, to show the team how much youse appreciate them…

  25. Shtikl Says:

    PS — is this the same Mike McKenna who “anchored” the A-Dweebles this year?

  26. Titans04 Says:

    Probably a close friend of Snetsinger that’s for sure.

  27. Titans04 Says:

    Apparently this kid just signed a deal with the devils after completing his all-american soph season at Union. If nothing else he’s tall.

  28. Shtikl Says:

    Some nice accomplishments, too. At least up to now. Shame he’ll be on a team that will grind his dreams to a bloody pulp, isn’t it?

  29. Titans04 Says:

    nothing to see here, looks like he’s targeted for albany.

  30. Shtikl Says:

    The Albany fans might be pleased, but my earlier statement still stands. Poor kid will still be ground beef after half a season.

    Hey, Ash, remember Cory Schneider? Didn’t you interview him when he was playing for ‘Toba? Or was it just mask envy again? He’s IN tonight, ChicaGO has driven Bobby Lou to the dressing room, hopefully /he/ didn’t injure his knee when he turned into a pretzel earlier tonight.

  31. Shtikl Says:

    Hey, t04, did you notice the RANGERS are hosting a pre-season game in Albany next September? Maybe the Flyers should host a game in Trenton, wouldn’t that get the fur flying?

  32. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    Shtikl…..You realize the game is New Jersey vs NY at Albany right? The NYR arent hosting anything….

    Btw Congrats Reading on getting swept

  33. Shtikl Says:

    No, sorry, the Times Union beat reporter says the Rangers are the home team. That’s why it’s so hilarious.

    But yeah, THANKS, K-Wings!

  34. Shtikl Says:

    Huh. Backstrom’s got class, anyway.

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