Game 69: Pre-Game Notes

6:45 PM — Photos…of stuff!

Ryan Ginand’s awkward pre-warmup tribute of sorts…

New Edition couldn’t stand the rain…Riley Gill can’t stand these jerseys.

Twice the number, twice the facial hair…welcome back, Justin Coutu

Chris Berenguer

Dave Caruso has a new mask.  I care, you don’t…I know.

6:40 PM — Riley Gill starts for the McWings tonight…Jeff Lerg for the T-Devils.

4:35 PM — Realized Berenguer hasn’t played at home yet.  He’ll wear number six.  His dad, Juan, wore 43, 48, 37, 30 and 44 over a 15-year big league career.

Justin Coutu will wear #14 for Kalamazoo. 

4:25 PM — Check out my latest stories for on Braden Holtby and Daniel Winnik here.  Also, a few other personal things…

This is my first time writing on here since covering UFC 128 at Prudential Center.  Incredible experience…being about ten feet from the cage in the media seats and getting to interview guys like Chuck Liddell, Dana White, Joe Rogan, Jon “Bones” Jones and others was great.  Watching the tape of the fights and seeing myself on TV — as well as seeing myself on Leno last night when they showed the clip during Jones’ appearances — was also an interesting experience.

Check out a full photo album of my experience here.

Also, I’ll be covering the Trenton Steel this season…working for them, really.  Means I’ll be going on the road with them and so on…I’m actually wearing my Steel credential right now, which features a substantially better headshot than the one that…ahem, graces my T-Devils pass.

You can go to for my “Titanium Times” player features, or for up-to-the-minute gameday coverage, live from the penalty box at field level.

3:40 PM — Not a whole lot of news here, as is the norm for this time of day.  Of what news there is, it is good news…Chris Berenguer was named the Sid Watson Award winner, annually given to the best NCAA D3 player in the country.  Read more about that here.

I tackled this on Twitter, but never on here…in case you missed it, Jeff Prough and Dave Caruso are both back from Albany and Alan Reynolds has been released from his ATO.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


16 Responses to “Game 69: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. Titans04 Says:

    Good news according to the Devils game day thing Caruso was recalled to Albany today.

  2. tdevils Says:

    Haven’t seen that in the notes or transactions reports…hmph.

  3. Titans04 Says:

    Was on the fb link the pdf that lists the players.

  4. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    I actually hope Caruso IS called up. Lerg needs to be getting every start. Kids got potential, and they should use every remaining game, win or lose, to see how he handles.

  5. Titans04 Says:

    Not me seen enough. But you win. Shocker the release was wrong.

  6. trentondevilsfan Says:

    More swinging monkey!!!!!

  7. Shtikl Says:

    Hey, if you ever see Davey again, ask him to let us see the front of his mask, and ask him to explain the design. Was he thinking “Hell will freeze over before the Devils make the playoffs again” or what?

  8. Titans04 Says:

    I see what you did there with the Gill shot. Nice work as always.

  9. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Cool, friends of ours son was in goal between periods and was the interview. go Charlie!

  10. tdevils Says:

    That and McWings…proud moments, certainly.

  11. Titans04 Says:

    Mike did the steel lose their QB last week?

  12. Devil Dawg Says:

    Please everyone get on twitter and #danduva for all your tweets, weare trying to get some entertainment going here at the arena

  13. tdevils Says:

    E.J. Nemeth? As far as I know, no…

  14. Titans04 Says:

    If nothing else I bet we lead the league in almost fights. Never seen anything like it.

  15. chiarams Says:

    Nice win for the Tdevs. I still want a New Edition theme Mike.

  16. Titans04 Says:

    Yep good for them and Lerg was very good. Thought we were in for a long night after the first one, glad I was wrong. Good thing Korlander told Gill exactly what Hayes was going to do in the SO. Men against boys tonight and the boys came up big.

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