Game 63: Post-Game Quotes

Selected quotes from post-game media scrums with Kevin Dean and Ryan Hayes…others will appear in The Trentonian:


“Berube, Zancanaro and Nagy were the next three (to go in the shootout) for sure.  (Berube) has good hands.  You guys might not see that because of the way he plays.  He plays to his strengths, which is good for him.  But he’s got a decent set of hands, he really does.  You saw it there.”

“I was pretty disgusted after the first and equally disgusted after the second.  I didn’t like the first two periods at all.  I think that’s kind of our problem.  I think if you play a team that didn’t have a three (games) in three (nights), I’m not so sure we’re going to come away with that win.  They wore down.  To our credit, we played the right way in the second half of the game and had them take penalties and stuff.  But, that being said, I still think we need to initiate more and we need to start the game more like we did the third period.  Just lay it out there and not pace ourselves and not…what’s going to happen here tonight before we get going.  Let’s play the first, let’s win the first and go from there.”

“(Lerg’s) been excellent.  I was telling someone, you could see it in practice, you could see (his confidence) building.  We talked down in Georgia about this or that…he said he wasn’t being patient and he wasn’t aggressive, which sounds kind of contradictory, but it makes sense if you’re a goalie.  He looks a lot bigger than he is, and that’s a sign of confidence.”


“I was watching a lot of YouTube clips and figured I’d try something different.  I wasn’t doing very well in the shootouts before, so I tried to get something going.  It was nice to do it front of the fans.”

“It feels great (to win these two games in a row), finally get music in the locker room.  It’s nice to get two games in.  It’s nice that Lergie got two wins in a row, too.  The games are going a little longer than we want them to, but we got four points in the last two games, so it’s nice.”

“You come down, and you try to fake the shot, but you try to get the goalie moving.  If you’ve got the opportunity to bring it back…they really don’t know what’s coming, but now I think it’s done and I’ve got to watch more YouTube clips and see what’s next.”

(Spin-o-rama next, Ryan?)  “I can’t do that, I’m not quick enough to do that (laughs).”

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