Game 63: Post-Game Notes

— Most important things first, defenseman Martin Nolet will be OK.  Nolet collapsed by the bench at the end of the first period, and EMS were eventually summoned to the locker room inbetween periods.  According to head coach Kevin Dean, Nolet had been experiencing flu-like symptoms for the past 48 hours (including “losing a lot of fluids,” if you catch the drift there) but did not tell the coaching or training staff.  Nolet apparently became dehydrated during the game, and was taken to the hospital to receive fluids.  Dean did not have a specific update, but Nolet is expected to be fine.

— Really nice game out of Ryan Ginand.  Who didn’t enjoy seeing him stand up to Willock there in the third period after his boarding penalty?  Same thing with Taylor Vichorek on Brittain after he rocked Dan Charleston.  Teammates standing up for each other even though the season is, for all intents and purposes, over.  Says a lot about that group in there.

— Another strong performance out of Jeff Lerg as well, perhaps better than how he played on Friday.  He made a few spectacular saves throughout the night, particularly a few lightning quick reaction saves with his right pad.  There may just be something to what he says about being a rhythm goalie, although he’s going to have to learn to make adjustments to that at some point at the pro level.  But I don’t think anyone can argue at all with what he’s done over his last 130 minutes of play, and he deserves some credit after being largely loathed for the majority of the year.  Not saying he’s the number one guy or has even earned a spot on the squad next season, but he has certainly shown what he’s capable of, which is exactly why I wrote that I felt he should be the one to start the final few games and not Dave Caruso, given that one of them had to go to Albany.

— Raise your hand if you could watch that Ryan Hayes shootout move all day long.  I’m seeing a lot of hands.  Thing is, it doesn’t sound like you’ll see it again.  Hayes expected Jared DeMichiel, who made a few stellar stops of his own, to know what was coming considering he’s done that move his last four times out now…and now that his YouTube move has been seen over and over again, he said he’s going to have to find something new to break out.

— Providence grads Ben Farrer and Matt Germain may get an opportunity to play on Wednesday, Dean said.  Neither player was on the ice for warmups prior to the game.

— Matt Vokes will miss the remainder of the season.  Justin Pender likely will as well. 

— Jeremy Akeson was placed on the 3-Day IR by Wheeling today.  Akeson joined Trenton at the start of the 2008-09 season and played for the Devils for the past three seasons prior to being dealt to Wheeling several days ago.

— Don’t think I ever mentioned this on here, but my latest for went live the other day.  Check out this great interview with former Johnstown Chiefs (and, uhhh…two-time NHL All-Star, Olympian and IIHF Hall of Fame) goalie Arturs Irbe right here.

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6 Responses to “Game 63: Post-Game Notes”

  1. Titans04 Says:

  2. flyerszone Says:

    Why is Vokes done for the year? Pretty sub-par year for him if thats the case.

  3. Ashmore Says:


  4. Titans04 Says:

    Apparently Nolet is out tomorrow and Stoesz is going to play D. The two new guys will play so what forward sits? Wonder what the thought process will be on making that call.

  5. Titans04 Says:

    Thomas to Albany maybe that’s who they were talking about Stoesz covering for and not Nolet.

  6. Shtikl Says:

    Thanks for the clip of Blondie, t04. Poor guy gave up several inches in reach to his opponent, but have to give him credit for courage, it’s not easy to take that kind of punishment and come back for more.

    I think Stoesz played D back in Low Hell, not quite as funny as watching Stephen Gionta try the blueline, but not exactly his forte all the same. Who’s paired with Stoesz?

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