Game 62: Post-Game Quotes

Here are selected post-game comments from Trenton Devils head coach Kevin Dean and goaltender Jeff Lerg from their respective post-game sessions with the media:


“I snapped after they scored (the second goal). I said you guys have found enough ways to lose games this year, you guys better find a way to win this one. And we did.”

“It was a great shot (by Lombardi), both of them. He’s got a great shot. All three of those that he put in were unbelievable. That goalie’s probably scared of him. I think he scored two goals the last time we played them. We played a decent game for most of it, and then we got the lead and played pretty well for six or eight minutes, and then we got too cute at the blueline from a guy who doesn’t usually get cute and then just a horrendous change, and all of a sudden, we’re down, 2-1. That just can’t happen. They’re both young kids, but it can’t happen.”

“I thought (the new guys) were great. Really good. Haczyk, I thought he was smart. You can tell he’s really smart. He’s got some grit and he’s got some jam. He can play defense. I think he’s very coachable, he wants to be a hockey player. I think he’s got a good upside. The other kid moved. He’s got great poise with the puck, Godlewski. The only trouble he got into was when he got ahead of the play a little bit, jumping up or whatever. We can beat that out of him, though. We don’t want him up ice if he’s not an offensive guy, and I don’t think his numbers say that he is. He moves the puck well, he can make the first pass, he can play it 1-on-1, he can skate. I liked what I saw there too.”

“I thought (Southorn) was great until that change. The great thing about Jordon, is he’s assertive. He doesn’t just play to take up place, he plays to win. I think that’s why he’s going to keep developing as a player, he wants to make a difference out there in the right way.”

“I wasn’t dwelling on the losing streak too much. It doesn’t mean, quite honestly, as much as it meant like a month ago or two months ago when it was like six or seven and we came back from South Carolina and hit a couple. We got a lot of flux going on here, and I just wanted good efforts and we got that that. We’ve been getting that. I wasn’t dwelling much on the losses, but it’s a cloud for sure. But it’s gone for now and hopefully we can get on a streak the other way.”

“I think it is (a team we match up well against). I think we’re a very fast team, and I think for whatever reason we match up well against them. They’ve got bigger defensemen and I think maybe our speed gives them a little bit of a hard time. That’s the best they’ve played though in the four or five games we’ve played against them.”


“It felt great (to get the team a win). I’m real happy. I lost a lot of games this year by one goal, and I was very happy with the effort at the end to tie it. Had a little mental lapse there for about five minutes in the process, but we’re doing well battling. Obviously, it was a great shootout too. Guys had some great moves they were pulling out.”

“I felt really confident in there and I had a really good pre-game skate this morning. It’s tough not playing that often. In college, I started 65 games in a row. Here, I haven’t started back-to-back games all year except in November, which was prior to me being hurt. Obviously not the same level of fairness to compare my game, but I’m real happy with the win and looking forward to hopefully carrying that into Sunday and get a back to a back game.”

(When asked if he needed a game like this given his rough season) “Yeah, definitely. It’s been tough, obviously. The whole team, no one’s stats are that great. Mine, personally, I’m not used to having those types of numbers. But like I said, I’m still trying to get in that groove of where I can play. I’m a goalie that needs a lot of rhythm and feel into the game, and like I said, hopefully with the injuries going on now, I can take advantage of this and kind of get it going. My goal, I want to get the goals against under three and get the save percentage over 90. If I can battle to that, I’ll be relatively happy with the year. And get the record above .500, too. Those are my goals, and we’ll just see what happens.”

“It’s very reactionary, I don’t like to go in with anything. Just go in there and get good gap on them to make them deke and take away the shot first. I’m a fan of shootouts, I think that’s more of a strength of my game, breakaways…so I’m was very happy when we got it into a shootout.

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