Game 62: Post-Game Notes

— Give the little guy a big pat on the back. Jeff Lerg was outstanding at times tonight. Very sharp with the glove, and you could make a strong argument that neither goal was his fault. A bad bounce on the first one, and clearly someone activated the magnet in Jordon Southorn’s helmet that drew him to the hidden magnet on the bench, which allowed for that 2-on-1. Only reason that should have happened, right? But, in all seriousness — and Southorn had a very strong game otherwise — Lerg played well. And he needed to. Hasn’t been a good season for him this year, and he needed a game like this to prove that he’s capable of nights like this on a consistent basis.

— Impressive win by a team that has nothing to play for. Really poor showing by a team that needs every point it can get. Trenton played well, no doubt…but that desperation never really felt like it was there on Toledo’s side.

— Matt Lombardi’s very quietly had a nice year, eh? He probably isn’t in the top three guys you think of when it comes to offensive forces on the team, but he’s put together a solid first pro year.

— Sick, sick move in the shootout by Ryan Hayes. Very stoppable if you know it’s coming, but if you don’t, it’s almost impossible.

— Thought the new guys played fairly well. Noticed Godlewski more than Haczyk, to be honest. Was impressed with how tenacious Godlewski was in overtime in protecting the lane to the net. Wouldn’t mind seeing another kid or two brought in and given similar opportunities.

— Nice job by the officiating crew tonight. The typical ticky-tack horsecrap that gets called most nights that slows the game to a crawl was instead ignored. So kudos to Graham “Home” Skilliter and his joyous crew of linesmen on a job well done. Hey, I had to praise officials at least once in three seasons of doing this blog.

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One Response to “Game 62: Post-Game Notes”

  1. trentondevilsfan Says:

    The refs weren’t noticed tonight, definitely a good job. And Lerg did play well, hope to see more of that. He’s had isolated good games this year but hasn’t really put a run together.

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