Lost Weekend

(PR) Duluth, GA – Akim Aliu scored his second consecutive game-winning shorthanded goal at 1:18 of the third period as the Gwinnett Gladiators defeated the Trenton Devils, 4-3, at Arena at Gwinnett Center.

Aliu also added an assist and both Michael Forney and Dustin Cameron registered multi-point games, while Chris Carrozzi beat the Devils for the second straight day, as the Gladiators improved to 28-25-2-2 by winning their sixth straight game.

Ryan Ginand netted his seventh three-point game of the season by notching two goals and an assist, while moving to within 12 points of Trenton’s single-season point record set by Scott Bertoli in 2006-07. However, the Devils’ loss was their seventh straight and Trenton’s record is now 21-32-3-4, while Dave Caruso made 17 saves in defeat.

After failing to score past Carrozzi on Saturday night, the Devils cracked Gwinnett’s goalie for the first tally of the game at 8:03 of the first period, when Trevor Kell poked in his 13

th goal of the season out of a netmouth scramble. Matt Vokes and Ryan Ginand were also both in on the scramble and were credited with assists.

Shortly after the Devils took the lead, Dan Charleston was charged with two simultaneous minor penalties and although Trenton killed the early minutes of the power play, Patrick Galivan eventually broke through off a set up by Akim Aliu and Michael Forney.

Less than five minutes later, Andy Brandt netted his 17

th of the season to give Gwinnett a 2-1 lead, but Ryan Ginand responded with a breakaway goal at 11:34 of the second period to knot the score 2-2.

The Gladiators quickly regained their lead by scoring their second power-play goal of the game, when Dustin Cameron banged in the rebound of a Michael Forney shot that Dave Caruso was unable to corral.

However, Ryan Ginand scored his second game-tying goal of the second period with 31 seconds left in the middle stanza, by sniping a shot past Carrozzi from the top of the right-wing circle.

But Aliu’s shorthanded breakaway goal at 1:18 of the third period put the Devils in their third deficit of the night and Trenton was unable to fight back again as Gwinnett won 4-3.

The Devils conclude a two-week road trip on Wednesday night against the first-place Reading Royals at 7:05 p.m.

11 Responses to “Lost Weekend”

  1. Titans04 Says:

    Pretty amazing how Ginand continues to get it done on a consistant basis. He had that one rough stretch but has been remarkably steady otherwise. Imagine how brutal they would be without him.

  2. chiarams Says:

    And all the while he hasn’t complained or sulked about not getting a sniff in Albany.

    He’s gonna look great in a Royals uniform next year.

  3. Titans04 Says:

    Just realized that Albany has to submit their clear day roster by 3:00 today in prep for the playoffs. Should be interesting, or maybe not so much. They’re still in the mix, right?

  4. chiarams Says:

    Only 18 points out of a playoff spot with 18 games to go.

  5. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Bet Ginand gets a Devils deal for next year. The whole point of Trenton is to find a guy or two that they can move up to Albany. I bet they sign him and give him a shot in Albany.

  6. Ashmore Says:

    To be clear, I have no inside knowledge on this…but while I’m sure the Devils would love Ginand back, why would he want to come back? Nice and very talented, albeit undersized kid who takes the game (and losses) seriously…but you can’t tell me he hasn’t deserved an opportunity in Albany already or that the losing at the minor league level as an organization doesn’t play a role in these guys planning out their next moves.

  7. chiarams Says:

    I can’t see why Ginand would give the Devils the time of day at this point. With the number of injuries at the big club and in Albany, how could they not at least give him a game or two up there?

    Nagy and Charleston both got extended looks up there, yet Ginand sits in purgatory?

    And even if they did offer him a sniff in Albany next year, why would he want to sign with a perennial loser? At some point Ginand probably wants at least some opportunity to play in a playoff game. Given the Devils history, I don’t see that happening in Albany or Trenton any time soon.

    I hope he signs with the Royals and lights this club up every chance he gets.

  8. Titans04 Says:

    Guess of could go either way Combs said no thanks to coming back yet Prough stuck around when I thought he would have gone elsewhere. To me as I’ve said before it makes no sense that he hasn’t gotten a serious look up there, none whatsoever. Like Mike said he wears his heart on how sleeve and you can tell he doesn’t take losing well. Tie it’s a no brainer I would get as far away as possible and take my chances that the callups would come all over the Northeast once I left town.

    Too bad we would never get an honest answer about why he’s been overlooked not sure they could give one with a straight face. I would be the line would be that there are still parts of his game that need work and that’s true but in that regard he’s not different than all the rest. Maybe he cares too much.

    As far as Charleston, I think he got the benefit of the doubt coming out of camp then was hurt or sick the rest of the time up there otherwise he probably would have been here much earlier.

  9. Titans04 Says:

    Screw you auto correct, again, still.

  10. Shtikl Says:

    Maybe he has family or some other reason for not leaving the Trenton area. If not, I agree, he should sign somewhere else where he has a chance of moving up. If he has a future in the pros, it might as well be in an organization that knows what “professional” means other than in the context of “professional foul-ups”.

    Hey, Ash, did you ever interview Cory Schneider when he was with the Moose? He just got his first NHL shutout with the Nux!

  11. Titans04 Says:


    We should get some kind of credit….

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