Game 56: Post-Game Quotes

Here are Kevin Dean’s comments that didn’t appear in the paper after tonight’s 4-3 shootout loss to Gwinnett…


“I’m fine.  I’m starting to get maybe a little bit of a headache, but nothing serious.”

“It was good (to get one point), it was good for our pysche, but we gave them two.  We’ll lose ground, so I’m not too excited about the point.  It was a great comeback, good effort, it was good for our morale and all that stuff.  But we certainly lost ground on them.”

“(Myles) is great.  He knows his role, he plays to it and he doesn’t try to be someone he’s not.  He’s there when you need him.”

“We had the extra guy (on the PP) late, which helped.  But Trevor Kell made a really nice play at the blue line and left a guy out to dry and that gave him time to get a shot.  Tony Zancanaro made a nice play to camp out in front, but a lot of it’s just confidence at that point.  We had the extra guy and had a good push on it and Trevor made a great play.”

“We do shootouts once in a while in practice, but because the ice is usually bad, I like guys that shoot.  Lombardi always shoots, I like him because he shoots.  Hayes is very gifted, obviously.  I lean towards a guy that shoots.  Ginand, I think he’s done four or five, and I’m not sure honestly if he’s got a shot on net.  I’m looking for guys that shoot because the ice is bad and it’s tough to make moves.”

“I thought (Shane) was great.  I thought he was awesome.  Big reason we got a point.”

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