Game 55: Post-Game Notes

— Ah, yes.  The 3 AM “No Chance Anyone’s Awake To Read This” version of the post-game notes.  If you’re looking for a short version of a long story, check out my game story in The Trentonian.

— After the first five minutes, I thought for sure Trenton would win this game, 5-0.  6-0.  7-0.  Win big.  They were all over Gwinnett, and the puck was barely even in the Devils defensive zone early on.  Eight shots to zero, Trenton had the edge.  And then I thought to myself that, given the way things had been going for this team this season, Gwinnett’s first shot would go in.  Can’t take credit for predicting the first two going in, however. 

I cannot even begin to imagine how much wind that took out of the sails of the Devils tonight.  Gwinnett’s first shot that didn’t go in didn’t come until 12:30 of the first period.  By then, Ryan Hayes had already “scored” his wacky goal.

— Really, really, really pretty play to tie things up on that 3-on-2.  Dan Charleston made such a nice pass to Ryan Ginand, who made a pretty equally nice series of moves to slide the puck past Chris Carrozzi and knot things up. 

— Akim Aliu was my first star of the night.  Seems rather obvious that he has no business in the ECHL.  He was a focal point of the Gladiators offense tonight, and his awkward turnaround slapshot that somehow beat Jeff Lerg far side was the difference.

— Not Jeff Lerg’s finest performance.  He’ll take a seat tomorrow in favor of Shane Connelly.

— Shocked Myles Stoesz didn’t get an extra two minutes for his fight with Danick Paquette.  Liked that he stood up for Tony Zancanaro after the ref sat there while Paquette hit him very, very late…but with around seven minutes to go and trailing by one, it’s way too risky to just go after a guy like that.  Meanwhile, here is the tail end of Stoesz just pummeling Paquette.

— There is no doubt Matt Vokes should have been awarded at least one penalty shot tonight, and you could make an argument that he should have been given two.  Instead, the officiating crew decided on zero.  I can understand the non-call in the third period, but to miss the one in the first period is brutal. 

— Martin Nolet missed the game with a “lower body injury,” according to Kevin Dean.  Didn’t notice anything other than him coughing a good amount in the locker room after the game.  Maybe Matt Torti, Scott Bartlett or Joe Gerbe are available to fill his spot.  Can Jason Smith play D?  Is Nicolas Lareau doing anything?

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One Response to “Game 55: Post-Game Notes”

  1. Shtikl Says:

    There’s something off-ice about Aliu, which is why he’s in the ECHL. Had trouble even before Steve Downie, a professional cheap shot artist, cheap shotted him during a team practice. Good player but…

    Wow, this team is sad. Was the headline “see playoff chances fading” in the Trentonian meant to be ironic?

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