Game 55: Pre-Game Notes

6:50 PM — Trenton starters are…


Active roster is…


6:30 PM — Chris Carrozzi and Jeff Lerg are your goalies…

5:15 PM — Today’s a Trentonian day for me, as is tomorrow.  I’ll have any relevant lineup updates on here…since, you know, there are just so many options for Kevin Dean to choose from…and will post any video and photos on here during the game.  You can also follow my updates on Twitter at mashmore98, where over 1,000 misguided souls already follow me.

5:00 PM —’s Josh Burke has a look at the Trenton Devils last seven days…includes a story on Dave Caruso, which also includes a first look at his brand new mask.

3:55 PM — It’s about three hours before gametime here at Sun National Bank Center, and with every minute that goes by, it’s becoming more and more apparent that ice and hockey sticks will be replaced by grass and golf clubs on April 3rd.

The Devils recycling efforts have continued, as they’ve brought back forward Mike Potacco to replace Kory Nagy, who was called up by AHL Albany earlier today.  In nine games, Potacco tallied just one assist, but also didn’t embarrass himself out there, either.  However, with other teams signing more experienced free agents, making trades with other teams in the league to fill holes, or acquiring players from other leagues, the move simply doesn’t cut it for a team that desperately needs a boost to be a legitimate playoff contender.

This team has not won more than two in a row since a five-game winning streak from March 24-April 2 last season.  But they’ll need two in a row tonight and tomorrow…when you’re last place in the conference, you need to catch every team, but Gwinnett is one of the teams they can realistically catch (and need to realistically catch) to climb up the standings.

Four points.  In regulation.  Overtime or shootout wins do not cut it.  Four for Trenton, none for Gwinnett.  120 minutes of hockey. 

There are so many people here who would like nothing more than to see playoff hockey return to the capital city, myself included.  Both publicly and privately, I have always said that some of the most fun I have had in nine years of doing this was covering the last two months or so of the 2008-09 team’s remarkable run.  But, given that the roster has been allowed to struggle while staying largely untouched by any sort of an impactful acquisition, it seems the T-Devils will be booking tee times once the regular season ends.

Prove me wrong.

3:30 PM — Just to pass on the appropriate stats for Nagy and Potacco, whose respective moves I reported earlier in the day…

Potacco has a 0-1-1 line in 9 games this season.  Nagy has 8 goals, 12 assists and 20 points in 42 games with Trenton.  This is his second recall to Albany.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


29 Responses to “Game 55: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. titans04 Says:

    All a part of the Who Gives A Sh*t whether they win or lose mentality that we’ve been blessed with since the Devils came to town.

    Love it or *%#@ Off.

  2. titans04 Says:

    Any word on the healthy scratches Mike?

  3. Titans04 Says:

    Packed them in tonight.

  4. tdevils Says:

    Nolet out. No idea why yet.

  5. Titans04 Says:

    First fu%##### shot again.

  6. Titans04 Says:

    Way to DOMINATE the first 6;30 and the first shot your give up goes in.

  7. Titans04 Says:

    Nice Lerg you’re 0-2 again. Quite an accomplishment.

  8. Langhorne Devil Says:

    F@&$ing funnel again. Well after 11 mins we would have been no worse off by playing with an empty net

  9. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Send Scorch in…

  10. Titans04 Says:

    Maybe nolet got the call to go play cards with Young tonight.

    At this point you have to feel bad for everybody on the ice not named Lerg. How about maybe just standing up with your eyes closed, at this point the odds would be a little better of the puck actually hitting you.

  11. Devil Dawg Says:

    He is tall enough…he could do a go job

  12. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Just Scorch’s head might be better. Gonna be a long night

  13. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Seat upgrade = different view, same sickening feeling

  14. Langhorne Devil Says:

    To be fair to lerg, the second goal, the defense may as well have rolled out a red carpet..

  15. Titans04 Says:

    That was Pender and that can be expected too. Those two are like clockwork.

  16. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Third one was not good. I did like the one shot where Pender and someone else in front couldn’t decide who to get the puck so Gwinnett got a good shot. ugh. I also loved the three consecutive passes to the linesman. quality all the way.

  17. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Lerg really bailed them out on that one. But then coughed up a nothing shot

  18. Titans04 Says:

    Forgive Pender he still doesn’t know it’s OK to touch the pick when it’s laying in the crease.

  19. Langhorne Devil Says:

    I usually don’t see how bad pender is from our seats. But sitting here, he is just brutal

  20. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Yeah, he’s awful. Though tonight was a special level of awfulness I think.

    Scout night tomorrow! Do they extend the netting to cover all of 103?

  21. titans04 Says:

    We had the joy of 5 a-hole fathers sitting 2 rows behind us that let their paint chip eating offspring run around the entire night from throwing popcorn on the ice between 1 and 2 to literally climbing over the seats to and from the front row. Even after they were told not to sit there by the ushers the a-hole father kept telling them to go back finally after a big enough scene they at least decided to terrorize 108. Usher kept saying well what can I do I told them once.

    PP was a joke tonight like Lerg (sans one or two quality saves). Should decline them tomorrow. For most of the time I don’t think there was anybody in the same zipcode in front of the net. Can’t wait to hear Mikes post game.

    Solid work by Albany tonight as well.

  22. Bob Smyth Says:

    Sure looks as if the lads can start polishing up the golf clubs. Miserable performance tonight. Sloppy play, weak goaltending, lots of missed opportunities, some moments of urgency and decent play, but no one can finish. Highlight of game was Miles, who absolutely destroyed Gwinnett’s tough guy. Threw 7 punches, received none, and the 7th dropped the guy like a bag of potatoes

  23. Bob Smyth Says:

    I agree with titans04 – we should decline penalties.

  24. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Yup agree with everything said. All ihave to show for the evening is an empty wallet from having to drink to numb the pain; before,during and after the game. No doubt I’ll get a hangover tomorrow, into the bargain.

    To add insult, when I was speaking to ed aftewards and saying how depressing it into watch. “we’ll bounce back!”

  25. Titans04 Says:

    Can he let us know when that will happen maybe just narrow it down to a two year period. What else can they say, I don’t blame anybody in the Trenton FO, they’re left to polish the turd year after year.

    How silly does all the “it could happen” regarding the playoffs sound now, Dan must of said it 5 times last week. Honestly I feel bad for the guys that are left here to playout the string, well accept for 2-4 of them that have stunk it up since day one.

  26. Titans04 Says:

    Nicely done Mike:

    Good lord coach what in the world makes you think this is a playoff team? Not having won 3 games in a row all season, having won back to back what twice all season, the .418 winning %, second only to Ontario’s .409? The comments are insulting. Keeping it real would be so much easier to take.

  27. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Dont get me wrong, I do not blame the FO guys. I feel sorry for them because like the guy in Albany, they will be scapegoated for not selling out this arena to see this qualitty product.

    It’s coming up to season ticket renew time, whY can these guys say to us, that will really make us want to pay our hard earned cash to watch a team where the general ownership show such disregard for us as fans.

    I think a high percentage of us are NOT NJ Devils fans – but we are Trenton fans. The club is going backwards on and off the ice and noone seems to care.

  28. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Above I meant what can these guys say…

    Tdf. I agree, how Can dean say that.

    As I Said earlier, tonight we were behind the bench ( as we were at AC) and I saw nothing in the way of coaching skills from Dean. I can’t believe he will be back.

  29. tdevils Says:

    You shouldn’t take issue with what Kevin said about the playoffs…I asked that question directly, he didn’t volunteer that…and it does not at all sound as though he has any thoughts that this team, playing the way it is now, will make the playoffs. Felt the quote made that clear…I do think there is enough talent on the team to where they could be a playoff team had they collectively played better overall, but they’ve done very little to make anyone think they’ll actually make it.

    And I’ll get the quotes and whatnot up soon…went out, it’s a Friday night…apologies for not having it up sooner, but I was in my house for about five minutes before I had to head out again.

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