Lerg Returned; Frazee, Perkovich Back To Albany

Goaltender Jeff Lerg has been returned to the team from AHL Albany in time for tonight’s game against Elmira.

As I alluded to earlier, I didn’t expect Jeff Frazee or Nathan Perkovich to be around long, and they weren’t. Both were recalled by Albany today.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 at gmail.com


22 Responses to “Lerg Returned; Frazee, Perkovich Back To Albany”

  1. Titans04 Says:

    Makes total sense, no questioning the logic behind the last two days transactions, none whatsoever. Welcome back Jeff.

  2. Langhorne Devil Says:

    ha ha ha – if that were on the facebook site would it get deleted???

    I have to setoff for a meeting in MD at 5 tomorrow – can i really be ar$ed to listen to the devs tonight.

    Has anyone found out what Hayes was banned for yet??

  3. Titans04 Says:

    Just listen to the first 30-40 mins that usually covers it πŸ™‚

  4. Langhorne Devil Says:

    30-40!!! an unusual wave of confidence from you tonight T04!! πŸ™‚

  5. devildawg Says:

    the first 30-40 has been alright lately … its that last 20 where we lose FOCUS.
    WE’RE A FRAGILE GROUP. Please do well to remember this. πŸ˜›

  6. Titans04 Says:

    Not sure fragile is the first word that comes to mind.

  7. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Dan stiill trying to sugar-coat that turd…

  8. Titans04 Says:

    Last team to shoot wins, Connelly wiffs on his first shot.

  9. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Sounds like a no defending night 2-1 Devs already Elmira 1/1shot

  10. Titans04 Says:

    Hayes was suspended for a “situation”. Akeson’s shots are savable even in his one.

  11. Titans04 Says:

    WWE flying elbow did Hayes in.

  12. Langhorne Devil Says:

    ahhhhh – where did you acquire that morsel of information (im guessing it didnt come from the team)

    so the league got it on a video review? as no penalties in the game

  13. Titans04 Says:

    Dan actually said it to his credit. Zajac bloodies Dubuc apparently in a one sided fight while Stoesz draws with Frank.

  14. Langhorne Devil Says:

    i m listening to DAn too – i must have tuned out when he said it..

  15. devildawg Says:

    this Dean interview sounds familiar …. haha
    I love the way he says Coutu – like KOO TOO πŸ™‚
    I’m happy, for now, we’re winning! Hooray!

  16. Titans04 Says:

    Cool couldn’t even make it 40 mins tonight blowing the two goal lead in what two minutes?

  17. devildawg Says:

    happiness was short lived. man we’re bad 😦

  18. Titans04 Says:

    2 goals in 1:13

  19. chiarams Says:

    Akeson appreciates your support.

  20. devildawg Says:

    dont even get me started on Akeson …. grrrr

  21. Titans04 Says:

    I know he does, but he seems to overlook the fact that we’re a couple of the very few that still care enough to show up game after game. Maybe losing bothers us more who knows.

    Nice job tonight not folding and actually pulling this one out. Maybe this is the run we’ve been waiting for….

  22. Shtikl Says:

    Glad to see Connelly’s OK, anyway. Otherwise Felice would be battling Lerg for the starting job, yes? And t04, you give the front office too much credit when you assume there was any logic to the player transfers, it just looks like they can’t tell their head from their dupek, as usual.

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