Game 46: Post-Game Notes

— If you’re looking for post-game comments from Kevin Dean, Shane Connelly, Justin Pender, David Leaderer and J.S. Berube, check out the post below this one for exclusive video of all five.

— If you look at what I wrote about Shane Connelly prior to the start of the season, you’ll notice that it was largely positive.  I saw Shane play twice last year for the Chiefs, both times in relief, and was impressed both times.  Tonight, I saw that guy from last season again.

Connelly has certainly had his struggles in a Trenton Devils uniform this season, but earned his first shutout of the year and the team’s first since a Dave Caruso blanking of the Jackals on March 27, 2010.  As a whole, this win goes to the defense, but Connelly was brilliant at times tonight.  His save with about seven minutes left in the third period on that little cross-ice pass play was incredible, and he made the big stop when he needed to that kept his team in the game…something that had been lacking among all the goalies this season.

I admit I wrote Connelly off earlier this season…said he’d be gone once other goalies came back.  Now?  I’m not so sure.  I’m fairly certain that Caruso’s got a spot whenever it’s his time to come back, but whenever Jeff Lerg comes back from Albany, I think there’s very little question that Connelly has earned the number one spot between the two.

—  If you watched said videos, you know that my theme of the night was the improved defense…hence why you heard from two guys I don’t interview too much for one reason or another in Leaderer and Pender.  Dean explained the changes the team had made in their defensive zone, and the guys elaborated on that a little bit as well…Dean’s been getting some criticism on here a lot lately as well, but give him some credit for making an adjustment that’s clearly paid dividends.

— Offensively…and sure, there wasn’t much to go around, it was a very balanced attack.  Didn’t really think anyone stood out in a negative way, and don’t really think there was one clear offensive standout, either.  J.S. Berube certainly had one of his better games, but all in all, after a somewhat sluggish first period…it was a really solid effort all around.

— Would you like two points with that?  Maybe you guys should come to the game tomorrow dressed in Burger King hats, because those McDonald’s K-Wings warmup jerseys are just hideous.  I’m sure I’ll find out tomorrow that they get auctioned off for charity and feel like a jerk…but hopefully that charity benefits the blind, because those things singe your retinas just looking at them. 

— Quick question about the videos…I read my own blog on my Blackberry often, and I’m sure a lot of you guys use mobile devices as well.  The embedded videos do not appear in my browser, though.  Would it help if I also provided a link to the videos so you can watch them that way as well?

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


5 Responses to “Game 46: Post-Game Notes”

  1. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Mike, you make a good point. I, like many others, have been critical of Dean recently. However, this change to the DEF scheme over the last 2 weeks is very noticeable and effective (it just makes you wonder why it wasnt done before). We complained about playing one good period a game. These last 4 seem to have been much more complete performances. It would be nice to start seeing consistent returns for these efforts. Starting with another 2 points tomorrow.

  2. Titans04 Says:

    Good stuff Mike, videos work fine on the Droid.

    Have to disagree if all the goalies are healthy I bet Lerg gets one of the two spots because they have a interest in him and Shane is an outsider. It won’t be about who’s better imo.

    As far as the change they were talking about it 3-4 weeks ago and then won two games since then I guess three now. I’ll by it when the stop losing way more than they’re winning.

    Thrilled they got the win, it would be great to see their efforts start to pay off, praying for two in a row. Thanks for coming down Mike.

    Wanna throwout the offer you made or maybe we should keep it between us?

  3. tdevils Says:

    Haha…yes, I’d say we’ll keep that one off the record.

    And I think the implementation of the changes has finally paid off…however long that took. At least the guy is making attempts to change the losing, I do have to give him credit.

  4. Shtikl Says:

    Go for 3 in a row before the end of the season? Think they can do it?

  5. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Unfortunately t04’s comments re Lerg > Connelly in the teams eyes seem true.

    While the results aren’t fantastic since the change – I think the bad ones an be put solely at the feet of the goalkeeping. I.e. If we had had a goalie like scrivens in goal for us during these last 2/3 weeks – I think we would maybe have been unbeaten in that time, and that says a lot about this change.

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