Game 45: Post-Game Notes

— Jeff Prough was called up to Albany after the game.

— No real quotes to pass along, as I just about emptied my recorder in my game story for The Trentonian.  There wasn’t a lot to ask Devils head coach Kevin Dean after the game, and he made it pretty clear he wasn’t going to elaborate any further on my question about the goaltending.

— With that said, goaltending was most likely the difference in this one and in the series.  I can understand why Jeff Lerg got the start over Shane Connelly yesterday (1PM game after a 7PM game, Lerg-Connelly-Lerg was probably the plan all along, etc.) but as I wrote after Saturday night’s game, I would have given Connelly the start.  Both have struggled this season, but given that you were playing the same team for the third time in three nights and Connelly got you two points and Lerg didn’t…despite the fact that Lerg had been good against the Royals earlier in the season, I’d have still gone with Connelly.

— Reading looked like a team that was playing their fourth game in five nights, but Trenton couldn’t take advantage.  There were long stretches where it seemed like the Devils were on the power play they had the puck in the zone for so long, but they weren’t able to dig out of their big early hole in large part due to Ben Scrivens, who I can tell you is very highly regarded in both Reading and Toronto circles.

— Strong games from a lot of Devils players last night.  I wouldn’t completely agree with Dean in that there was nothing negative to say about the way they played last night as a whole, but it would be hard to complain about too much of what anyone in a red sweater did last night, aside from Lerg.

— Not that I’m expecting any news, but I’ll likely be unable to update the blog tomorrow…will be covering Sharks-Capitals at Verizon Center in Washington, DC.

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2 Responses to “Game 45: Post-Game Notes”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Sorry this is OT but I thought it was pretty important.

  2. titans04 Says:

    Some good news.

    02/07/2011 Jeff Lerg (G) Albany ADD Signed to PTO

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