Trenton Loses To Reading, 4-3

Difficult to walk away with just two points when you outshoot a team 139-71 over the course of three games. Trenton was clearly the better team the last two nights…but only won one of those games.

I’ll have a post-game wrap-up tonight or tomorrow. Kevin Dean only spoke for about 75 seconds, but that’s because there wasn’t much to say…he was pleased with how the team played but conceded that Jeff Lerg didn’t have a strong game.


17 Responses to “Trenton Loses To Reading, 4-3”

  1. Titans04 Says:

    Gee really he didn’t have a strong game? How about the crap all week leading up to the three game series about how they thought he was capable of putting the team on his back and carrying them just like he did in college. Clearly that didn’t happen in fact I would say he singlehandedly broke the teams back in his two games this weekend. Granted they’re not sniffing the playoffs but he threw away 2 wins when the rest of the team earned them. There’s a reason he won a college title and still wasn’t drafted and we’ve seen why now for two years. At least Red Light stepped aside. Nothing personal but watching nice guys coming up empty isn’t a whole lot of fun.

    Thought the rest of the team was very very good. Maybe if they hold the other team shotless on Wednesday and Thursday they can get the result that they earn.

  2. Shtikl Says:

    Wow, does that mean you would love to trade him to have Jason Smith back?

  3. Titans04 Says:

    Indeed. Make it a 2 for 1.

    Didn’t take long for the albany fans to get a good feel for what they’re in for now did it?

    Hope you’re doing well.

  4. chiarams Says:

    Let’s not get crazy here – I can’t imagine Lerg is worse than Jason Smith.

    There’s always Mike Brown…

  5. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Right now, Mike Brown sounds like a plan

  6. Shtikl Says:

    Doing OK but we miss hockey, to the point that I’m watching Bruins games and the occasional Worcester Sharks game (where we find ourselves mostly rooting for the visiting team). Somebody better put in a call to Mike Brown and Jason Smith and any live body that owns a set of goalie gloves…

    Was good to see the NJ-Devils win today, but I’m worried about Marty’s injury. Bad as the goaltending seems to be in Trenton right now, you’re going to lose another goalie in the short run. 😦 Sorry.

    Albany’s a mess. I think I’d rather watch the Puppy Bowl than talk about the A-Dweebs. Still a nice group but wow, they just can’t win. Poor McKenna.

  7. Titans04 Says:

    You can’t appreciate just how bad he is over the radio. Dan has a terrible habit or calling them weird goals. The odds of the puck hitting Red Light were more than double what they are when this guys spends most of the game laying down. It’s that bad.

  8. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Seconding those comments. He’s simply way too short to play the style he plays. When he gets in his normal crouch he’s shorter than the goal, he goes down quick and gets up slow.

  9. chiarams Says:

    I have no choice but to take your word for it – I just can’t imagine anyone being worse than Jason Smith.

  10. titans04 Says:

    Heading to AC tonight for the Albany game, odds of me having a hard time finding a seat?

  11. chiarams Says:

    Christ you’re a glutton for punishment. Say hi to Chris for us all – assuming he’s allowed out after dark on school nights.

  12. titans04 Says:

    I’ve got nothing but free time on my hands. Soley going to hopefully see Leblond/Bowlofrice Rd II.

    I think there’s a shot like Shtikl says that McKenna gets called up so I guess it’s possible Caruso plays. That wold be interesting. Although at this point it appears to not matter who plays goal up there at this point.

  13. titans04 Says:

    “Devils coach Jacques Lemaire said he doesn’t know how long goaltender Martin Brodeur’s right knee injury will keep him out, but he doesn’t expect him to be available to play in Tuesday night’s game against the Carolina Hurricanes at Prudential Center.

    “I don’t think we’ll have him,” Lemaire said. “But I got no news on how long.”

    Lemaire said another goaltender will be called up from Albany to serve as Johan Hedberg’s backup Tuesday.”

    See ya Jeff – hopefully.

  14. Shtikl Says:

    So far this afternoon the only goalie transaction in the NHL is Anaheim signing Ray-ray Emery to a 2-way contract. Wow, the kid’s already had bone graft surgery to repair his hip. Shows what it costs to be a goalie in the days of the butterfly. But you’ll see tonight who’s on the roster, titans04. Typical of the Devils if they don’t announce anything but just let you figure it out at warm-ups. Only question is whether Tony Felice would be in AC tonight or will they have a beer-leaguer. Actually there’s not much point to shifting Lerg or Connelly until the last minute ’cause Albany ain’t gonna win tonight anyway.

  15. titans04 Says:

    This one shows what we’re saying, just look at the scale.

    Sounded like they’re going to grab McKenna after tonights game.

  16. tdevils Says:

    Prough’s called up…

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