Game 44: Post-Game Notes

Check out my game story in The Trentonian if you want printed quotes from Shane Connelly, Jeff Prough and Tony Zancanaro.  But scroll down just one post for complete video interviews with all three, as well as head coach Kevin Dean.  Thinking the camera might be a win-only thing…but that’s not for sure.  Maybe on blog-only nights, I’ll use it more regardless.

— Really, really strong effort tonight.  Two stupid penalties aside from Martin Nolet (in the second) and Darcy Zajac (late in the third) you really can’t complain about too much at all tonight.  The work in the first period was particularly impressive, outshooting the Royals, 19-2.  Really strong defensive effort for all 60 minutes.  Even on the penalty kill, guys were being aggressive and getting in lanes and blocking passes and shots.

— Jeff Prough and Tony Zancanaro took home first and second star honors, respectively, and that’s how it looked on my ballot.  But my third star was Shane Connelly.  Connelly hasn’t gotten it done for the most part this season, and he’d likely be one of the first to tell you that…but he’s been good in this league before and he was good tonight.  Thought he deserved a chance to get another round of applause from the fans…no disrespect to Ryan Ginand, of course.

Jeff Lerg will start in about nine hours or so, but I would have gone back to Connelly.  That was as composed as I’ve seen him play in a long time — i.e. he wasn’t scrambly or anything like that — and he got you two points. 

— J.S. Berube walked away with seven penalty minutes tonight.  He deserved two.  Not sure how what he and Ryan Donald did constitutes a fight…and I’m not sure what he did at all to get the extra two when Donald was chasing him up and down the ice trying to get him to go and Berube wouldn’t.  Two and two for roughing for the “fight,” and nothing on the latter would have sufficed.

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