Interesting Note (Updated)

Thought it was interesting that Tyler Donati was sent back to the ECHL today…thought it was really interesting that the transaction reads that he was loaned by the Connecticut Whale to the Stockton Thunder.

In ECHL circles at least, Donati is synonymous with the Elmira Jackals.  He’s spent all or parts of the past four seasons with the club, and last year scored 114 points (38-76-114) in 67 games en route to league MVP honors.  What he can’t seem to do, however, is translate that success to the AHL.  With the Connecticut Whale, the newly re-branded top minor league affiliate of the New York Rangers, he’s without a point in nine contests.

Donati has 21 points (10-11-21) in 18 games this season with the Jackals, which projects out to an 84 point campaign over a full season…certainly not what he posted last year, but not too shabby none the less.  I’ll be interested to see what’s behind the assignment out west.

UPDATED: Turns out there was more to it than met the eye earlier today.  Elmira has traded the ECHL rights of Tyler Donati to Stockton…coming back from Stockton (Could this be a real trade in the ECHL?  Who knew?) is goaltender Garrett Zemlak. 

Zemlak is a huge, huge addition for the Jackals.  A fairly highly-regarded goaltending prospect in the Kings organization (and who isn’t…Bernier, Zatkoff, Jones, etc.), the 21-year-old has a 2.37 GAA and .912 save percentage in 14 games for the Thunder this season.  Marco Cousineau has struggled big time this season, and guys like Daren Machesney, Zane Kalemba, Peter Skoggard, and whoever the heck else they had behind him this season haven’t really gotten it done, either. 

It also goes to show you that, for the right player, good goaltending is out there in this league.  But this is where how the Devils do things at this level really hurts them…they don’t “borrow” players from other organizations, and don’t allow their own guys to be loaned to other organizations, either.  If you don’t think that’s a factor in why things are the way they are on the ice in Trenton, you need to think again… 

UPDATE 2: Here, read this story I did on Michael Ryder for

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


21 Responses to “Interesting Note (Updated)”

  1. trentondevilsfan Says:

    They’re like the Sedins….you need both.

  2. titans04 Says:

    not according to the Elmira faithful, they don’t want either one of them. They’ve worn out their welcome with their half assed play and refusal to play anything resembling defense.

    I think according to them it was pretty clear that Tyler had no desire whatsoever to play at this level this season holding out for a AHL deal which he got but not until after holding out at the beginning of the year. Didn’t go crap up there and once he was sent down he brought a bad attitude with him.

    Would be surprised if he went to Stockton for the long run.

  3. tdevils Says:

    I’ll take 114 points a year and no defense…

  4. chiarams Says:

    I dunno – having sat through the likes of Mike Pandolfo and Adam Edinger (first two to come to mind – there are plenty of others…), it’s extremely maddening to have a guy with lots of talent refuse to go into the corners or god forbid, cross the blue line into the defensive zone.

  5. titans04 Says:

    looks like Zemlak for Donati in the end. Elmira fans are thrilled.

  6. titans04 Says:

    all the clowns that were sent down to Albany from Newark were called back up today as expected. I assume that means we’ll get picked apart, not that it makes a difference, it may however impact our chances of making the playoffs. Also Patrick Davis according to Kowalsky was “on recall” all week so Albany maybe down yet another forward. Seems like recall may mean AWOL.

  7. titans04 Says:

  8. titans04 Says:

    Congrats to the team, as a result of all the games against Wheeling, Delmas was the goalie of the week and Pederson the player of the week.

  9. Lousballsack Says:

    Welcome to the ice yourrrrrr Trenton Phantoms!

    Time to go domain shopping.

  10. chiarams Says:

    Here’s hoping they paint the town orange…

  11. Lousballsack Says:

    Vanderbeek denying it’s true, that should increase the probability of it happening at some point.

  12. Titans04 Says:

    Paging Mickey, this could get ugly.

    Gilfillan believes Brick City can push Vanderbeek to sell entire Devils team and arena rights

    Although Devils majority owner Jeff Vanderbeek said earlier today that he expects to maintain controlling interest of the team when the dust settles in his break-up with the minority co-owners from Brick City Hockey LLC, Brick City President Mike Gilfillan sounds as if he thinks otherwise in the statement he put out this evening.

    In case you missed it (I posted it on Twitter during tonight’s game), Gilfillan’s statement that Brick City can “cause a sale” of the entire team and the arena rights though Vanderbeek owns 50 percent of the team. Brick City, which is headed by Gillfillan and father-in-law Ray Chambers, owns less than that. Peter Simon also owns a share of the team and, according to a source, has no plans to sell.

    “Brick City has exercised its contractual rights under its partnership agreement with Jeff Vanderbeek to cause a sale of the entire team and arena rights, subject to certain terms and conditions,” Gilfillan said in his statement. “We are at the beginning stage of this process and Moag and Company has been retained to assist in those efforts.

    “Our goal was to use professional sports as a catalyst for economic development in Newark by constructing a state of the art arena for the teams as well as for concerts and family shows.

    “Brick City feels we have accomplished that objective with our partner Jeff Vanderbeek. The arena and the teams playing here have also attracted more people to come back to the city in an ongoing effort to restore pride, sports, arts, culture and business to this beautiful city.”

    There has been tension between Vanderbeek and Gilfillan since the summer of 2009. NHL officials stepped in then to try to smooth things over during a series of meetings at the league’s Manhattan offices, but apparently they only delayed what appears to have the potential to be a messy divorce.

    Posted by Tom Gulitti on 02/01 at 10:58 PM

  13. GT Doot Says:

    I didn’t think we were all so stupid. You can discuss the reasons for lack of attendance all you want but the fact is winners or for that matter competitors put fannies in seats. Trenton is a Philly town and that’s it’s problem but it’s not the reason why people don’t come to games. Who spends money to see a loser! Nobody cares! The press doesn’t care, the radio stations don’t care, the city of Trenton doesn’t care, the ECHL doesn’t care, the Devils organization doesn’t care, the coaches don’t care and the fans don’t care otherwise somebody would be doing something about it. The Devils have ruined Trenton hockey. So have we.

  14. tdevils Says:

    You lost me at the press doesn’t care. Say what you want about the tone of my writing, as it’s hard to stay positive about a largely negative situation, but saying I or anyone else who covers the team doesn’t care…that’s where you lose me.

  15. GT Doot Says:

    Sorry, I meant to say some time ago that your coverage of the team was a refreshing improvement to a blind eye turned by the press and media to Trenton hockey over the past few years. You have done a great job and I follow your coverage almost daily. I’ve hesitated to comment in general on the hockey situation in Trenton because there is nothing good to say and things continue to get worse. I decided to comment on the negative before I gave you your do. That said, there is dam little substantive coverage by the majority of local papers

  16. GT Doot Says:

    Also, your going to have a hard time convincing me that anyone in the Devils organization gives a hoot about Trenton fans. All they want is a place and teams to train their prospects. There could be zero people attending the games and it wouldn’t effect their bottom line. Just a write off for the big club. Most other ECHL teams need to make money to stay in business. For that they need fans in seats. Not so in Trenton

  17. chiarams Says:

    Mike – I can’t imagine anyone questioning your dedication to covering a team that virtually has no audience.

    But – overall the media coverage of this team is nothing like what it used to be. We were spoiled with two newspapers having nearly daily coverage, including Len Bardsley, whose columns in the Times were a big part of connecting the Titans with the market early on. The Trentonian’s coverage was equally good – they even managed to use words with more than two syllables from time to time (unheard of for the Trentonian back then).

    I realize the business has changed, but all of that newspaper coverage at least created a buzz about the team – daily reminders that hockey existed in Trenton. Now, unless the Trentonian taps you to write an article, the fanbase is lucky to get a couple paragraphs. And coverage of a road game? Please. Writing four sentences based on a box score isn’t going to get anyone all tingly about AA hockey.

    Plus, you had around 10 games a year on CN8 the first couple years – those gave the team that “major league” feel that hasn’t existed around this franchise for years (admittedly even before the Devils came in).

    If it wasn’t for this blog, I can’t imagine how little info the fanbase would get out of the Devils.

  18. Titans04 Says:

    Thomas called up to Albany. That will help us, take away the one guy I would have kept out of all of them.

  19. Titans04 Says:

    NOT. Elmira looks to have tried to pass of damaged good. So much for the transactions where it showed Donati having joined Stockton. Zemlak be soon be back on the market if they can’t agree on another player.

    Not that we need a goalie.

  20. Langhorne Devil Says:

    yes T04 but who on earth would Stockton want from us?

  21. Titans04 Says:

    Well……eh nevermind. Great point. Best offer would be one of the Zamboni drivers.

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