Pittsburgh Affiliate Puts Up A Touchdown, “Steel” A Win

(PR) Wheeling, WV – After Trenton tied the game 3-3 with two goals 1:42 apart in the second period, the Wheeling Nailers scored four straight markers to defeat the Trenton Devils, 7-4, Saturday at WesBanco Arena.

Winning for the eighth time in nine games against the Devils, the Nailers improved to 26-15-0-2, opening up an 11-point lead in the North Division by winning their sixth straight. Losing for the fourth time in the last five, the Devils fell to 15-22-1-3.

There was no shortage of offensive headliners for the Nailers. Mikael Bedard scored five points (1g, 4a), Nick Peterson contributed four (1g, 3a), and defenseman Trevor Hunt put together the first two-goal game of his pro career. In net, Patrick Killeen won for the fourth straight time over the Devils, making 28 saves.

Jeff Prough, Ryan Ginand and Myles Stoesz compiled multi-point games for the Devils, but it wasn’t enough for Trenton on a night the Devils surrendered four power-play goals in six shorthanded situations. Making 26 saves, Shane Connelly lost his third straight start.

Casey Pierro-Zabotel opened the scoring at 2:54 of the first period off a feed from Nick Peterson. The score remained 1-0 Wheeling until Kory Nagy tied the game at 10:49 of the first on a wraparound, with Myles Stoesz and Dave Leaderer earning assists.

Wheeling’s Trevor Hunt made the score 2-1 when his point-shot found its way past Connelly after hitting Devils defenseman Martin Nolet in front of the net. The Nailers made the score 3-1 when Mikael Bedard struck 12:17 into the second period.

The Devils knotted the score by scoring twice in a span of 1:42 late in the second period. First, Jeff Prough potted his second five-on-three goal in as many nights off a setup by Darcy Zajac and Ryan Ginand. Ginand then pulled the Devils even by scoring his team-leading 17th goal on a rebound from the slot with J.S. Berube getting the helper.

Wheeling regained a lead it would not relinquish when Joey Haddad scored 28 seconds after Ginand had squared the teams, 3-3. Wheeling then blitzed Trenton to open up a 7-3 lead when Nick Peterson, Trevor Hunt and Ben Street scored 9:31 apart to start the third period.

Jeff Prough answered for the Devils by burying his second of the game with 2:20 remaining, but the Devils never got any closer in the final minutes as the Nailers won, 7-4.

The Devils and Nailers waste no time renewing acquaintances, meeting for the sixth time in 18 days Sunday at the Cambria County War Memorial Arena in Johnstown, PA at 5:05 p.m.


27 Responses to “Pittsburgh Affiliate Puts Up A Touchdown, “Steel” A Win”

  1. Section 106, Row F Says:

    Wow…Lerg picks up a win Friday in Ohio, Connelley drops another in Wheeling…

    What part of this equation are the Lamoriello’s missing?

    # Goalies W L OTL SOL SO GA GAA
    1 Jeff Lerg 6 4 0 0 0 34 3.22
    31 Shane Connelly 3 11 2 1 0 60 3.39

  2. Ashmore Says:

    Like Jeff personally, but he also was a big part of that 6-4 come from ahead home loss, too. But yes, Shane isn’t exactly helping his cause on most nights, either. Selfishly, I’d love to see them bring in Zane Kalemba because the story writes itself and it would generate a tiny bit more interest in the team…but in all honesty, he isn’t an upgrade either.

  3. Josh Says:

    I don’t know about Zane Kalemba. He hasn’t been the same since he blew a two goal lead in the last minute of Princeton’s NCAA Tournament game against Minnesota-Duluth his junior year.

  4. chiarams Says:

    Make that 11 regulation losses when scoring first. League-high.

    4 losses when heading to the third with a lead. League-high

    Doesn’t it say something when you’re thinking Zane Kalemba, who the other two teams in Trenton’s division cast off because he simply wasn’t up to par, is going to solve Trenton’s goaltending problems?

  5. Ashmore Says:

    Well, to be clear, his numbers have sucked…I’d be interested in that more for professional purposes than it actually helping them. I do believe in him, though…saw him quite a few times at Princeton (from the freshman year days with the plain black mask and #35 all through his senior year) and saw that kid stand on his head a bunch of times. But college obviously doesn’t always translate to the pros.

  6. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Lerg isn’t the answer. Caruso isn’t the answer though at this point probably closest to one. Connelly obviously isn’t the answer either.

    You could go down the roster and come up with that result for a lot of the other positions as well.

    I’m not sensing a run by this bunch. And by “a run” I mean three solid games in a row. They really struggle putting together three solid *periods* in a row.

  7. chiarams Says:

    But to be fair, these guys really aren’t getting any help from their d-men.

    I forgot that Kalemba is a Princeton guy – I guess it certainly couldn’t hurt to bring a local guy in.

    It is astounding to think this team has only won back to back games in regulation once this year.

  8. Titans04 Says:

    Sec 106 I’ll take a shot at this:

    “What part of this equation are the Lamoriello’s missing?”


    Don’t think either guy is remotely close to being the answer. Maybe because I’m a size queen but they both go down so early and leave the majority of the net open because they’re so small. Connelly flat out blows in my opinion, Lerg to a lesser extent just isn’t good enough, again just my opinion.

    There’s something terribly wrong going on here, to me there are to many guys on this roster that shouldn’t be playing as poorly as a group but game in and game out they flat out don’t get it done. The D stinks and has from day one, last radio show Dean gave them a D for the year, he was being kind.

    I’m sure they’ve reached the point where losing tonights game by a score of 2-1 will fall into the moral victory column and let’s take the positives from it. To me the ultimate losers mentality and an indication that losing is clearly acceptable and worse yet expected.

    Odds are Reading tunes them up all next weekend as well if they don’t I think it will be more of an indication of Reading being off their game.

  9. ForeverTitans Says:

    If this was college football Wheeling would schedule us for homecoming for sure. And they could do it twice; once in wheeling and once in johnstown.

  10. Titans04 Says:

    So would every other team on our schedule. Conference doormat, only Ontario blows more than we do – for now.

  11. Bradley Says:

    Where does Chris Lamoriello reside and how many games does he come to in Trenton per season?

  12. tdevils Says:

    I don’t know the answer to the first question…and if I did, I doubt Chris would want me sending people to his doorstep. You’re welcome, Chris.

    As for the second question, he’s there quite a bit…I’d guess 20-25 games in Trenton per year?

  13. Bradley Says:

    tdevils, Not his street address, but what city?

    I did not realize he attended so many games in Trenton, you would think he would make more moves to make the team better since he is seeing it for himself.

  14. tdevils Says:

    I honestly don’t know.

  15. Shtikl Says:

    You’re assuming CL is allowed to make player moves? The T-Devils and A-Devils are the “future considerations” Poppy has to offer if he wants to offload NHL salary cap players, so CL’s probably wearing a figurative straitjacket, can’t move anybody until Poppy sez.

  16. Titans04 Says:

    Again the assumption that winning is a priority is in my opinion wishful thinking. Check out the Albany blog the majority are already feeling the same things. They’ve had enough of Rick, like it’s solely his fault.

  17. Bradley Says:

    I want a winner in Trenton, I’m convinced that if we get a winner we can see 4 thousand fans per night, do you guys agree?

  18. ashmore Says:

    Wouldn’t hurt, but no. Back end of 2008-09 was some of the most fun I’ve had working in sports, and the “Green Seats Fan Club” was still in full effect…

  19. titans04 Says:

    Unfortunately I don’t think so either. If they would have left the name alone I don’t think the damage would be as bad as it is now. I think if the Phantoms were here they could throw the doors open and not do a damn thing and draw 4500

    Look at the Albany numbers, same strategy and their down over 1000 per game in their first season. Look at newark, new building and they’re always in the bottom third.

    It’s a part of the deal when the devils are involved. Albany and Trenton are dead last again this year.

  20. Section 106, Row F Says:

    LOL…the deal with the Devils
    Maybe that’s what we need. Sacrifice the souls of the fan base for a goalie with moxie. A stand up guy between the pipes builds confidence. The ensuing chain reaction might even spark the “dead-fensive unit” and add some luster to what might become a consistent frontline.

    In all fairness, there’s a lot of INDIVIDUAL TALENT in this club….now if we could convince them to play as a TEAM….

    Go ahead, Devils. I TRIPLE-DOG DARE YA!

  21. Bradley Says:

    Flyers fans are Hershey season ticket holders, and they are a Caps affiliate.
    Flyers fans in Mercer/Burlington will root for the Trenton Devils if they win year in and year out.

  22. ashmore Says:

    Not an accurate comparison for several reasons…location, branding, all sorts of stuff. This has been discussed to death over the years and I’m not going to give a detailed breakdown as to why that’s different.

    It’s also worth noting that, to be fair, the novelty had worn off far, far before the name was changed and the Devils took over. But not to this extent.

  23. Titans04 Says:

    03-04 5059 +1150 above league average (4th out of 30)

    04-05 5020 +1000 above league average (8th out of 28)

    05-06 4300 right at league average (13th out of 25)

    06-07 3515 -600 below league average (Devils) (17th out of 25)

    07-08 3315 -600 below league average (Devils) (18th out of 25)

    08-09 2754 -1500 below league average (Devils) (21st out of 23)

    09-10 2509 -2000 below league average (Devils) (19th out of 20) thanks Johnstown!

    10-11 2140 -1958 below league average (Devils) (19th out of 19)

    Bradley I respectfully disagree very few people or better yet not enough give a rats ass about supporting the Devils in Trenton. And again it was the same deal in Lowell and Albany. They simply don’t care, they will burn it to the ground and move on.

  24. ashmore Says:

    Attendance has literally gone down every season since the team’s inception, if you were to want to go that far back…

  25. Titans04 Says:

    yes but they were at least at league average until the Devils worked their magic and if fact even in 05-06 which was a disaster with McKay they were at league average. The percentage drop every year is disgraceful. In painting the town red they not onpy have failed to turn it around the bleeding has only gotten worse with no end in sight.

    Surely rolling out the logo was a failure.

    Listening to the radio show was again all about polishing a turd. We’re playing better, we have a new system, a few bad bounces, the all-star break came at the right time, we’re in every game. Dan can’t help but notice how hard they work game in and game out.All GREAT stuff if you’re not measured on being a winning team. Not a single word about being the league bottom feeder. They feel like they’re going to maybe start a run. My question on the run is a half mile or 3/4’s.

    As if working hard has anything to do with working smart.

    Love it or &*^$ off!

  26. Titans04 Says:

    sorry for continuing to butcher the keyboard.

  27. chiarams Says:

    Plus the 04-05 to 05-06 huge dropoff is also attributed to the bump from the strike year (04-05) and the return of the NHL the following year (05-06).

    I’d like to think attendance would’ve plateaued around 3500 had they stuck with the Titans brand, and assuming they had a team that could compete night in and night out. I have nothing to back that up aside from the fact that the one large crowd during the Devils era was Bertoli night, so clearly the Titans-era fans are still out there (somewhat) paying attention.

    What’s sad is the one Devils team that was actually fun to watch (08-09) was the start of the really dark era.

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