Wrapping Up Saturday

— My apologies for not getting Saturday’s post-game stuff to you sooner.  Had a friend going through a difficult time, and it was far more important for me to take care of that than to pass along the increasingly repetitive “here’s how they lost this one” stuff.  Change the date, change the names, it’s all the same.  Although, the way they lost this one has to take the cake for worst come from ahead defeats this season.  Four goals in 1:48 with under five minutes to play?  Wow.

— Kevin Dean wasn’t as angry, at least outwardly to us, about this loss as he’s been in losses past.  Still, the officiating drew his ire…

“First of all, I thought that was a terrible call to send Leaderer off and not the other guy,” he said.  “I mean, it’s not even close.  This guy calls the score all the time and not the game, so I thought that was a terrible call.”

I asked Dean about not using his timeout after the game, and you saw those comments in the paper.  My efforts to coach a hockey team would be laughable, I assure you of that…but me, I call that timeout after the fifth goal.  There’s still three minutes left, you’re down one…maybe you can at least squash their very, very sizable momentum at that point.

Dean said he thought his team played hard and deserved to win the game, and also told me that he thought their effort on Saturday was a lot better than what he saw from them on Friday night.

“If we play like that, we’ll certainly get our share of wins.”

— There are around one or two game stories a year that make me want to go to every store that sells the paper and rip out the page its on so that nobody can ever see it.  This would be one of them.  With about five minutes to go, it was all set.  There was a lead based on Trenton’s two shortest players, Jeff Lerg and Tony Zancanaro, coming up big.  There were a few paragraphs about how maybe this was the start of their patented second half turnaround. 

Instead, they’re now a team that, as of today, has lost 25 of its 39 games and has absolutely zero chance of making the playoffs.  With 33 games to play, they’re nine points out of eighth place.  But doesn’t it feel like they’re 33 points out with nine games left instead?  This team has the feel of one going absolutely nowhere.  I’d love it if they proved me wrong.  But what about what anyone has seen in the results over the past few weeks would lead anyone to believe that this team will be playing meaningful games in April?  

— Not sure if Trevor Kell has avoided a suspension for his match penalty for fighting on Saturday.  He did play yesterday.  All match penalties are reviewed by the league and generally carry a minimum of a one-game suspension.

— I really liked Justin Pender up front.  Thought it allowed him to play his style of game more.  I think a lot of what he brought to the table as a defenseman was built solely around his big shot…but he can play a lot more physical game as a forward and use his big body more to play down low and provide a presence the team doesn’t really have in that regard.

— Quite a few people in that locker room were irate with the David Leaderer call.  There was quite a lot of complaining to the refs after the game as well.  Makes it seem a little less coincidental that Trenton’s first power play didn’t come until 7:18 of the third period on Sunday.

— Jeff Lerg debuted his new mask and pads on Saturday.  Was still wearing his MSU hockey pants, though.  Dean said he thought Lerg played “pretty good.”

— Before Sunday’s game, Trenton activated Taylor Vichorek off the IR and placed Ryan Hayes on the IR.

— As I wrote in the paper, Dan Charleston was in attendance Saturday.  Anyone expecting comments from him any time will be waiting quite a while, leave it at that.  I’m not sure if he is allowed to travel with the team or practice with the team.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


22 Responses to “Wrapping Up Saturday”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Wow that’s unfortunate to hear Kevin say if they play that way they will get their share of wins. Probably true if their share is another 7 games the rest of the way. Can he maybe set the bar any lower at this point, I don’t think so. As I said yesterday and still stand by it the bench was absolutely dead yesterday from the drop of the puck, it looks like they’ve already grabbed the white flag.

  2. ForeverTitans Says:

    I’m very surprised that Kell was in the lineup yesterday. Thought for sure that pulling the linesman out of the way to get back at the guy would surely give him some time to spend with Charleston! So glad I was home watching football instead of seeing another listless performance!

  3. Bradley Says:

    I saw a listliss performace from the Jets and Bears too.

  4. titans04 Says:

    I still think Kell will get a game and it will be announced today or tomorrow, just a hunch

  5. Ashmore Says:

    Agree. In all honesty, I think he probably should get a game, too.

  6. titans04 Says:

    File this in we’re not going to have a real goalie any time soon unless they make a trade. Frazee underwent exploratory surgery on his knee earlier today.

    The league office is probably still sorting out the Reading/FLorida melee which included a couple guys leaving the bench.

  7. Ashmore Says:

    Please tell me video exists of this…

  8. chiarams Says:

    According to the Blades blog, Riendeau hits Egener with his stick right after he throws the second sucker punch.

  9. chiarams Says:

    Looking at the video it’s pretty clear Riendeau whiffs once and then connects with his stick – Egener is a douchebag for throwing the sucker punches, but at least he’s not wearing a skirt like Riendeau.

    No way Riendeau doesn’t get a lengthy suspension out of this.

  10. titans04 Says:

    Much clearer video here. Funny how quickly Courville yanks the guy back, too late though.


  11. titans04 Says:

    this pic sums up what I was talking about regarding the emotion or total lack of it on the bench yesterday:


  12. titans04 Says:

    this one specifically.


  13. devildawg Says:

    that last one is pretty bad there T04 ….
    We were just a few more rows up from that and there really was no emotion as the picture shows.
    I was kind of hoping there might be some banter going on between the players / coaches – if there had been we would have had a good chance to hear it but there was nothing. Nothing at all.
    The only player that seemed bothered yeterday was Southorn. He came off the ice several times and slammed the door shut to the bench and was shouting a fair bit. Ginand looked like he had been skating for his life each time he came back to the bench, he looked shattered but aside from those two…not much going on.

  14. titans04 Says:

    Totally agree with you and we must have been sitting pretty close to each other. Usually we’re on the opposite side of the ice so it was interesting to have the different view. Although not really, Ginand seemed to be tortured with the way they were playing but other than that they showed nothing. I don’t get it and I don’t remember it being this hopeless at this time of the year. Yes they weren’t any good the year Coleman came until he arrived BUT I get the feeling this time is so much worse. Plus if I remember right he played around thanksgiving got hurt missed a month and came back which would have been December. We’re already at the end of Jan.

  15. titans04 Says:

    fits this assclown like a glove

  16. devildawg Says:

    oh man that’s a great picture 🙂

    I was just saying to the o/h that it’s funny how we all write to one another on here and never know who we are – like you say, we could have been right next to eachother on Sunday and you’d never know it was me haha
    (these simple things keep me amused, the hockey isn’t a barrel of laughs so I have to get my amusement somewhere … )

  17. Langhorne Devil Says:

    NJ Devils announced the following

    RW Nick Palmieri, LW Mattias Tedenby and RW Vladimir Zharkov assigned to Albany (AHL). D Mark Fraser assigned to Albany for conditioning.

    So will we see any knock on benefit in Trenton?

  18. titans04 Says:

    pffft. Why would you want to mess with the chemistry anyway?

    Ginand scored twice last night, good to know the puck still does fit in the net when he shoots it.

    Most of those clowns were probably just sent to Albany for a couple days during the all star break.

  19. Langhorne Devil Says:

    completely obvious that is why they did it. It would be nice to have a bit more strength even if it is just fpr this weekends 3 game road trip

  20. titans04 Says:

    Devils nearing full strength on injury front
    January 27, 2011 at 2:51 pm by Pete Dougherty, Staff writer

    ALBANY — Even without their four acquisitions from New Jersey, the Albany Devils pretty much had a full complement this morning for practice at the Times Union Center.

    Forwards Brad Mills (hand) and Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond (banged up), both of whom missed Tuesday night’s 6-4 victory at Bridgeport, were on the ice. Letourneau-Leblond is expected to be available. Mills, who also missed Saturday night’s game at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, will be a game-time decision.

    Forward Jeff Prough, recalled from ECHL Trenton for the Saturday and Tuesday games, also practiced this morning and remains with the team.

    Defenseman Tyler Eckford, who has missed three games, is away from the team on a personal matter.

    According to Tom Gulitti’s Fire & Ice blog, Devils goaltender Jeff Frazee underwent exploratory arthroscopic surgery on his knee Monday.

    New Jersey general manager Lou Lamoriello was quoted as saying the knee injury “was not as bad as anticipated.” Frazee has already begun physical therapy, according to Gulitti’s report, and Lamoriello expects him to be back on the ice “within two weeks.”

    Forward Nathan Perkovich is out indefinitely with an ankle injury.

  21. titans04 Says:

    based on Pete’s article it kind of looks like Berube and Prough maybe playing cards this weekend if they aren’t returned.

  22. Langhorne Devil Says:

    By the sounds of it, there are going to be more Players in the stands than supporters.

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