Game 38: Pre-Game Notes

6:40 PM — Jeff Lerg vs. Peter Delmas is your goalie matchup…Trevor Kell still with the “C,” Tony Zancanaro and Justin Coutu with the A’s.

4:15 PM — A little less than three hours before gametime here at Sun National Bank Center, and there is some news to report…Jeff Prough has been called up to AHL Albany.  In 37 games this season, he’s tallied 13 goals and 13 assists while collecting 36 penalty minutes.

It also sounds like Jeff Lerg will be the likely starter for Trenton tonight in net.  Lerg has not played since a November 24th loss to Florida.

Was a little surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to the Dan Charleston piece, both via e-mail and the comments.  So thanks for that.  I’ll obviously have updates up until gametime like always, but today’s a Trentonian game for me, so it’ll be the usual “talk amongst yourselves” routine once 7 PM rolls around. 

I will not be at tomorrow’s game in Atlantic City.  Not sure if the paper is sending anyone there…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


43 Responses to “Game 38: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Too much for the team to actually bring you along I guess? You provide them more coverage than they deserve as it is with all your efforts.

    I wonder if Louis Robitaille’s continues assholery has gotten him suspended again causing the need for Prough. It’s funny how the org that prides itself on having quailty people in it tolerates perhaps the biggest dbag ever to hit the ice????? Hell at least it’s entertaining in a WWE kind of way.

  2. somersetdevsfan Says:

    For an organization that has no one capable of answering the bell at the NHL level the Devs have Stoesz, PL3, and Robitaille down on the farm- with Harry Young and Vichorek fancing themselves heavies as well. Weird.

  3. titans04 Says:

    Over 18k in philly last night to see the phantoms, I guess there still are minor league hockey fans within driving distance.

  4. titans04 Says:

    Latest rumor is PLL broke his hand in one of his fights with Rechlicz last night.

  5. Langhorne Devil Says:

    So i make it. We have 7D men and 9forwards available. I guess that will be the team then 😦

  6. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Philly always supported the phantoms. They really got screwed. Had a funny thought….would be hilarious if one night they had the wrong visiting team up on the board. Just popped into my head. Won’t be at AC either.

  7. trentondevilsfan Says:

    PL3 would still be in NJ if he could curb his tendency to do stupid things at the wrong time.

  8. Langhorne Devil Says:

    I went to the phantoms game last night and the wells Fargo was packed. Marketing is not difficult, NJD just seem to make it that way.

  9. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Still say they need college night. Too obvious I guess.

  10. tdevils Says:

    I’m going to say it now so I can’t take it back later…I like Pender up front.

  11. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Tdf. Yes. Look how many they do at the thunder. It’s easy money!!

    I have to say they have looked so much stronger tonight than recently.

  12. Shtikl Says:

    Yeah, the NJ-Dweebles haven’t had ‘nads all season. But Tim Sestito showed some Thursday night, maybe things will turn around for them.

  13. titans04 Says:

    Can it be there’s a Bill Case Titans sweater in the house, Nah can’t be……

    PLL fought Schnell already tonight so apparently he didn’t break his hand. Robowhatever is playing as well. Looks like Gionta has missed the last few for Albany.

  14. chiarams Says:

    There’s more than one Bill Cass sweater? The one in my closet hasn’t seen the light of day in a couple years.

  15. titans04 Says:

    Thought you may have donated it or ebay’d it.

  16. Shtikl Says:

    Anybody else see “Company Men” yet? Whose NJ-Devils sweater is on the wall in the main character’s basement? (It’s just a cameo appearance and I only saw the front of the sweater.)

  17. titans04 Says:

    Guess hayes is done now.

  18. titans04 Says:

    My god do they blow. Have to laugh at this point.

  19. titans04 Says:

    Just maybe Dean should look in the mirror along wit every stiff on the roster instead of whining to the referee.

  20. titans04 Says:

    Time to throw so jelly against the wall. Did we at least save our time out while the sky was falling?

  21. Devil Dawg Says:

    I am not even angry. I just cannot believe what I just witnessed. I am in absolute shock. Nothing else to say.

  22. titans04 Says:

    Pretty sure Kell’s match penalty means he can take tomorrow off as a result.

    4 goals in under 2 minutes.

  23. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Pathetic. They get all angry after the horse has left the barn. Little late folks. Just can’t close the deal. At 3-2 I knew they’d need an insurance goal; didn’t know they’d need 4 of them.

    One shout out for military night? Or did I miss? Pretty sure I didn’t.

    A moment of silence in honor of Benjamin Moore would’ve been nice too, his funeral was today. But that would require a bit of thought.

    Sure glad I didn’t pop for the AC tickets. Pay extra to see this? Nah.

    Did notice there wasn’t a parking pass for tomorrow, so at least we didn’t pay for parking for a non-existent game.

  24. chiarams Says:

    Wasn’t even the worst collapse of the night – Elmira took care of that.

  25. titans04 Says:

    Best post of the night: Benjamin Moore.

    I believe we did pay for a parking ticket.

    Good first, ok second but far from good and in the 3rd the most epic failure in less than 2 minutes than we have seen at a game in Trenton EVER.

    Looking forward to a great dinner in AC tomorrow.

  26. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Couldn’t believe the Elmira game. Toledo was home in front of 8k, place must’ve been rocking.

  27. titans04 Says:

    Toledo has been playing like being dead last in the conf isn’t acceptable.

  28. trentondevilsfan Says:

    We can play like that for two periods. Well I guess Toledo did too …… funny how with all the scoring there was none the last half of the third. Bet no one there thought it was going to end 8-7.

  29. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Euuughhhhhh. Ive just had to go to the bar to have a few beers, before thinking more about this game.

    55 mins of controlling the game, pi$$ed away in 108 seconds!!!

    Another shocking stat. 3 of the PP against us, resulted in goals after 6 seconds, 10 secinds and 6 seconds!

    at 4-3 The wife ans i were screaming take A timeout – calm them down., meanwhile Dean continues pacing up and down!

    Not that it mattered by the point of the fight. but there was one sucker punch thrown, and it wasnt by Kell!

    T04 you were seated nearer than us and maybe had a better view. But when Kell was shoved against the wall, the official ‘appeared’ to lunge straight at him (and hit him while he was laid out, before there was even any thought of a fight.. (Pleasem note i am not referring to when the official jumped on him to break up the second fight)

  30. titans04 Says:

    I don’t see any real meaning punches, it looked like Trevor threw a “punch” and the Nailer went down like he was shot, it looked like Trevor jabbed a couple times when they were on the ice, however the Nailer (Bushee?) was bleeding a little from a very small cut when he got up. Nolet seemed to be feeding the other clown pretty good even once they were down.

    I just have to wonder wtf took them so long to do something about getting their asses handed to them. For the life of me I can’t figure out why he didn’t at least call a time out.

    Like I said before at this point Kevin is way over the top pointing fingers at the officiating. Just look at how the pk couldn’t hold them off for more than a few seconds. This was all about the team shitting the bed not the officials. If Kevin hasn’t figured out by now that it blows game in and game out he never will.

    Sure seems like maybe there was no post game interviews to be had and that would be an absolute joke. That would mean the strategy here again to just pretend it didn’t happen?

  31. Shtikl Says:

    Refs in the ECHL are there for a reason, they’re better than nothing and some of them will be really good some day. Too bad Kell won’t be telling his side of the story, but really, what good will it do? The 30 or so people who saw the game and actually care already know what happened.

    So assuming Deano wants to go back to scouting for awhile — even if it’s just because he’s fed up and needs a break –, who do you suppose is going to take over the reins? Is Vinny willing to coach these guys? Who else is there? It’s not like the Dweebles’ organization has a surfeit of coaching talent, eh?

  32. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Yup, the continued disdain by the team for us stupid idiots that turn up week in week out is staggering.

    We are all sat in the stands and can see the team crumbing before our eyes (even while we are still ahead) yet the coaching staff just did nothing. Yes they are young lads most of them – so they need that guiding hand, stop the play, calm them down and get them to relax.

    Dean+rest of coaching staff (to me) appears to have two approaches. 1 = do nothing (head in sand) or 2. Scream, shout and smash things up. Neither of which seem to work. They are learning, you need to guide them!

    Still – Ill be there tomorrow like the rest of us.. 😦

  33. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Sorry Shitkl, Id posted my diatribe before your post came up.

    Interesting re Dean going scouting. I dont see Vinny having the skills to do the coaching. – given D is our biggest problem and its not getting better.

    In my very humble opinion, coaching needs 2 skills and they are very rarely, if ever, found in one person.

    1) one person needs the techincal skills.
    2) One person needs the people skills to know how to get the best from each individual.

  34. titans04 Says:

    I don’t even think the kid factor is really all that high this year. There are enough 2nd and 3ed year guys back that this kind of this just shouldn’t happen. I don’t think Kevin wants to walk away but look in the room for the problems. Not ready to give Left a free pass tonight either you would think most goalies would have had at least a few of them.

    Honestly imo I think Kevin may care a little too much about wins and loses and that means he doesn’t fit the mold of what’s important to those making the decisions, he shows way to much emotion and really seems to take it to heart.

    The wheels appear to be falling off in Albany as well not only on the ice.bit with the fan base as well.

    Devils minor league hockey, love it or #&@! Off. That should be their marketing theme.

  35. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Thanks T04, you just made me laugh for the first time in a few hours.. 🙂

    Im sure they will find a new way to hurt us again tomorrow.

  36. devildawg Says:

    we like your idea for a marketing theme in our household there T04 … the thing is, I do love Devils minor league hockey now…I watched for half a season last yr and now as a STH, I’m drawn in …. DAMMIT!
    I care what happens to the team yet it depresses me at the same time!!
    Grrrrrrr. 🙂
    Here’s hoping for better in AC tomorrow – even if we don’t get a win it seems like I’ll get to see a pretty ceiling in a historic building …

  37. titans04 Says:

    Ok so after seeing what Dean had to say about why he didn’t call a timeout I think he may have finally lost it. For it was only a week ago that he called a time out after WE scored because this team is a mess. What could he have seen in the last month that would have made him felt we were ok last night when the sky was falling? Even of the call against Leaderer was the worst call of all time in no way should it have been a death sentence when it came to coughing up the win.

    Face it they wont even sniff. 500 again this year nor the playoffs again for the 3rd time in 4 years. Between the AHL and ECHL affiliates they will not have won a single playoff round in 15 seasons (combined) the definition of futility.

    On the brightside the ceiling is simply fabulous as you have pointed out. If you get there earliy enough you can also park right outside the zamboni enterance at the open end of the ice. Now that’s what I call an impressive hockey facility, right Lou? With any luck maybe the potholes in the ice will allow us to have an earlier dinner than we had planned.

  38. Section 106, Row F Says:

    That really was a sad display last night….

    To play that game the way they did (not well, not hard, but you saw it) then give it all away in the last 5 minutes of play (4 goals in 1:48?) is a disgrace. It You have to wonder if these players see any prospects for advancement.

    Let’s face it, this is a development league….but the players have to DEVELOP. The coaching staff isn’t doing the job – but that’s probably the Lamoriello factor. “Don’t draw any bad press” seems to be the command from the top. So the players catch hell when they act out their frustrations….WTF?

    This is HOCKEY…not PUBLIC RELATIONS. Put away the mamby-pamby attitudes and let the boys play the game. The ENTIRE TEAM has laid down and DIED…but that came from COACHES and MANAGEMENT. Shake them up like they did in Newark. Nobody is irreplaceable.

  39. chiarams Says:

    The on and off ice success speaks for itself.

    Worst record in the NHL, 5th lowest attendance
    3rd Worst record in the AHL, worst attendance
    2nd Worst record in the ECHL, worst attendance

    Better get Chris’ HOF plaque ready to put next to daddy.

  40. Ashmore Says:

    Awful story in the paper last night. I assume it ran next to a piece on how I’m being charged with theft for cashing a check for writing it.

  41. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Still surprised they didn’t bring you to AC Mike. I mean it’s clearly more important than the Trenton games since they went through the trouble of getting Grant Marshall down there.

  42. Langhorne Devil Says:

    The team mail it in – so why can’t you? Oh yeah you have dignity and a conscience.

  43. Shtikl Says:

    Wait, the team browns up the sheets for the 30th time this season, and Ash is feeling bad for not writing a page-burning story about it? Kid, if you can write a story that gets people interested in these sorry wrecks of former hockey players, you deserve the Red Smith Award for sports journalism! Especially if you keep putting the human interest stories out there, because that’s about the only interesting thing left this season.

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