Lerg, Coutu Activated: Kucharski to IR

Trenton has activated G Jeff Lerg and D Justin Coutu in time for tonight’s game against Wheeling in Johnstown.

In addition, F Kyle Kucharski has been placed on the 7-Day IR.


6 Responses to “Lerg, Coutu Activated: Kucharski to IR”

  1. Bradley Says:

    Anyone else listening to the game?

  2. Bradley Says:

    Akeson with a Devils goal!

  3. Bradley Says:

    Dean on Charleston suspension: “It’s going to hurt, an unfortunate situation and we’ll move on and agree with the league’s decision.” “Opportunity for other guys to step up.”

  4. Bradley Says:

    Dean: “Lerg most likely to start tomorrow night in Trenton.”

  5. titans04 Says:

    Blew two 1 goal leads through 2. Nolet appears to have poked the puck into his own goal to tie it at two. Shortly afterwards Thomas must of had blinders on getting picked clean by Miller coming out of the box and he skates in for an easy one. Good first, crap second against a very short and depleted Wheeling team.

  6. titans04 Says:

    Nothing new to see here, decent 20-25 minute effort then just nothing, no urgency whatsoever even down 2 on a 5-3 with 3 mins or so left. Weak on both sides of the puck. At least this will hopefuuly put an end to the mondays win in Reading was any kind of turning point. They’ve now gotten 6 of the last 22 points on the table falling 5 games below .500. Further securing their hold on dead last in the conf, heading straight for dead last in the league.

    Wheeling played 2 guys short and 2 in the lineup where right off the scrap heap today. Great start to the weekend.

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