Devils Issue Statement On Charleston Suspension (UPDATED)

The Trenton Devils have issued a very, very brief statement on the Dan Charleston suspension.

“The Devils accept the ECHL’s position.”

UPDATE: Through a team official, a request to speak to Charleston was declined. The Devils will have no further comment on Charleston’s suspension.

For more on the Charleston story, please check out today’s Trentonian

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


12 Responses to “Devils Issue Statement On Charleston Suspension (UPDATED)”

  1. Langhorne Devil Says:


  2. devilfan Says:

    Dumb suspension if u ask me… a few games ok, not 12. Yeah the guy was wrong in shootin the puck but he didn’t mean to launch it to a fan. If you seen the incident from where I was it was clearly an accident. He’s being punished,I’m sure everyone learned a lesson…..thank god no one was hurt. I read he even apologized to the fan. So I hope this all gets settled cuz devils need him in the lineup.

  3. titans04 Says:

    Mike are you going to post a link to the whole statement?

    Surely it couldn’t have taken 4 days for that, right?

    Way to step up CL once again….as always.

  4. Devil Dawg Says:

    Really? That’s the whole statement?
    What a joke

  5. Bradley Says:

    They should give the fan who was hit with the puck a signed authentic jersey and 4 club suite tickets to a game.

  6. titans04 Says:

    Add Brad Miller, D activated off IR
    Delete Taylor Vichorek, F placed on the 3-day IR
    Delete Chase Watson, F traded to Cincinnati, 1/18

    Mike Zacharias would probably be an upgrade in goal too.

  7. Devil Dawg Says:

    @ Bradley, they may well do that anyway. It would be a nice gesture.

  8. trentondevilsfan Says:

    What a joke of a statement; why bother.

  9. Devil Dawg Says:

    I guess to acknowledge something had happened.
    Poor show though, it adds more insult I think by making such a non statement. Shame that Mike has been denied the chance to interview Dan as well. Would have been interesting to hear what he had to say.

  10. Shtikl Says:

    Maybe Charleston doesn’t want to talk about it, and the team representative was trying to respect his wishes.

  11. titans04 Says:

    How can the Devils make it work in Albany?January 19, 2011 at 10:25 pm by Mark McGuire

    I need some friends … or strangers … or anybody to fill these seats for AHL hockey. Any ideas? (Lori Van Buren/Times Union)

    ALBANY – Press row is pretty crowded for this midweek Albany Devils game. Not much elbow up here, not with a pair of TU people, Binghamton and Schenectady newspaper folks and an Internet guy in the house. Need space to think in solitude. Where to go?

    Of course: The stands.

    Forget the curtained upper bowl of Times Union Center. There are multiple sections below with less than a handful of people dotting the blue seats. There, down in Sec. 130, in the corner behind the home net. Empty.

    OK, finally alone. Think.

    “Play defense,” yells the woman in the adjacent Sec. 101 after the Devils fall behind 2-0 in the first. “You suck.” She later goes after the ref – by name. You earn extra credit for that brand of hardcore. And with an arena as empty as this, hecklers do get their money’s worth.

    Concentrate: How can minor league hockey in this town finally draw better than this? It should be better. It has to be better. A “crowd” of 1,492 (and that’s tickets sold, not heads in the house), even on a Wednesday night, is not getting it done.

    Yeah, midweek AHL hockey games have never drawn here. But as beat writer Pete Dougherty reported Wednesday, the Devils are not drawing, period: They’re 30th out of 30 American Hockey League teams, averaging 2,610 fans per game. That’s down 30 percent from the announced crowds for the Albany River Rats’ final season last year.

    How can this be better?

    Cheaper tickets is always the starting point, but $22.50 or less is not that outlandish for the second best hockey league in the world. That said, it just might be too steep for this market, if only by a couple of bucks.

    How about, say, a bus trip for those three “home” games being played in Atlantic City next month – the same number of home games that will be played in Albany in February? Would the team fill one? Maybe not, but it would be a needed nod to customer service that would have PR benefits.

    How about more discount nights, more cross promotions, more integration with youth hockey leagues? (The little guys and gals should be playing between periods almost every night.)

    How about stressing repeatedly that the Devils are here for the long haul? Team officials said there are no plans and never will be plans to move the team to south Jersey. (They make a convincing argument that the parent club would not want prospects that close to the lure of casinos.) Remind people of that again and again so the emotional and financial investment seems worth it.

    How about … more?

    The team is already doing more promotions than its predecessor. There are even plans in the works for a kids-attend-for-free night. The Capital Region loves the word “free.”

    There are a lot of yes, buts … for the anemic attendance:

    – The first-year team didn’t have much of an off-season or staff to build up interest.

    – A team official said that the Devils, unlike the open-secret practice of many other AHL teams, do not pad attendance figures.

    – The team has been relatively active in the community and in social networking. The fan base will build, they promise.

    – The New Jersey Devils are dead last in the NHL, and have been siphoning much of Albany’s talent. As a result the minor league affiliate has hovered between mediocre and bad (28th out of 30 teams in the standings, although winners of four straight going into Wednesday). The Devils were absolutely putrid this night in a 3-0 loss to the Binghamton Senators.

    But, but, but …

    The Devils arrived carrying the baggage of the latter days of the Devils’ affiliation agreement with the River Rats. (The difference now is they own the AHL club.) Justly or not, they had the rep of not caring about the local fan base or winning on this level.

    That had to change. This has to change.

    “Do something different,” the lady in Sec. 101 yells.

    Think …

  12. Shtikl Says:

    Flogging a dead horse, titans04. How’s Henkel doing?

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