Some Things I Think I Think

— In case you want to re-live Saturday night, here’s my game story in The Trentonian.  Finally, my lifelong dream of intertwining the Boy Scouts and a hockey game in a lead has been fulfilled.

— Darcy Zajac looks like a different player than the one who got called up to Albany…in a good way.  He seems to be playing a much more physical game.  Good.  This team clearly needs that.

— Jeremy Akeson just can’t seem to get a bounce.  His legs are always moving, but even his power play goal got waved off.  He’s been getting frustrated lately — you can hear it and see it from the press box — and it’s hard to blame him.  He’s been one of the more consistent players on the team in terms of effort, but hasn’t scored with a goalie in the net since December 8.

— Matt Lombardi played like a guy who knew his job was on the line yesterday.  Not sure his is the job that should  be on the line, but at least he played like he acknowledged it.  He also took a pretty brutal penalty that cost them the game.  But all things considered, a solid effort.

— Ryan Hayes.  As I said before the game, it’s an interesting message to send when you bench your second-leading scorer.  I wouldn’t have done it.  But if it takes sitting someone who should be “safe” to send a message to the whole team, so be it.

— Dan Charleston’s four-goal effort was the team’s third hat trick of the season.  Ryan Ginand (12/17, 3 goals) and Hayes (12/19, 3 goals) have the others.

— Shane Connelly…he doesn’t deserve the majority of the blame by any means, but some of the past few games does fall on his shoulders.  Connelly’s a good goalie, as he’s shown when he’s on a good team.  But he needs to be a good goalie on a bad team…and whether it be with Johnstown or this year in Trenton, the numbers don’t show he’s capable of that.

— That’s six straight losses for Trenton.  Two points out of a possible twelve.  It’s their longest slide in a long time, the biggest since a ten game slide in 2007-08 that lasted from February 2-22, 2008.  The Devils longest losing streak last season was five straight from December 11-20, 2009.  2008-09?  Five games, from November 1-14, 2008.

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