Game 35: Post-Game Quotes (Dean, Kell)

I will post Kevin Dean and Trevor Kell’s post-game comments in their entirety.  I will post them in Q&A format…on occasion, writers will take liberties in changing a few words in how the original question was asked compared to how it ends up in a Q&A.  With how pointed Kevin’s comments were specifically, I’m going to post the questions as they were asked word for word so you know exactly what was said.  Out of respect to Kevin, I don’t want anything he said taken out of context.  The questions were asked by myself and Josh Burke of


MA: Obviously a pretty tough loss, but you guys came back four separate times to tie it up, I would have to imagine there’s some sense of pride in your team…

Dean: “No.  I have none.  I’m sick, I’m f—ing sick.  The way we played defensively, our stick checking…I’ve got nothing good to say.  I mean it’s good they battled back, yeah I guess.  That’s how it starts, I guess.  I don’t even know what to say.  I snapped, kicked s—.  I’ve been snapping now.  I’m done.  So I don’t know.”

JB: Can you talk about the turnovers in your own zone, the play in your own zone…

Dean: “Just soft.  Soft.  Couldn’t be any softer around our net.  They scored three or four goals, just little flips.  Defensemen not being strong on the puck.  Just incredibly soft around our net.”

MA: You said before that, you know, what you were saying to the team kind of came across as noise.  Do you still feel that way?

Dean: “Obviously.  I feel like it’s becoming noise.  I don’t know.  Maybe we’ve got the wrong kids or we’ve got the wrong coach or something.  I don’t know.  I’m embarrassed, they should be embarrassed.  I don’t even know what to say.”

MA: Do you have guys in this room who will kind of step and take a leadership role?

Dean: “I haven’t seen it.  I’m not seeing it.”

JB: Is that sort of what you’re looking for?

Dean: “Yeah, I’m just looking for some commitment, some snarl around our net.  I told these guys after the second period, I’ve yet to see a team come in and just dominate us for 60 minutes.  Maybe Wednesday night was the one exception to that, and we just had no juice.  But I haven’t seen anyone come in and actually physically beat us.  We beat ourselves.  Every time we lose, we beat ourselves, and tonight’s no exception.”

MA: What does a loss like this do to these guys?

Dean: “I have no idea.  I don’t know, because every time we score a goal, you think we’d feel good, but we come out and give up a penalty or a goal the next shift.  I don’t know, I have no idea.  I don’t know.  I had to call a timeout after we tied the game with two and a half minutes left because, I’m figuring us out, we just get horny or something after we score a goal and everything goes out the window, so I have to a call a timeout and get them to focus.  I’ve never seen that before.  They should be calling the timeout, not us.  But for some reason, everything’s counter-intuitive with this group.”

MA: It seemed like the goaltending let you down a little bit too at times.

Dean: “I don’t think so.  They had some weird goals for sure, but I don’t think it was goaltending.  I told these guys, goaltending’s not our problem.  How many shots did we have; 35, 40 shots?  Goaltending’s not our problem.  That one goal, I don’t know, that put them 6-5, their guy comes up on a 1-on-3 and then our fourth guy came back and stick checked.  It’s not goaltending.”

JB: Any injury update with Kell?

Dean: “That was in the second (period), he was killing a penalty down at this end…he left, I don’t know if he’ll be ready Monday.  I doubt it.  Nolet seemed to do OK.  Miller fell right there before they scored, it looked like he was in pain.  But I haven’t talked to Scott yet, so I don’t know.”



Only I was around for the conversation with Kell.  So here’s what he had to say.

MA: That’s six straight losses for you guys…I guess, how do you guys turn this around?

Kell: “I don’t know.  I think we show signs of being a good team at times.  And then we kind of fall apart at times.  So we have to figure out what it is that gets us going at those times when we are playing well and learn how to feed off of when we do play well and we score a goal or someone gets a big hit or a fight.  We have to learn how to feed off of that and get that killer instinct and jump on teams when they’re down and keep the momentum on our side for the whole game.”

MA: Kevin said that he’s not really sure if his message to you guys is getting across.  I guess as one of the veteran leaders and the captain of the team, what do you do in here to kind of get the message across?

Kell: “You’ve got to keep everyone positive.  It’s hard when you’re losing all the time.  You get down and can get down on each other.  But I think everyone’s been good with each other.  We’re going to get through this together as a team.  Not one guy is going to go out and score and win the game for us.  We’ve just got to stick together.”

MA: You guys came back four separate times to tie the game only to eventually lose.  How tough of a loss is that?

Kell: “Those are the toughest games to lose.  You get so excited and then they score, and then you get so excited again.  We had our chances on the power play there at the end in overtime and we take a penalty and that’s the game.  Those are really tough games to lose.”

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9 Responses to “Game 35: Post-Game Quotes (Dean, Kell)”

  1. titans04 Says:

    That’s what happens when you stack the roster with soft defensemen. Can they really be surprised by it playing out this way? Most of these guys have been around so it’s no secret that they play the way they do. Miller seemed to be on for a pot of goals against except for the occaasional hip check along the boards he avoids contact whenever possible.

    Thomas is usually pretty good but he too seemed to be a passnger tonight. His game is far from physical.

    Leaderer never was and never will be that kind of guy. I’ve said it before imo he taken huge steps backwards almost looks disinterested.

    Pender, really hard to hit somebody when they’re flying by you. What happen to his bs talk during the preseason about being more physical and needing to drop the gloves more blah blah blah. Same shit as last year.

    Vichorek – I dare somebody to name another guy that big that plays any softer. With that size he should be blowing guys up. Hasn’t happened yet and again it’s just not the way he plays these guys aren’t going to change their stripes.

    By default I guess Coutu is the physical one and honestly I don’t buy that either, it’s all relative I guess.

    Who knows what Nolet and Southorn bring but I don’t see it being the snarl we desperately need.

    Kevin can’t be surprised the D has been this way for years, some of the faces may change but the charmin softness remains.

    You can count on 2-3 fingers if that how many guys play with a nasty streak up front too. Clearly Myles does but he’s the exception. Pretty sure he’s played defense before too.

    The system seems to be consistant from day one here the past 3 seasons. Undersized all the way around which leads to a soft team that has never been good enough.

    Said it earlier today. I can aee Ginand getting moved here shortly.

  2. Devil Dawg Says:

    Dean was pretty scathing. Let’s hope Kell can step up and rally the team …. Despite everything it was an exciting game tonight and even if Kevin wasn’t proud, I was. Like you said Mike, this team didn’t want to die and we showed some fight.

  3. trentondevilsfan Says:

    It’s amazing how they have a knack for finding these big guys and every year Zancanaro outhits all of them. Just amazing.

  4. titans04 Says:

    With Trevor having been gone maybe he gets a pass for now from Kevin on the lack of leadership in the room comment. However it probably doesn’t bode well for guys like Tony, Jeremy, Andy Coutu and Leaderer, guys that have worn the A at different times this year. It’ll be interesting to see if these guys start getting launched out of town if things don’t turn around soon. I would guess Ginand, Hayes and anybody else not on a AHL deal could as well but if it’s lack of leadership send the bigger message.

  5. Langhorne Devil Says:

    This is what i can’t understand, all these guys have been through this each year, surely they know they should be stepping up?

    Maybe they don’t want to do it for this coach?

  6. Shtikl Says:

    “If you are riding a dead horse the best thing to do is dismount.” — attributed to the Lakota people. Tell Deano it’s no use to buy a heavier whip.

  7. Shtikl Says:

    My sympathies to Kell. I got the impression the boys in Albany were still having fun, it must be really discouraging to come back to Trenton and find that he’s expected to single-handedly reanimate the dead horse.

  8. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Dont want to seem to be anti-Dean, but this team seems better when they don’t do what he wants.

    We look so much better skating the puck into the attacking zone.

    I hate it when we dump the puck – over commit and get pushed off the puck and then face 3-2’s etc.

  9. titans04 Says:

    Doesn’t matter they’re taught to play the system whether it works for better or worse. Changing the system to fit the roster isn’t an option.

    Pretty sure it’s not about wins and loses after all these years.

    What are the odds they get hammered tomorrow in Reading?

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