Game 35: Post-Game Notes (Part 2)

— The cliche thing for me to do is to say I don’t even know where to start after a game like that.  But I do.  I’d hope you’d be proud of the Trenton Devils tonight.  Dan Charleston’s actions at the end of regulation aside, this team came back four separate times to tie the game.  When the biggest complaint you can have is that a team looks like they’ve given up — and it sure looked like that Wednesday — this team absolutely did not say die tonight.

— Kevin Dean’s comments were very pointed tonight.  I will get them to you immediately after this. 

— Dean told us that he snapped and kicked some things around in the locker room and so on.  That would explain why the door was locked when I first tried to enter.  It was an interesting scene in there after the game.  For starters, Ryan Ginand flung the door open to the locker room and angrily walked out, not even ten minutes after the game had ended.  After a few of the scratched or injured players started walking out, I attempted to open the door again, only to see members of the equipment staff vacuuming the red carpet inside…likely cleaning up whatever Dean had destroyed.

After speaking with Kevin, I hung around to try to speak to Dan Charleston.  While all the other players were in the shower or in various stages of dress, Charleston was sitting at his locker in full gear.  He put his head into his hands and sat there for a while.  I approached his locker, stood there for a minute, and then walked away.  I couldn’t tell you if he was upset that he got kicked out of the game.  Couldn’t tell you if he was mad his team lost.  Couldn’t tell you if he couldn’t believe what he’d done after the whistle blew in the third period. 

After a few teammates tried to lift his spirits, Charleston got up and walked towards the training room, which is off-limits to the media.  While I’m certain that there’s a laundry list of guys on that team who don’t much like me at the moment, it’s not worth it to me to chase down a good guy like Charleston and stick my recorder in his face after a night like that.  He made a mistake.  One of the best nights of his career was ruined because he made a mistake.  A costly mistake, as it certainly ruined the night of whoever he hit.  But hopefully this isn’t something that sticks with Charleston.

I did end up speaking with Trevor Kell.  You’ll see that shortly as well.

But I did not see what Charleston did.  That was a hectic night for writing, and my head was down after I saw there were only a few ticks left in regulation and they wouldn’t get another shot off.

— What an outstanding game that was.  Reminded me a lot of the 9-7 game on Bertoli Night in both the scoring and the atmosphere at the arena, with all the people there.  Great crowd tonight, both in numbers and enthusiasm.  Hopefully some of those people come back.  They won’t all be like that one…

— Chippy game for one between two teams who don’t see each other all that much.  The line brawl of sorts was particularly entertaining.  Videos of all that can be found below this post, of course.

— Thought the goaltending at both sides was poor.  Dean did not agree with that assessment when it came to Shane Connelly.

— I made a mistake in the paper.  I reported their record as 13-19-0-3 and said they were eight points behind Cincinnati pending the results of their game.  Their record is 13-18-1-3 and they’re seven points back.  My fault. 

— Trevor Kell shouldn’t miss any significant time after getting dinged up in the second period.  Jeff Lerg is several days away from a possible return.

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3 Responses to “Game 35: Post-Game Notes (Part 2)”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Delusional or denial when it comes to the goaltending? Not sure what he could say anyway if Caruso is in Albany for a while Frazee was going to be re-evaluated Monday. If it’s me I roll the dice with somebody else I can find on the scrap heap at this point.

    Dean was kicking and elbowing the glass behind him more tonight than ever before.

    Hopefully that’s right about Kell. strange though that he got leveled and never took another shift. Tony being out a month day to day tends to make me skeptical.

  2. ForeverTitans Says:

    Fun game tonight. Figures that I finally convinced my wife to bring the newborn and Charleston fires the Puck like that! Total shame that it overshadows one of the best Titan/Devil performances I’ve ever seen.

  3. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Good point T04, he can’t afford to lose Connelly at this point with no other option to go to.

    Anyone else get the feeling the off ice show may get more entertaining than what’s on ice as the season goes on?

    Remember the old Titan slogan; we’ll sell you the whole seat but you’ll only need the edge? That’s how it was late in the third there. Toledo was as soft as us so when they went up (again) late the whole building knew we still had a shot.

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