Game 34: Post-Game Quotes

— Here are some of Kevin Dean’s comments after Trenton’s 4-3 loss to Elmira on Friday night…

On his top two lines…

“The one line, Zajac’s line, I thought they were turning the puck over a little bit too much.  I thought even in the third period, they’d come down the wall and do a cross-ice pass.  I thought they were too cute.  But they had some nice shifts for sure.  They had a couple 2-on-1’s, they had some nice shifts.  But in my mind, I think they would have had more action if they would have played a little bit more grinding and a little bit more to their strengths.  On a 3-on-2, it’s fine to make a play at the blue line and it’s fine to turn it over at the blue line if you’re trying to make a play.  But they had 3-on-3’s all night where they were trying to make chicken dinner out of chicken you know what.”

On how he turns this team around after losing five straight…

“I don’t know.  I think we’re a pretty fragile group.  I think even when we’re winning, we’re fragile.  So I don’t think yelling and screaming…I think you just try to re-emphasize the points on how we want them to play and try to get them to play to their strengths.  Hopefully, sooner or later you steal a game or you play really, really well and really determined and it turns around.”

On how to get his team to play a more grinding style…

“I don’t know, but we had it in December.  When we had a fractured lineup, we seemed to have it.  It’s just think I guys don’t know what kind of players they are.  You tell them and you tell them and you tell them, but they need to figure it out that you’re best down below the circles and in the offensive zone, that’s where you do your best offensive work.  We just keep sticking with it and hold the course and keep beating them over the head.  Sooner or later, they’re going to get it.”

Lineup changes tomorrow night…

“Yeah, they’ll be some lineup changes.  Maybe a couple.”

On putting Hayes and Ginand back together…(it’s safe to guess who asked that one)

“At the end, they weren’t (clicking) though.  The last four or five games there, they weren’t.  It looks like maybe Berube’s the key there.  Who knows.  Neither of those guys have been the same since he left, that’s for sure.  Big body.  I’ve thought about it, but I don’t know.  We’ll see.”

Thoughts on T.J. Miller’s return…

“I thought he played very well.  Simple, strong.  He moved the puck well, I liked how he played.”

If anyone else is close to returning…

“A couple guys are close.  Nolet’s close, Southorn’s close.  All those guys are close.  Lerg’s getting close.  (Coutu) is kind of a day-to-day thing, he’s nothing long-term.”

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4 Responses to “Game 34: Post-Game Quotes”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Appreciate his honesty but it’s becoming pretty clear he doesn’t have any answers on how to turn this around. The wheels are coming off and getting a single point out of 10 is brutal.

    Better effort tonight which was great but let’s be honest it was literally impossible to have played any worse then they did on weds.

    I thought Connelley while he made some good saves came up small on 3 and 4, actually bad not small. Also thought the pp goal wasn’t great and unscreened shot from the blueline, didn’t exactly seem like a laser but I could be wrong.

    I’m guessing Hayes sits in favor of Lombardi tomorrow. Could easily swap 27 for a pylon and nobody would notice the difference. I thought your comment about the D being lazy as a whole was dead on, what happened to Leaderer’s game?

    On the brightside another year of not having to layout money for playoff tickets. It appears the magic touch that is CL’s lack of making the playoffs remains strong.

    Appreciated Myles efforts tonight at least he plays with an edge and willingness to finish his checks.

  2. devildawg Says:

    Hayes and Ginand not clicking?
    JS Berube was the key? I feel bad for him cos he’s no key at Albany – he hasn’t even played the last 4 games…
    I really hope we beat Toledo tonight…getting beat by the fish will be pretty embarassing …

  3. Langhorne Devil Says:

    ***STATTO ALERT***

    Okay in the 5 games between Berube heading north and 16&18 being split up. The two of them combined for 10pts 4G and 6A.

    Not exactly a terrible return!

    If i remember righjtly it was Akeson who joined that line and he also added 2 more Assists.

  4. Langhorne Devil Says:

    And since they have been split just 2a in 2 games

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