Game 34: Post-Game Notes

— Five straight losses.  One point out of a possible ten.  At about the halfway point of the season, you’d laugh in the face of anyone who told you this team was going to the playoffs.  Right now, they’re a group of pretty nice guys who can’t play hockey too well as a team.  Nice guys finish last, so right now…maybe it’s appropriate that’s just where they’re at.

— With that said, the effort was much better tonight as a whole.  I liked what I saw from Jeff Prough.  I liked what I saw from Dan Charleston.  Liked Darcy Zajac stepping up his physical play.  I liked what I saw from a lot of the guys tonight.  Liked the way they didn’t quit at the end.  There were the usual passengers, but I’m tired of saying the same thing every night.

— So here’s a new complaint.  What’s with the lazy icings?  Lazy.  I do not sugarcoat.  Not good at it, don’t do it.  So let’s call it what it is…lazy.  Flinging the puck 170-180 feet and hoping you hit the goalie so you can get a change is lazy.  It is.  There was no effort to make a breakout pass…these weren’t missed passes or forced plays or anything like that.  They didn’t want to work to gain the red line, so there were a handful of length of the ice dumps that ended up taking away the advantage of having last change since Elmira could change and Trenton couldn’t.  Lazy.

— That game really fell apart in the last five minutes.  Duh.  You can look at the boxscore and figure that out.  But you could spend hours looking at what went wrong on the third Jackals goal.  Shane Connelly was way too nonchalant in playing that puck behind the net…probably didn’t realize there was a man on him.  I also don’t recall anyone yelling out “man on,” since you can pretty much hear everything in the press box to begin with, but it’s his responsibility to read that play.  Dustin Cameron was the man on him, and he snapped Connelly’s stick in going for the puck.  In theory, you could have called a penalty there…if you can call a penalty on Tony Zancanaro for giving the goalie a snow shower on Wednesday, you can call one for a slash here.  Connelly still had the stick in his hands, but proceeded to drop it.  Don’t know why.  The goalie is the only player on the ice who can play with a broken stick…he could have played with half of it in his hands if he wanted.  But, as Kevin Dean said after the game, and I’ll post his quotes in a bit…it probably wouldn’t have mattered.  Connelly was out of position, got burned, and that was that. 

— Of course Andrew Sweetland scored the game winner.  Of course he did.  I hear for Christmas, he got a calendar with all the games against the Trenton Devils circled.  Hadn’t even recorded a point since his December 11 goal against, you guessed it, Trenton…and there he is again.  Two hat tricks and now a game winner too.  Connelly had a good amount of time to get over on that one, too.  Great, great shot by Sweetland…but Trenton needs a goalie who’s going to stand on his head if they’re going to win these days.

— Myles Stoesz vs. Jon Mirasty: Part Two…did not happen.  Of course not.  As I said before the game, if the season’s going the way it looks like it’s going to go, having some entertainment value would at least be nice.  But Stoesz and Mirasty were on the ice together a grand total of once in the first period.  Stoesz attempted to deliver Mirasty into the photographer’s box between the benches, and that was that.  Maybe Mirasty wanted to go after Stoesz, but just couldn’t catch him.  He looked like his better days were behind him, and that’s likely why he ended up getting, at the most, five shifts all game.

Jon Mirasty

— Liked the red Jackals jerseys.  Hadn’t seen them wear them before…are those alternate jerseys, anyone know?

— Marco Cousineau had a full cage on his mask last time he played here.  He has a chrome cat-eye cage with the same mask now.  Only I care, I’m aware.

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One Response to “Game 34: Post-Game Notes”

  1. ForeverTitans Says:

    I agree with the Jersey comment. Maybe we need an alternate like that. I’m rather fond of the old Titan Jersey with Trenton across the front. Wish I got the fight I wanted, but at least it was enjoyable tonight.

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