Game 33: Post-Game Quotes

Here’s how the post-game chat with Kevin Dean and the three of us (Mike Radano, Josh Burke and myself) went.  No video, because I’m relatively certain the game DVD’s will be burned…so there’d might as well just be no video evidence that last night ever happened.

“I think it was, by far, our worst effort all year by a mile.  I think we look like we’ve totally lost our confidence.  We look scared.  We’re getting manhandled physically.  We’re not making any plays coming out of our end, we’re not making any plays in the neutral zone.  We’re not getting in on the forecheck.  Just completely dominated in every single aspect of the game, in my opinion.”

Why?  Why was there no fight in these guys?

“No idea.  I don’t know.  In my opinion, we refuse to play to the way I think we need to play.  We’re not a cute team, we’re not a highly skilled team.  We’re not as skilled as 90 percent of the teams we play against.  If we want to start making plays to the middle, and curl and drops, and saucer passes across the ice…well, it’s not going to work for us because that’s not our kind of team.  We’ve got to go north-south, get it deep, have a good first forechecker, bump and grind and get our chances that way.  I don’t know if we thought with a couple new guys coming in that they were going to carry the load for us tonight and everyone else could change their game, I don’t know.  It was gross.”

You guys lost three games on the weekend, but you said there were a lot of positives.  Is it surprising one game later that there’s just nothing there?

“Sometimes, the road trips, people say you come back and there’s a little letdown.  We worked so hard down there and came away with basically nothing.  I don’t know if that makes you lose your confidence, because you do play well in some areas and you do work hard and you come away with almost nothing, that’s disappointing.  But, yesterday is yesterday and today is today.  They’re pro hockey players.  Every night, you’ve got to bring it no matter what happened last night, good or bad.  It’s hugely disappointing, because we just didn’t do what we did well in South Carolina and I was hoping to get some things going offensively, but we had nothing.”

With the new players that came down and the lines shifting a little bit, do you think that played a role at all?

“It’s possible.  But we just didn’t have any energy.  There was no first man on the forecheck.  It was just a really lackluster, lethargic, poor effort.”

Wheeling’s also a bigger, more physical team…

“We struggle against those teams because they’re big.  They’re going to grind it out in our zone, and if we’re going to play 60 or 70 percent of the game in our zone, we’re not going to have success.  If we’re going to play 60 or 70 percent of the game in their end, we might have some success.  If we want to turn pucks over and not execute breakouts in our end so that the puck is in our end, we’re going to struggle, and we’re not going to have energy on offense and it’ll look something like this.”

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5 Responses to “Game 33: Post-Game Quotes”

  1. titans04 Says:

    “Jeff Frazee, who has played in 24 of the Devils’ 38 games (9-11-3, 2.77, .904), suffered a lower-body injury Monday in practice and is out at least this week. “We’re still evaluating,” coach Rick Kowalsky said.”

    great news, anybody have Brown’s cell #? There’s a reason why Shane can’t stay in one place…..

  2. Shtikl Says:

    So even Deano believes the other teams are bigger, stronger, tougher, faster, and more talented than his team? That speaks volumes about what’s happening. What does he think these boys bring to the game then, that they can use to pull themselves out of this tailspin?

  3. titans04 Says:

    Speaks volumes about the state of affairs again this season doesn’t it?

  4. Shtikl Says:

    I’m thinking the best chance they have is a coach they trust who has a plan to get them back to basics, get them working together again and give them a little protection from the boo-birds. Not likely to get any significant help from “on high” so they have to bootstrap themselves. Just hope for a miracle, and a little boost from Kell. Maybe they’ll have a respectable second half and there will be some fun games to watch.

  5. titans04 Says:

    Kevin has been good in my opinion, he seems to be much more open in sharing his frustrations and his honest feeling about how they play, that’s refreshing. His emotion behind the bench is a welcomed change, he wears his heart on his sleeves.

    Again though this year overall the team is too small and more importantly to soft. Myles should bring some toughness and I would bet on a bout with Mirasty tonight. But as others have said we get knocked off the puck to easily and always seem to be on the recieving end of the hard hits game in and game out. I think we could be in for a long weekend if we have no options in goal and being paper thin on defense.

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