Ginand And Hayes Need A Nickname

I’ve tried everything.  But I can’t come up with a good nickname for Trenton’s pair of Ryan’s.  Ginand and Hayes have taken over the first half of Trenton’s season, and they need a good moniker…flyin’ Ryan’s just won’t cut it.

So leave your suggestions in the comments.  If I like it, I might just use it one of my upcoming Trentonian stories.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


11 Responses to “Ginand And Hayes Need A Nickname”

  1. devildawg Says:

    Ginand has a nickname already – Gino.
    You could steal the nickname for Hayes from the British boxer, David Haye and call him the Haye-maker …. Haye-Maker the Play-maker has a good ring to it….

  2. ashmore Says:

    Right, right…but as a duo, I need a nickname. I’ve used “R and R” and “Flyin’ Ryan’s.”

  3. Langhorne Devil Says:

    the Rest are Rubbish??

  4. titans04 Says:

    Only a matter of time before their sitting in Albany playing cards with the other 4 healthy forwards, I expected better from Rick.

    This SC trip is what killed them last year, IF the come up empty this weekend it’s gonna be a bigger hole to climb out of. They can’t even get to the .500 mark.

  5. devildawg Says:

    unfortunately that’s probably true

  6. titans04 Says:

    same 4 sitting in albany again tonight while we piece a lineup together with Coutu now out. 2 healthy D on top of the 4 forwards as well.

  7. tdevils Says:

    Kowalsky doesn’t control who is at what level, neither does Dean…

  8. titans04 Says:

    Lovely I would have thought Rick might have said to the clueless hey this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The GM is probably still busy patting himself on the back for bringing in 22. Oh well we’ll be just fine.

  9. Ashmore Says:

    He may very well have done that. But as GM of both teams, Chris has final say on who goes where. Both coaches certainly have input with Chris and I know Kevin speaks to him after every game.

  10. titans04 Says:

    Thanks Mike that’s very comforting based on all his years of success running the minor league teams. Very reassuring.

  11. titans04 Says:

    Extinct – seems fitting.

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