Game 29: Post-Game Notes

— The “Ashmore After Dark” version of the post-game notes comes at you live from blog headquarters here in lovely Hunterdon County at about 3:45 AM.  I’ll try to keep this pretty brief, as it’s…you know, 3:45 AM.

— Nice effort tonight.  That big start was huge.  It was hard not to think Trenton was going to end up with seven or eight goals after the first ten minutes or so of that game.  Bobby Goepfert got lit up early, but he also made some big stops to keep his team somewhat in it.

— Florida had quite a few chances to make a game of it in the second period.  They controlled the play for large parts of the middle frame, but bad luck and solid goaltending by Dave Caruso kept them to just one goal in the middle 20.

— It’s hard to really find a Trenton player who had a bad game.  Dave Leaderer seems to have righted the ship, and Justin Pender had a relatively strong game as well.  If they can really get all 16 skaters headed in the right direction, they might just have something here.

— Trenton can afford to lose a handful of guys to call-ups and injuries and so on…but they cannot afford to lose either Ryan Ginand or Ryan Hayes.  They’re the very definition of dymanic duo.  Three more points tonight put Ginand into the Top 5 in ECHL scoring, and Hayes’ three assists have him in the Top 5 among rookie scoring league leaders.  Ginand and Hayes combined for two goals, four assists, 12 shots and a plus-seven rating.  Not bad.  Combine Ginand and Hayes with Mike Egener’s green-jacket worthy minus-five tonight for Florida, and they’d still be a plus-two!

— Is there a league-wide memo to the refs to start calling double minors for roughing?  That’s happened quite a bit lately, it seems.  Two minutes is plenty, guys.

— I’ll have a story during the five-day break on Ryan Ginand making the All-Star team.  After the camera went off — and that is still taking a lot of getting used to for me — I asked Kevin Dean his thoughts on Ginand making the team, so you’ll see those quotes in addition to what you saw from Ginand on the video.

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4 Responses to “Game 29: Post-Game Notes”

  1. titansman Says:

    although it seems after that short handed goal Pender never saw the ice again.

  2. somersetdevsfan Says:

    off topic- but for those who say no one gets hurt in a hockey fight- check out this link from Albany- Adirondack the opther night.

  3. titans04 Says:

    Gallant goes to the Royals – perfect.

  4. Somersetdevsfan Says:

    mirasty picked up a major in his first game with Elmira for charging-the opposing goalie. Here we go.

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