Game 29: Pre-Game Notes

6:45 PM — Dave Caruso vs. Bobby Goepfert is your goalie matchup.  Slightly surprised that Shane Connelly isn’t getting a chance.  This is a Trentonian game for me, kids…talk amongst yourselves.

5:00 PM — Woody Wommack’s coverage of the Everblades is about as good as it gets in the ECHL.  I was reading his blog today, and stumbled across this great clip of an Everblades-Gladiators line brawl where even the goalies get into it.  I don’t blame Bobby Goepfert in the slightest for jumping in there…if the ref’s just going to watch someone take liberties with his teammate, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. 

4:40 PM — I wonder if the “fans” will continue to “dress like a seat.”  Seems the opposing players just love it.

4:00 PM — I’m already out of foolproof ideas / So don’t ask me how to get started / It’s all uncharted

I couldn’t help but think of Sara Bareilles’ “Uncharted” after Kevin Dean’s post-game chat yesterday.  The first year head coach is afraid that his message to his team his just becoming noise at this point…doesn’t seem he’s particularly sure of how turn the ship around, of how to get these guys to focus for a complete 60 minutes.

With Trenton sitting one point out of dead last in the 11-team Eastern Conference, someone’s going to have figure something out soon, or it’s going to be another lost year.

Meanwhile, some interesting news from around the league…after releasing tough guy Brett Gallant, the Elmira Jackals were assigned Jon “Nasty” Mirasty.  Oh boy.  Mirasty is one of the most well-known fighters in all of minor league hockey.  He hasn’t played a full season in the ECHL since 2003-04.  He had 358 penalty minutes that year.  28 years old, Mirasty is a legitimate heavyweight in any league, and I’d be surprised if he gets too many takers when it comes time to drop the gloves.

Also, the Reading Royals have signed goaltender Scott Darling to a contract.  A former Phoenix Coyotes draft pick who played collegiately at Maine, Darling was playing with the SPHL’s Louisiana IceGators.  With Ben Scrivens in the AHL and Shane Davis currently backing up for Florida, the Royals needed a backup.

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9 Responses to “Game 29: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Unknown if we’re making this one. Hope to, but at this point a bit unlikely.

  2. tdevils Says:

    Coming as a green seat, eh? Ha. Wouldn’t blame you for staying home. I love what I do and love covering these guys, but missing the Winter Classic is rough. I’m sure everyone will assume I’ll be up here watching, but I’ve got to stay focused on what I have to do, so no can do.

  3. titansman Says:

    and Trenton has from 1 to 7 games in hand to the other teams which could mean anywhere from 2 to 14 points if you look on the bright side. You never know what could happen, but it seems you have written them off already. I seem to remember Haviland complaining that his team was having trouble playing defense and not having a great record the first half of the season before they traded for Munn and Thompson and turned things around, but of course they werent Devil affiliated then and that apparently makes all the difference.

  4. titans04 Says:

    Good point it sure does. All Haviland cared about was winning. Bad starts have cost them 2 of the last 3 years coming up short come playoff time.

    What have you seen so far that makes you think they can turn it around and be more than a .500 team at best?

  5. tdevils Says:

    Realistically though…it means probably…six? That puts them in the playoffs, sure. Just kind of wonder what happens once the games are even. Right now, games in hand is kind of a built-in excuse in my opinion.

  6. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Recently they have been playing better, you can see them gelling at least more than previously.

    Of course that sets up the same scenario we’re used to; fall way behind, play furious catch up and either make the playoffs on fumes* or just miss leaving everyone wondering “what if” again.

    *a 2010 Flyer like run is always possible, with an unexpected first round win spurring a deep run. They were thisclose to that a couple years ago vs Elmira. Not gonna bet a lot of money on that one though.

    It would just be nice, for once, not to watch everyone else rush out to a big lead while Trenton figures out how to play.

    I will say that this year they at least look like they have a plan on the power play, even if the execution isn’t always there.

    We’re staying home. Been a long day that started earlier than anticipated, preceded by a night that went longer than planned…*yawn*

  7. somersetdevsfan Says:

    Interesting about Mirasty- he’s got to be the highest paid player in the league now. He was hugely popular in Syracuse- wonder what happened. He brings nothing to the ice offensively- but he’s a youtube legend.

  8. ForeverTitans Says:

    Quite an impressive start!

  9. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Figures, miss a game, they play well. I’ll take one for the team though.

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