Game 28: Post-Game Notes

— Not really a lot to say after that one.  They should have at least managed to get a point out of tonight, and they walk away with nothing.  That’s as mad as I’ve seen Kevin Dean both during a game and after a game, and it’s hard to blame him.

— Let’s start from the beginning.  What was going on with the officiating in the first twenty minutes?  I, believe it or not, rarely comment on the refs…but Dean was irate on a few occasions early on.  The faceoff got moved out of the offensive zone after a scrum despite the fact that Trenton’s D were already down low.  The ref wouldn’t let Dean change his D pair despite having last change.  And a clearly untipped dump from an Everblades player in the defensive zone was not called as delay of game.  After that one, you could hear Dean suggest for the ref to “wake up” all the way from the press box.  He may have added several words in the middle there…

— Through two periods, Trenton really seemed like the better team.  They really controlled the second, and capped that off by taking a 2-1 lead on a real nice play by Dan Charleston and Jeff Prough.

— And then the wheels absolutely fell off.  Prough’s turnover for the fourth goal stands out as the worst of them all, but there wasn’t a lot of solid defensive play as a whole out there in the third.  Justin Pender was the team’s best defenseman tonight.  Let me repeat that.  Justin Pender was the team’s best defenseman tonight.  I don’t care how hard I am on him, he’s never expected to be the team’s best blueliner…but both Andy Thomas and David Leaderer got torched on the first goal, and Justin Coutu was on the ice for each of the last three goals against.

— Leaderer…it’s difficult to be tough on him because he’s been so good for so long, but there’s no denying he’s had a pretty rough stretch lately.

— Caruso was, again, solid…I bet he’d like that third goal back, but he isn’t why they lost.

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