Game 27: Post-Game Notes

— I’d have posted this stuff a little earlier, but I got home just in time to watch the third installment of HBO’s 24/7: Penguins-Capitals…and holy crap is that good, so the post-game stuff had to wait until after midnight.  Sorry guys.

— OK, the game.  Let’s talk about that, shall we?  That was a 60-minute effort the boys should be proud of.  Yes, if you want to go into “Debbie Downer” mode, you can say that their 3-1 win came against a depleted team that hadn’t played in 11 days.  And that’s all true. 

But Trenton put together just such a solid effort on both sides of the puck tonight.  They probably could have had six or seven goals, and it seems like they were in every lane when Elmira wanted to pass or shoot.  Smart hockey for 60 minutes.  Only two penalties, no memorable stupid turnovers…maybe a little too cute offensively some times, but that’s going to happen.

— I’ve been hard on Taylor Vichorek.  Not today.  Really liked his game tonight.  He did a lot of the things I’d been hoping he would do when I did that now somewhat infamous report card series.  Not to go all Ed Olczyk on you, but I liked his active stick tonight…he used his body too, but with a player that size, his stick is an asset and can cover a larger radius on the ice than other players.  He utilized it well on a few occasions tonight.  He got a secondary assist on Dan Charleston’s goal and dropped the gloves for a decent scrap with Brett Gallant, who’s no pushover when it comes to putting on the foil.  That’s as complete of a game as I’ve seen from him. 

— J.S. Berube…in thinking about it, you guys are probably right about my grade of him being too low.  Sometimes you focus a little too much on the numbers.  Berube played with jam tonight.  Did the dirty work in the corners, played like this game meant more than it actually did…a lot of guys brought that kind of effort tonight, really.  He wasn’t on the scoresheet tonight, sure…but his effort was noticed.

— Dave Caruso played well.  Made every stop he should have made except one, and a few he shouldn’t have…but realistically, he was never really tested.  I admit I got a little nervous when he gave up the somewhat-bad rebound goal towards the end of the first — that can kill a team that outshot the opposition 17-4 in the period — but Chucky’s goal with under a minute to go was huge, probably the turning point of the game.  If they don’t go into the room after 20 minutes with that game tied, who knows what happens to their confidence.

— It was nice to see Tony Zancanaro back out there.  He didn’t play his usual big minutes, but he was effective while he was out there.  Enjoyed seeing him not shy away from Patrick Coulombe during one exchange.  Zancanaro probably doesn’t get enough credit for the grit he plays with out there.

— It can’t all be good news.  It turns out Matt Vokes “lower-body injury” is a broken foot.  It happened when he took a shot to the foot during a drill after the morning skate, and is not related to his previous ankle issues.  From what I hear, it isn’t a serious fracture, and he shouldn’t miss too much time.  Vokes is a big, big part of this team…getting him back at anything close to 100 percent would be big.

Jeff Lerg’s hand was also still wrapped, and he’s likely to miss some more time than originally expected.

— The video element…yes?  No?  Do we like?  I probably need to improve the audio element of it…and, sticking with the report card theme, I’d probably give myself an F in my first try with it.  Ideally, I need more than one person to do the things I do on the blog — oh, how I’d love an intern — but I’m holding my voice recorder in one hand and the mini-cam in the other during these interviews, and it’s hard to essentially do three things at once, since I have to actually attempt to ask intelligent questions.  Then again, I can struggle with that with nothing in my hands, so…

— And, from the “you all think I’m a nerd anyway, so might as well share this” department, I’ve seen Gerald Coleman and Dave Caruso play a combined 54 times now; Coleman 31 and Caruso 23.  Found it interesting that both goalies have a 2.72 GAA and one shutout when I’m in the house.  Caruso sports a 91.5 save pct., while Coleman comes in at a 90.4.  And yes, I keep track of stats of skaters from games I’m at, too.  Jeff Prough, for example has a 30-37-67 line in 60 games.  So I do try to use “my own” numbers too when evaluating players.

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6 Responses to “Game 27: Post-Game Notes”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Interesting about Left on the radio show last night he said he was getting the cast off today and would bw ready to go in his mind immediately. Guess that was wishful thinking nice to see Tony back he got smoked on the rush up the I’ve when they scored if I remember correctly.

    On a side note the guy right in front of us got drilled in the temple with a pick which then went straight up in the air and landed in my lap. Poor guy didn’t know what the hell happened.

  2. Ashmore Says:

    Lerg may be closer than a few weeks…not 100 percent sure. But his hand was still wrapped for sure.

  3. titans04 Says:

    I really need to figure out how to turn off the spell check on this phone.

  4. titansman Says:

    How come the article in the Trentonian said it had a picture of Akeson scoring against Elmira but had a picture of the Alaska game. By the way, congrats to Ryan Ginand making the All Star team. He and fellow smurf kinda turned out ok for Trenton eh 04.

  5. titans04 Says:

    No doubt Ginand has been a blessing.

  6. Ashmore Says:

    I’ve never so much as been in The Trentonian’s offices, so I’m not the guy to ask on that one. All I do is send them a story.

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