Report Card: Forwards, Part 1

#9 Trevor Kell
9 GP: 5G-6A-11P, +6, 4 PIM

I hope Trevor Kell is gone for good.  Not that I didn’t like Trevor personally or didn’t enjoy watching him play, but because he deserves to get a long look at the AHL level. 

T-Kell was very good in his nine-game stay this season in Trenton, averaging over a point a game.  He’s been in the organization for a while now, and most of that time has been in spent in the capital city.  It’s about time he gets a chance in Albany.

Still just 24 years old, Kell scored the game-winning goal in the game Albany actually got to play in Atlantic City, and has added an assist as well in his latest 15-game stint in the AHL.

Grade: B

#10 Tony Zancanaro
15 GP: 3G-7A-10P, -4, 11 PIM

Zancanaro has missed the last month or so with a lower body injury, and his absence on the ice has been noticed.  The undersized centerman is a solid two-way player with a penchant for winning faceoffs and playing big minutes. 

While the fifth-year pro never puts up huge offensive numbers — he set career highs in goals (18), assists (30) and points (48) last season — you would like to see a little more production at this point in the year with the ice time that he gets.

Grade: B-

#11 Mike Potacco
7 GP: 0G-1A-1P, +1, 0 PIM

Potacco is enjoying his first professional action, and certainly hasn’t embarrassed himself out there despite not having played since the end of the 2008-09 collegiate season.  He doesn’t have a particularly strong skill set, but he also hasn’t been getting a lot of ice time for understandable reasons.  With that said, while he’s been out there, he hasn’t really been a detriment to the team…he won’t hurt you out there.

Grade: D+

#12 Darcy Zajac
14 GP: 2G-6A-8P, +3, 9 PIM

Zajac is, for all intents and purposes, in his first professional season after a brief two-game stint with Adirondack last year.  The brother of New Jersey center Travis Zajac, Darcy was a somewhat surprise call-up to Albany after posting eight points in his first 14 games in Trenton.

Zajac never really put up big numbers in college at North Dakota, and wasn’t on pace to while with Trenton.  More of a two-way forward, Zajac has collected no points and posted 12 penalty minutes in nine games with Albany this season.

Grade: C

#14 Matt Lombardi

24 GP: 6G-6A-12P, -5, 14 PIM

The fifth-leading scorer on the team with just 12 points, Lombardi’s been solid, but unspectacular in his first pro season.

Lombardi has received his fair share of ice time and has been able to generate some quality offensive chances.  He profiles, like many of the players on this team, as more of a two-way forward, but he does have some playmaker ability.  Perhaps unlike some of the players on this team, however, he’s capable of producing more than he has through the first third of the season.

Grade: C

#15 Matt Vokes
7 GP: 3G-5A-8P, E, 4 PIM

Vokes’ future is uncertain after being placed on the 21-Day IR with a lower body injury.  It’s a shame, because when he is out there, he has the skill to be the best player on the ice.  A smart player who can hold his own on both sides of the ice, Vokes has a true nose for the net and can not only create space for himself out there, but space for his teammates as well.

The Trenton Devils are, unquestionably, a better team when he’s on the ice.  In the seven games he did play this season, he was averaging over a point a game.  His four goal game last season provided one of the bright spots in an otherwise abysmal year for the team, and he’s capable of leaving fans hatless again at any time.

Grade: B+

#16 Ryan Ginand
24 GP: 13G-17A-30P, +6, 12 PIM

More often than not, the best player on the ice for Trenton.  He leads the team in goals (13), assists (17), points (30) and his 165 shots are more than double anyone on the squad.  In addition, his plus-six rating is best among active players on the team.

Ginand was recently recognized by the league as its player of the week, and it’s only a matter of time before he’s recognized by the organization and sent on his merry way to Albany.

Looking at the statistics, it’s obvious that Ginand isn’t afraid to shoot the puck, which nine out of ten times is a good thing with him.  He generates a ton of chances for himself and his teammates, and is a tireless worker on both sides of the puck.  His motor never seems to shut off, and there are a lot of guys on this team who could learn a lot from the kind of effort he puts out there on the ice.

Any criticism of Ginand would be nitpicking, but there are a few places you can go in that regard.  I’d like to see him a play more physical game, but with his size, that may not be possible.  And not all of his shots are the best play at that time…but as Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”  But he is, unquestionably, the best player on this team.  Enjoy him while he’s still here.

Grade: A

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One Response to “Report Card: Forwards, Part 1”

  1. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Poor Vokes. Hate to see these guys with some talent not be able to stay healthy. Damn shame.

    Love watching Ginand play.

    Don’t think we’ll see Kell again; good for him

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