Game 25: Post-Game Quotes

Quotes from Kevin Dean?  How about Dave Caruso?  Wanna hear from Ryan Hayes?  J.S. Berube’s thoughts?  Yeah, I got it all right here…


“It felt good.  I’m really proud of the way we played, especially the young guys.  The older guys, they know how to play, they have a year or two or three or whatever it is under their belts.  But the young guys are really paying attention to details and defense and important moments and how to respond.  You get a 4-1 lead, you’ve got to soldier on and they get a big goal to start the third period because they played the right way.  That’s what’s good.”

“Our schedule’s been kind of weird where we’re always coming at home at a weird time or we’re playing shorthanded, or a Wednesday game where there’s not a lot of emotion.  It’s good to get a win at home.”

“After the second, the only way we were going to get in trouble is if we started taking penalties.  I wouldn’t say we ever really got in trouble, but it’s a good experience because there was a little window there where we could have got in trouble, and I think we saw that.  I thought the ref did a good job tonight.  I’m not sure I agreed with every call — I don’t remember any I didn’t agree with — but why give him the opportunity to call a penalty?  Why even open that door a little bit when you don’t need to?  Keep your stick on the ice and keep your feet moving and don’t give him a green light to think about making a call on you.”

“(Caruso) is very critical (to moving up the standings).  Especially when we’re banged up like we are and low in numbers.  Tonight showed it.  All we expect from him is to stop the pucks he should stop, and he’s doing that.  And he’s doing more than that, he made two or three unbelievable saves tonight and he’s going to be a huge part of this going forward.  Any team that has success, unless you’re just loaded offensively, which we’re not, the goaltending is a huge part of it.”

“(Hayes has) been doing great.  He’s receptive, he’s coachable, he’s a great kid.  He works hard and he’s a competitor.  We’ve been working on certain parts of his game, mainly the defensive part of his game.  He’s come (a long way) there, he’s reliable defensively.  The other part of his game that we’ve been working on is his puck play along the wall.  That third goal he scored tonight was awesome, because he came back and he got the puck with his feet moving, which he sometimes doesn’t do.  He certainly wasn’t doing it in the beginning of the year.  Now, he’s doing it more and he did it there.  He got the puck and his feet were moving and he was able to escape traffic and go down and score a beautiful goal.  So he’s come a long way and it’s all a credit to him because he’s putting the work in and he’s receptive.”


“(On Torquato’s breakaway) I thought it was going a little faster, and then immediately when I knew he was going to get it first, I thought of that Dominik Hasek save where he came out and two pad stacked him.  So that’s what I was trying to do.  It just started to spin and it didn’t really go.  You can’t go back and forth.  If you’re unsure, they’re going to score.  My whole thing was just to try to get the puck outside the blue line.  If I got it outside the blue line, the’d have to touch up and it gave me time to get back.”

“I’ve been feeling good for a while now.  I really feel comfortable with the D that we have here.  I’ve been playing with them for pretty much two years.  It’s nice to play with those guys, I can read off of them and they can read off of me.  I feel comfortable back there with those guys.  I try to just follow the puck, get there early and make the save.  That’s the biggest key with me.”

“For the past couple years, when I have come back from the AHL, I’ve played pretty good.  I think it’s just having to get to spots early on.  I’m really focused on that.  You really have to focus on the little things up there, and you have to be sure you’re taking away space.  I really feel comfortable with these D (here).  Justin Coutu, David Leaderer, Andy Thomas, they’re rock solid.  Brad Miller’s really fitting in nicely, so is Justin Pender.  And then the big guy (Vichorek), he can really play.  He’s a big body and he’s pretty good back there.”


“You try not to (think about the hat trick after the second goal), but it’s just like you’re looking for that bounce.  We were mostly trying to protect the lead at that point.  We’ve had a hard time keeping the lead, and that was a big point for us tonight.”

“Fortunately, I’m getting a good opportunity right now with some guys called up.  It’s a good opportunity for me to try to fill a role and try to make a name for myself and stay in the lineup.  Those guys are good players, and it’s going to be even harder when they come back to stay in the lineup again, just like it was at the beginning of the year.”

“I really didn’t know (about the seven-game point streak) until my mom said something.  She knows what’s going on, but I didn’t really know until a couple days ago.”

“I’ve been working with the coaches trying to move my feet from the top of the circles on the breakouts in, and I just got a lucky bounce and started skating.  I tried to make it look good, I guess.”


“Those are my kind of goals, you know.  I’m not pretty, I always do grinding goals.  I just tried to give (Prough) the puck, and it hit off the guy in front.  It’s a lucky goal.  I scored, I’m happy about that.”

“I’m not like a selfish player, but I wanted to do a hat trick.  I think I never did that in my life, maybe younger, but not in like junior league.  I’m happy we won, I’m happy about that.”

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  1. titans04 Says:

    Vokes and TJ Miller to the 21 day IR.

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