Game 23: Pre-Game Notes

4:00 PM — Shane Connelly backing up, by the way…

3:55 PM — Albany’s game in Atlantic City could be postponed…I spoke to a friend at the game, and he told me that the ice started breaking up in the first few minutes of warmups.  Chris Bombulie, Wilkes-Barre Scranton’s beat writer, and Susan Lulgjuraj of the Press of AC are on the story on Twitter if you wish to follow it. 

Trenton’s scheduled to play there on January 23rd.  A game postponement in AC would be a devastating blow to a city desperately trying to get a team there, I’ll say that much.

3:45 PM — Here’s DeMichiel…

And here’s Dan Eves, who certainly hasn’t been forgotten, it seems…

3:40 PM — Dave Caruso vs. Jared DeMichiel (thank goodness) is your goalie matchup…Miller was acquired in a trade with the Jackals, by the way.  Likely some rolls of tape, a few sticks and a few tires for the bus.  Trades in this league are next to never actually trades.  Usually, it’s an exchange of cash.

2:05 PM — The Trenton Devils have added D Brad Miller, who played in six games this season with Elmira, and have received goaltender Dave Caruso from AHL Albany.  Miller, who is in his second pro season after playing collegiately at North Dakota, will wear #20.  He posted a  2-1-3 line with the Jackals.

Just got here, so I know even less than I usually would…which is never much for pre-game with there being no access to players or coaches.

This game also marks the return of Dan Eves, who spent most of the last two seasons in Trenton.  He’s got just two assists in nine games so far this year.  Call-ups to AHL Hershey have left the Stingrays with a pretty bare bones roster.  Dylan Yeo and Nikita Kashirsky were both summoned to the next level recently.

I’ll be celebrating my 28th birthday with a story in tomorrow’s Trentonian…so I won’t have anything in-game outside of any relevant video and so on.  I’ll update this with starting goalies if I can. 

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

20 Responses to “Game 23: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. chiarams Says:

    Mike – here’s a pic of the ice at AC:

    Sorry if I find this situation completely hilarious.

  2. tdevils Says:


  3. chiarams Says:

    Another one:

    Hockey was generally dead in AC, but this should be the final kill shot.

  4. trentondevilsfan Says:

    I’m lol at the ac situaton. Just crazy.

  5. tdevils Says:

    Got offered tickets to that by my buddy who is at the game, by the way…but I had to be here…wasn’t going to miss SC.

  6. titans04 Says:

    probably pissed off a good 300 Devils fans and maybe 1100 WB fans. I too lmao at the whole thing. Sure is a beautiful building will awesome hockey facilities right Lou?

    Mike how many in the arena today?

  7. chiarams Says:

    I’ll be the first to throw out the conspiracy theory about the “poor ice” in AC.

    It’s a sure fire way to cure bad ticket sales…

  8. chiarams Says:

    Lest I forget, wasn’t Killer having trouble finding enough bodies for the game?

    I’m not saying they destroyed the ice on purpose…of course I’m not…

  9. titans04 Says:

    they sent down a Corrente and Vaswhatever to play in AC today.

  10. chiarams Says:

    Ah – sucks they had to waste that parkway toll money.

  11. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Meanwhile here in trenton they couldn’t stand prosperity and coughed up a 2-0 lead, 2-2 after 2. Leaderer pretty brutal today.

  12. chiarams Says:

    Apparent chaos in AC as they’re handing out vouchers for the rescheduled game.

    Apparently no refunds.

    I love this organization!

  13. titans04 Says:

    “We’re staying on our course”

    and that’s all that matters.

    The rest of you can &^&% off.

  14. tdevils Says:

    1500 here, perhaps.

  15. titans04 Says:

    send Dan a paper plane letting him know the AC game was cancelled he’s still talking about a delay.

  16. Shtikl Says:

    / \
    | /\__/|
    | _ > )
    \ /—- — Oh, no!
    | -\/
    / \

    Gotta love the NJ Devils organization. The best part is, they didn’t bother calling it off until warm-ups.

  17. titans04 Says:

    Mike thanks for the picture of Eves didn’t recognize him win the goatee. Even though facial hair is disgraceful when it comes to hockey players. We only have 1 win or so in our last six but the boys sure do look good, all about priorities I guess.

  18. tdevils Says:

    Just posted another. And ha…I see what you did there.

    They weren’t bad tonight. Just keep giving up leads. Young group with guys who shouldn’t be playing as much as they are or at all.

  19. Lousballsack Says:

    LOVE IT:

    Lamoriello wanted to ensure the team’s minor-league affiliates would be in the right arena. It had to have good ice and locker-room facilities.

    He didn’t know if Boardwalk Hall would be that place – until he visited the historical landmark for the first time.

    “I was flabbergasted to see what this facility offered,” the Devils’ CEO/president and general manager said Tuesday during a news conference at the hall. “I am almost embarrassed that I’ve been in New Jersey 20 years and I have not seen this facility. It was a very easy decision once we came here.”

  20. red devil Says:

    Happy birthday Mike. Wishing you happiness and success in the coming year!

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