Game 16: Post-Game Notes

I’ll try to keep this relatively brief, because I’d like to pretend that game didn’t happen.  Certainly, the Trenton Devils would like to erase it from memory.

You’ll read about this disaster in The Trentonian tomorrow, but Trenton has now lost the last six “second halves” of back-to-back games and has lost their last four of those after winning the first game.  You’ll see Kevin Dean’s quotes tomorrow — his post-game chat was quite brief and I used just about all of what he said in the paper…it wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk, there just wasn’t a lot to say — but essentially he couldn’t pinpoint why his team can’t get the job done in back-to-back games.

He wasn’t as critical of his team as I thought he might be.  But to me, I can’t say there was one player who I thought looked good tonight.  Even Ryan Ginand, who has almost always been a spark plug for this team, didn’t have the same jump tonight.  Didn’t see much of Jeff Prough…Matt Vokes looked good for a while, but even he seemed to lose his legs a little bit after a while.  Ryan Hayes had a decent game.

T.J. Miller had quite possibly the worst game I’ve seen by any Trenton player this season if you ask me.  It seemed like he was giving the puck away at least once per shift.  I remember when he was a healthy scratch pretty early on in the year and I was shocked…now, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

The “putting Jordon Southorn up front” move didn’t pan out at all — a move that was likely made necessary by Tony Zancanaro being unable to go — and Taylor Vichorek seemed far more focused on playing the man than the puck.  All in all, it was a flat performance.

At least it was somewhat entertaining with the 98 penalty minutes — including five fights — but even some of those didn’t go so well for Trenton.  J.S. Berube…it’s surprising it took him this long into the year to drop the gloves, but hey…you guys saw the video of the second fight, right?  Yikes.

Cincinnati pretty much controlled the majority of the second period, and that really seemed to swing the momentum in their favor.  Mike Brown made a few nice stops, but I think some of what the defense was able to mask last night showed up tonight…he didn’t read some plays well, and was slow to react or recover from others. 

Marc Cheverie signed with the Florida Panthers this season after starring for three years at DU.

I was looking forward to seeing either Marc Cheverie or Chet Pickard tonight — it was Cheverie — but Trenton really never tested him.  He only saw 21 shots, and maybe a handful were quality chances.

Zancanaro…Dean said nothing specific happened to him in warmups and that he should be good to go on Wednesday.  Nolet, rather obviously, hurt his arm going into the boards…there was no specific information available regarding the extent of his injury after the game.

Realized I never posted Southorn’s last fight…here ya go.  And shoot, while I’m at it, here’s a Gerald Coleman save from Saturday.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


3 Responses to “Game 16: Post-Game Notes”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Looks like he may have actually landed one before almost dislocating his shoulder with the haymaker that hit nothing but air.

  2. Hockey67 Says:

    Vokes blocking a shot with his leg could be the reason he lost it towards the end. I was surprised he even played after that. Same with Prough, I’m wondering if we’ll see either one of them on Wednesday.

  3. tdevils Says:

    I did see that…second period, right? Thought he was a little inconsistent before that — which I wouldn’t blame him for considering he didn’t even think he’d be playing until Sunday to begin with — but that’s a fair point.

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