Don’t Stop Believin’

I may not be Johnny Cash -- despite the black outfit -- but I did get to cover the Sharks game tonight...

I won’t turn this into a vacation blog, I promise.  But it is worth updating things on my last day in California.

Everything went about as well as it could have.  I got all three interviews I came for in Anaheim (George Parros, Dan Sexton and Troy Bodie), saw a great game in Los Angeles (I didn’t work that one…but hey, I got to meet Bruce Jenner, so not a total loss) and had a long chat with Corey Schwab and Matt Shaw in San Jose.  As if one Stanley Cup-winning goaltender wasn’t enough, I got to speak with Antti Niemi about Schwab’s influence on the team.

As for T-Devils related stuff — Kevin Dean told me that Schwab was a great guy, and he wasn’t kidding — I got a few quotes from Schwab and what it was like to play with Dean at all three levels.

I’m heading to Denver and will cover the Flames-Avalanche game on Tuesday before heading out to Las Vegas to have a little fun and cover a Wranglers game.  I’m really curious to see what they do over there that draws a crowd…with all the options in Vegas, and having gone through there on the way out to California, they are numerous…I’m wondering what gets people in the seats.

After that, I’m off to Phoenix to hopefully speak with Paul Bissonnette, Jason LaBarbera and Vern Fiddler and then it’s back to Denver for games against the Sharks, Blues and Rangers.  And then it’s back home in time to catch Alaska’s first trip into Trenton.  Yes, I planned my trip inbetween the Gwinnett and Alaska games.  That, my friends, is either dedication or being a dork.

Regardless, I need to thank Steve Hoem of the Ducks and Scott Emmert of the Sharks for being so incredibly accommodating and helpful thus far in my journey.  The level of care they showed to a guy who is…well, two levels down from them, was greatly appreciated.

I’ll update the blog as I can — I now need to talk to Dean for the story about Schwab — and will post the Schwab story about Dean when that’s completed.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

5 Responses to “Don’t Stop Believin’”

  1. DickyDunn Says:

    Wow..talking to Biz Nasty in Phoenix?

    Best twitter account ever.

  2. somersetdevsfan Says:

    Myles continues to be a scratch at Albany and Leaderer’s playing while Harry Young sits- how long til those two are in Trenton? They would bring some serious toughness.

  3. Philly Devil Says:

    Congrats Mike. However, Parros is a disgrace and everything wrong with hockey…on the ice that is because he is a nice guy. However his game is that of a goon coward.

  4. Louballsack Says:

    How bout those big Devils Philly Devil, talk about a disgrace.

  5. Shtikl Says:

    Did y’all see the Koval-Choke?

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