Game 6: Post-Game Notes

— The first thing I wanted to do when the shootout ended was go down into that locker room and shake Dave Caruso’s hand.  That was one of the most incredible goaltending performances I’ve seen in a long, long time — 67 saves, 60 saves, 55 saves, whatever it was — and he’s the reason that Trenton got a point tonight.

He wasn’t tested too much during the game, but those final stops he made in overtime, especially that last one on the rebound…he was absolutely, positively in the zone tonight. 

— If those shot totals hold up, and believe it or not, they were fluctuating even as post-game interviews were taking place, much to the amusement of the coaching staff…some records were approached and/or set.

Dave Caruso’s 67 saves would be an ECHL regular season record, eclipsing the mark of 65 set by Daniel Boisclair for Greenville on March 17, 2004.  It would be the second highest amount of saves made at Trenton, as Elmira’s Michael Teslak made 71 in the four overtime thriller in Game 1 of the first round in 2008-09.

Gwinnett’s 69 shots tie an ECHL record, held by the Richmond Renegades (1990) and Tallahassee Tiger Sharks (1997).  As a team, they were credited with 70…but the additional shot may not count towards the record as it was credited a team shot (and goal) as a result of winning the shootout.

The combined 112 shots would fall two behind the record set by Richmond and Erie on December 23, 1990.

— Every player in the game except Martin Nolet, Will Colbert and Ian McKenzie recorded a shot.

— With all that said…69 shots seems awful high.  I think 55-60 seems more accurate.  Given that a record is involved, I wouldn’t be surprised if the game tape is reviewed and the number is adjusted.  Regardless, Caruso was unbelievable.

— The officiating was interesting tonight.  I know there was some carryover in the physicality from last night’s game and I’m sure the refs were trying to squash things early, but there was a lot of ticky-tack stuff getting called.  The game had no flow to speak of.

— The refs did, however, give Trenton plenty of opportunities to work on their power play.  They proceeded to go 0-for-16 for the homestand.  Not good. 

— Thought Matt Kang had a really, really strong game.  Amazing he only recorded two shots.  Stronger on the puck than you think he’d be, and he doesn’t hesitate to take it to the net.  Thing is, he’s got to put it on said net a bit more…there was one sequence where he was in close and made blind backhanded passes to the opposition.

Kang will be OK after getting slammed into the boards head-first late in the game.  He had a small welt under his right eye, but seemed fine after the game otherwise.

— Nice effort by Kory Nagy and Taylor Vichorek tonight.  Two assists for each.  Nagy still has some work to do on his offensive game — the 2-on-1 where he let the D take away the pass and hesitated on the shot in the second period — is a great example of that.

— Dave Leaderer made his AHL debut tonight, recording two shots and two PIM’s in Albany’s 3-2 win over Providence. 

— Watch that Chris Carrozzi save on Ryan Ginand video…great move, better save.

— Hey, I noticed Chris Poli tonight!  Much better game out of him for Gwinnett tonight.

— Reading beat Wheeling, 3-0, tonight.  Matt Dalton got the W…Matt Caruana, Casey Haines and Ryan Cruthers (SH ENG) with the tallies.

— Vacation time for me, kids.  Kevin Dean was kind enough to agree to providing me some periodic updates via cell phone during my time away, so I’ll give him a call on occasion and see what’s going on with this interesting, interesting team.  I’ll be sure to check in from out west as much as I can.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


4 Responses to “Game 6: Post-Game Notes”

  1. Bob Smyth Says:

    Have a good time off, Mike. Looking forward to your return.

  2. ForeverTitans Says:

    Enjoy Mike! Mills called up to NJ. Hope he can stick for a while!

  3. Shtikl Says:

    Hey, GRATS to Leaderer! GOOD LUCK, Millsy! Nice to see the kids take the big steps!

  4. somersetdevsfan Says:

    Don’t forget Olivier Magnan- Remember the Titans!

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