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Game 6: Post-Game Quotes

October 29, 2010

Same duo as yesterday…Kevin Dean and Dave Caruso.


“If we would have played the last five minutes or so like we played the ten before that, we probably would have won.  It’s definitely fortunate (to get a point), but it’s a good learning experience.  I think our guys saw the difference in the two games we played.  The first 40 minutes and the last 20 was a huge difference, and that’s part of the process.  Sometimes players — when I was a player, I remember you think you’re playing well, you think you’re playing hard, you think you’re winning battles, but you’re just not — and maybe that was the case the first 20.  We righted the ship there at the end.”

“I don’t think there was much of a difference (between last night and tonight, defensively).  We didn’t play as well, but it wasn’t defensively, it was offensively.  We didn’t take the body, we didn’t play with much jam or assertion at all.  I certainly don’t believe there was 69 shots, they didn’t have 20 in the 3rd and the puck was in their end the whole period.  I don’t even think there was 11 (in overtime), maybe with the power play.  But even that I think is a bit of a stretch.  But even then, we didn’t play well in the first 40 minutes and we…I wouldn’t say we were turning pucks over, but we just didn’t have any oomph to our game, and that’s how we got down 2-0.  They got kind of a lucky goal, that second goal was a crappy goal for sure.  But we played well in the third and we were fortunate to come back.”

“Certain guys were struggling, and our power play was not good this weekend at all.  They did not handle their pressure well at all.  They do a good job, but we’ve got to be better.  We understand what they’re trying to do, we just seem to be getting mauled on the wall a little bit.  It’s an adjustment we should probably make next time.”

“Off the top of my head (to fix the PP), I’d say we need to spread our defenseman and go maybe four corners — two guys wide at the points and then a guy in front and two guys off to the side of the net and just zip it around and try to get them to settle down.  They can’t run corner to corner and point to point, it’s too far and there’s too many holes opening up.  Instead of getting it all over on the one side, maybe just spreading it around a little bit.”

“(Caruso) was unbelievable, in overtime especially.  Right at the end there, he made two unbelievable saves.  And again, it’s his positioning.  He made a really good stop, and then he was in position to dive and make the second stop right with ten seconds or so left.  That was something else.  He was great, no question.”


“I don’t know how many (saves I had), I really don’t.  They had a lot from the outside, and sometimes they don’t give you (credit for) those a lot of places.  They’re actually shots on net.”

“(On the OT PP) I knew they had a big shot in Nesbitt and a big shot in Paris, and I knew they were looking for each other and I was just trying to get over to them before they could actually shoot it, and that was my whole key.  I had a feeling if they came down I would have been there and I could just square up.  Our D did a good job of taking away the back door.  My job was to stop that off-side (wing) shot on the one-timer.  The D did a good job, Miller came up pretty big on a couple of clears and he blocked a shot.”

“I think you get a little bit more in a rhythm (playing back to backs).  Practice is one thing, but games are another.  I thought early in the season, it’s a little tougher to go back to back, you don’t know the whole rhythm, even though you’d done it last year.  After the first period, probably, I felt good.  It was one of those things.  They were putting everything on net, low and kind of like medium speed shots, and those are kind of hard to control.”

(On if he gets stronger when he sees more shots) “It depends on what kinds of shots I’m getting.  If I’m getting Grade-A scoring chances, probably some of them are going to go in.  I don’t know, maybe.”

“They had different guys (in the shootout), they had guys that were not as skilled go.  A lot of times in shootouts in practice, it’s the D that win, because they might be more patient and they don’t try to do as fancy stuff, and that’s what happened.  Krug came in super slow and he just outwaited me.  I went for the poke-check and he just shot it as hard as he could.”

“I’m glad with what we did in the third period to come back and get the point.  Maybe if we do that every period, there’s no way of stopping us there.  You definitely see flashes of the team that played so well last year at the end, you definitely see flashes.  We just have to get that earlier this year.”

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Game 6: Shootout VIDEO

October 29, 2010

Ryan Hayes

Michael Davies

Jeff Prough

Derek Nesbitt

Ryan Ginand

Drew Paris

Darcy Zajac

Tim Miller

Trevor Kell

Matt Krug

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Game 6: Photo Gallery

October 29, 2010

Chris Carrozzi

Ryan Hayes

Matt Kang


T.J. Miller

Kory Nagy

Billy Sauer

Jordon Southorn

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Game 6: In-Game Thread

October 29, 2010

Third Period: Amazing.  Amazing they came back, amazing they’re even in the game.  Dave Caruso’s made 50 saves in 60 minutes.  He’s absolutely saved their bacon tonight.  Gwinnett took their collective foot off the gas pedal in the third as well, however…and Tony Zancanaro and J.S. Berube made them pay.

Second Period: First off, the Rubiks Cube got hosed in the costume contest.  Secondly, this time is who we thought they were after two periods.  38 shots allowed through two.  38 shots!  Gwinnett is skating all over and around these guys, and even Chris Poli burned his old boys with a second period goal to make it 2-0.  Yikes.  Caruso’s been very, very good…but there’s not much he can do.  He can’t score.  That’s what they need right now…badly.  Somehow, one goal gets them right back in it.

First Period: Well, that turned messy quickly.  Trenton’s defense pretty much melted 14 seconds into the game, leaving Dave Caruso out to dry on an easy rebound goal by Tim Filangieri.  Afterwards, it pretty much degenerated into a “who has the best special teams” contest, and both teams stayed off the scoresheet for the remainder of the first 20 minutes.

Already 24 minutes in penalties (with no fights) and we’re only through one period here.  And if you’re wondering who the guy whose Stanley Cup ring is blinding you in the elevator…that’s Grant Marshall.  Or maybe that was just me wondering that.

6:55 PM — I think Matt Lombardi’s the scratch, if my peek at the ECHL official roster sheet is accurate.

Not sure what’s going in here, but at the very least, you guys can use this is an open thread to discuss the game.  I can only be so lazy, so I’ll be sure to weigh in as often as I can.

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Game 6: Pre-Game Notes

October 29, 2010

6:45 PM — Carrozzi vs. Caruso is your goalie matchup.  Did not see Dan Charleston out there…did see Ryan Hayes and Matt Kang.  Wonder what’s going on with the scratch.

6:10 PM — Back from the land of pizza, where I can assure you I’m spending my time well.  Anyway, I’m heading down for warmups…I’ll have any lineup news shortly. 

4:05 PM — Well, it’s three hours before the drop of the puck and “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison is blaring over the sound system here for nobody inparticular.  Insert your own joke about the attendance here.

Anyway, the Dave Leaderer call-up is official…technically, he’s signed a PTO with Albany since he’s on an ECHL deal.

I’ll have any relevant news up until game time.  Haven’t entirely figured out what my coverage plan during the game will be.  I’m leaning towards just sitting back and watching…I’d like to get a better feel for this team, and that’s kind of difficult with my face buried in a keyboard for half the game.  That, and I leave for my vacation tomorrow morning and I’m kind of already in that mode…but I’ll have all the key quotes like usual after the game at the very least.

Kevin Dean already told us yesterday that Dave Caruso will be starting today for Trenton, and I’d suspect (see: hope) that it’ll be Atlanta Thrashers draft pick Chris Carrozzi between the pipes for Gwinnett.

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