Game 5: Gwinnett @ Trenton

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Radio Broadcast: Click here to listen to Dan D’Uva’s radio broadcast of tonight’s game.

First Period:

The national anthem has reaffirmed that the flag was still there. The people, however, are not. My hand count of 164 right before the drop of the puck has got to be the lowest I’ve ever had. Yikes.

19:08 left — Ryan Garbutt in the box with a trip…PP Trenton.

16:45 left — They couldn’t have done much less with the man advantage…awful breakouts and no quality chances.

14:11 left — Ryan Ginand continues to impress…nice job to get back on defense and negate a partial breakaway.

12:29 left — J.S. Berube with a no-doubter boarding call on Tim Filangieri in the corner.  Gwinnett on the power play.

10:18 left — The Gladiators at least had some strong puck possession during their power play, but didn’t really get much going either…we remain tied, 0-0.  Trenton with just 3 shots through the first ten minutes.

9:30 left — Uploaded a video of a Caruso stop in tight…

6:45 left — Garbutt must like the Trenton penalty box.  He’s back in it.  Another trip, and Trenton’s on another power play.

4:21 left — Another just…brutal looking power play.  They can’t gain the zone.  And when they do, Gwinnett just swarms the perimeter and Trenton doesn’t know what to do.  T-Kell got a shot off, but it was a weak wrister from just inside the blue line with no traffic to speak of.

3:13 left — Nice chance by Ginand up the left side, but Sauer makes the easy pad save. 

1:33 left — Caruso lets in an absolute stinker, no other way to put it.  Garbutt, actually on the ice this time, takes advantage of Caruso getting caught moving to his right and juggling a very easy shot out of his glove.  He didn’t recover, ended up dropping the puck, and Garbutt buried it to give Gwinnett a 1-0 lead.  That one is 1000 percent on Caruso.

41.2 left — T.J. Miller with a slapshot from the left point.  J.S. Berube was in front of Sauer and may have tipped it in…but either way, 1-1 game.

Second Period:

According to the mythical inbetween periods stat sheet, Gwinnett is outshooting Trenton, 14-12, through the first 20 minutes…

19:43 left — Darcy Zajac with a perfect tip past Sauer on a pass from the corner by Ginand, and Trenton’s got the lead for the first time tonight.  2-1.

14:38 left — Ian McKenzie in the box for Gwinnett on a hold…

14:25 left — Great chance for Trenton as a point shot got tipped off the post…couldn’t tell who got it, but it was very nearly a 3-1 game.

13:03 left — Nice save of sorts by Andy Brandt…the puck was rolling towards the empty net on a wild scramble, but the Gladiators d-man got a stick on it and keeps it a 2-1 game.

12:28 left — And now a save by Sauer.  Jeff Prough had a golden opportunity on a cross crease pass, but Sauer sprawled across to dive and stop it…if Prough gets more on the shot or lifts it, though, it’s in.  Still, nice effort by the former Lake Erie goalie.

5:00 left — Really not a whole lot to update you on.  Trenton’s playing much better defensively in the second…Gwinnett’s getting shots, but a lot of low-percentage wrist shots from outside.

4:48 left — Taylor Vichorek in the box…

2:40 left — Nice PK by the T-Devils there…

2:30 left — Danick Paquette in the box for Gwinnett…might be more than just two.  He wouldn’t stop trying to go after Jeremy Akeson, then made a grab at Tony Zancanaro, too. 

:36 left — 5-on-3 for six seconds…Sam Roberts in the box for Gwinnett.

Period ends with Trenton up, 2-1…1:25 of PP time left.

Third Period:

Gwinnett outshooting Trenton, 26-24, through two…

18:30 left — Nothing doing on the power play.  The dump and chase thing isn’t really working for them.

17:15 left — Garbutt cuts across the slot off the rush uncontested and buries a wrister past Caruso.  2-2 game.  This reeks of a come from ahead loss.

15:16 left — J.S. Berube more or less takes a run at one of Gwinnett’s guys…could have called quite a few things there, but slashing it is.  Power play, Gwinnett.

14:07 left — Oh, boy.  Tim Miller just took an inadvertent stick right in the mouth.  His mouthguard was on the ice for a while, not sure if there were any chiclets in it…he went off the ice very quickly and the trainer literally ran off the bench after him.  No call, though…it was a part of a netmouth scramble and it was hard to tell exactly what happened.

11:42 left — McKenzie with an elbow on Berube…and that gets caught.  Power play, Trenton.

8:20 left — Trenton had one good chance on the PP…but that’s about it.  It’s a bit of a stalemate right now.  Trenton’s lucky that some D lapses haven’t cost them here in the third.

5:50 left — Sauer with three big point blank stops when he needed to make them.  Big saves.  Stonewalling Trenton right now, who has 32 shots.

2:57 left — Paquette back in the box with a real ill-timed hook.  Big, big power play for Trenton right here. 

2:45 left — Oh boy.  And now a slash on Derek Nesbitt.  A long 5-on-3.

32.2 left — No goals.  Sauer made a big save, but Trenton didn’t put the puck on net near enough, then gave up a brutal 2-on-1 where Caruso had to make a huge stop of his own.

We’re done with regulation…2-2 tie going into overtime.  Each team gets a point.  No goals at the end of OT?  Then it goes to a shootout.


5:00 left — Ginand-Kell-Coutu-Miller get the first shift of OT…

3:48 left — Prough-Zajac out next up front…no good chances on either side.

2:54 left — Zancanaro-Nagy your next pair…

2:19 left — And now it’s Berube-Kell…Kell had a chance on wraparound but didn’t quite get it far out in front of the net.

1:12 left — The first stoppage of OT is on a Gwinnett icing…neither coach going to the timeout.

Time for a shootout…


TRENTON – Hayes – Goal
GWINNETT – Nesbitt – Save
TRENTON – Prough – Save
GWINNETT – Forney – Save
TRENTON – Ginand – Save
GWINNETT – Francis – Save
TRENTON – Zajac – Goal
GWINNETT – Garbutt – Save


Three Stars:

* Zajac

** Garbutt

*** Hayes

My vote: Hey, I got one!  It was GWG-Garbutt-Caruso

Final Score: 3-2, Trenton

Post-Game Notes:

Pre-Game Photos:

In-Game Videos:

Fight Videos:

Next Game: Tomorrow at SNBC, 7 PM, vs. Gwinnett

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6 Responses to “Game 5: Gwinnett @ Trenton”

  1. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    Sure glad they got that equalizer. Overall not a horrible period.

  2. titans04 Says:

    Brutal play by Caruso on the goal.

  3. Langhorne Devil Says:

    Better second – Caruso still not filling me with confidence – looks a shadow of the player from the end of last season

  4. titans04 Says:

    I agree thankfully gwinnett hasn’t shown much yet. Better second period for us which helps.

  5. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    Rebound control a definite issue…going to bite him in the (Gar)butt tonite I fear.

  6. Bob Smyth Says:

    Caruso not getting the first star of the night was a travesty.

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