Game 1: Post-Game Notes (Dean Comments)

— If you’ve followed the Trenton Devils long enough, you should know by now that they aren’t going to win during their opening weekend.  They didn’t in 2008-09, they didn’t last year and tonight’s game gave little indication that they will this year, either.

One thing you can’t really look at on paper is how well a team will play defensively…and wow, were they porous in the first and third periods.

I’ll get to some more of my notes in a bit, but here are Kevin Dean’s post-game comments…


General thoughts on the game…

“We had a terrible first.  We looked nervous and we just didn’t do what we wanted to do.  I thought we had a great second period.  I thought after that goal at the end of the second, we were going to be in great position to kind of roll in the third, but we came out and played more like we did in the first.  We took a couple penalties in the offensive zone, which are stupid.  We kind of lost our composure and got away from our game a little bit and beat ourselves, really.”

On what he said inbetween the first and second periods…

“I said let’s get the puck deep and get behind their D.  I think that’s how we can have success, and we did.  We wore them down in the second, they were tired.  They were clearly tired, and that’s why we scored four goals in the second.  We were putting a lot of heat on them.  In the third, for whatever reason, we just got away from it.”

On having a quick turnaround for tomorrow’s game…

“I think it’s good.  There was a lot of nervous energy in the beginning.  Tomorrow, it’s a new game and we talked a little bit about it after the game — just come out tomorrow and do what we said we were going to do.”

On lineup changes…

“There will be a couple.  I don’t know exactly what yet, but there will be a couple.  There’s a good chance (Kang) will play.  But we’ll look at the lineup, look at the tape a little bit and see if what we thought we saw is what we actually saw.  Sometimes, you need to look at the video for that.”

On positives that can be taken out of the loss…

“We scored five goals, and they were all honest goals.  I think that’s positive.  We just have to do a much better job around our net and coming into our zone and on the penalty kill.  We can’t give up six, that’s for sure.”

On the momentum after the second…

“I was looking forward to the third at that point.  We did such a nice job in the second, I was looking forward to just getting back out there and I thought we’d pick up where we left off, but for whatever reason, we didn’t.”

On the young players…

“They all worked hard.  Everybody worked hard, there’s no fault there.  We beat ourselves, and I don’t ever want to be a team that beats ourselves.  Ever.”

On Dave Caruso’s play…

“He wasn’t bad, he wasn’t the reason we lost.  But I wouldn’t say I was happy with (his play).  There was a couple there (where he got hung out), the breakaway, there was one that went off somebody’s butt in front of the net.  You’re not going to have any luck with those.  You’re not going to fault him on four or five of them, probably.” 


— Defensively, the team has to tighten up if they’re going to be successful.  There’s no doubting that there’s a lot of offensive talent here, but they’re not going to win a lot of 6-5 games.

— I figured before the game that Jeff Lerg would get Sunday’s start.  But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jordon Southorn or Matt Kang in the lineup tomorrow as well.  I think, in that scenario, you’d sit Martin Nolet…but which forward sits?  It sure isn’t Ryan Hayes, whose nose for the net tied the game at four with three tenths of a second left in the middle period.  He could go from tenth forward to second or third liner pretty quick.

— I didn’t vote for the three stars.  Don’t know anyone who did, actually…I never got a ballot.  I thought it should have been Ryan Cruthers, Olivier Labelle and Tony Zancanaro…in that order.  I thought Z had a strong game, but Ryan Ginand stood out to me the most.  He was the only player who had anything going for Trenton early on, and he tallied a game-high nine shots before it was all said and done.

— I agree with Dean on Caruso’s effort tonight…wasn’t bad, not the reason they lost.  But he also didn’t come up with the big save tonight.  In what essentially amounts to an offensive slugfest, the big saves are the ones that will win it, and Ben Scrivens made a few stops on 2-on-1’s that kept Trenton off the board.

— Dave Leaderer played a more offensive game than I remember he’d played in the past.  I liked it.  Always like a guy at the blue line who isn’t afraid to shoot.  Would have liked to see Justin Coutu shoot a little more, seemed he curled towards the corner a few times when he had a lane.

— Kory Nagy hasn’t changed my opinion on him yet.  Think he’s solid defensively, but needs a good amount of work on his offensive game.

— Just wanted to thank you guys for the comments on the work over the past couple days.  It’s always tough to put in a solid effort and not see a lot of response — see the Trenton Devils players and their usual attendance numbers, I’m sure — so I do appreciate it.  I owe you guys J.S. Berube and Darcy/Travis Zajac pieces, and you will get them when I have the time to turn them out.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


3 Responses to “Game 1: Post-Game Notes (Dean Comments)”

  1. Philly Devil Says:

    Thank you Mike!

    Well, as you know Mike..I am an ex goalie, I really like David..he’s a good kid. His best save was a splendind glove save through a huge screen in the first. However the fourth goal just can not go in. Scrivens best save was a two on one down low in the third. I was not impressed by Scrivens either. Just for what it is, I was watching Lerg during pre-game and it was only a pre game warm up but wow, he really sets up small, opps..guess he can’t help that but I am not ripping him. Hopefully he will be quick and agile side to side. Never have seen him play yet.

    Nolet did look really nervous and I swear, I want to strangle Pender. His stupid, meaningless penatlies in the first were just…not needed. Prough’s trip penalty in the third was bad as well (not a bad call). Kory Nagy is a defenseive forward, you would like to see some more offensive ability at this level but at least he is playing a good defensive game. This was the first PRO game for many T Devs out there. Z played well and Berube is the real deal. I saw Taylor walking around the concourse, OMG he is friggin huge.

    The best home opener was the first ever T Devs game when they beat John Quick 2-1.

    I liked Kowalsky and I really..really like Deaner as our coach. Dean seems pretty intesne and honest.

    Got home and the big Devs lost, happy to hear Johnny Mac say it was not Marty’s fault at all.

    Mike, can you ask if Lerg has any plans to paint his pads our colors, he just looks bad with all that green.

    Castonguay looked lost.

    Thanks for all of your work Mike.

  2. Philly Devil Says:

    Oh yeah, Pender has a powerful shot form the point but at the same time, he is a liability with his horrible skating.

  3. tdevils Says:

    Lerg ordered new stuff before the year. He said he’s had the same stuff for three years and is tired of feeling every puck…don’t know when he’s getting his new stuff. Courchaine looks much weirder with his gear compared to the jerseys.

    I thought the first period call on Pender was soft. Call both guys or let it go, but not one.

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