Remember These Guys?

Here’s Jeff Frazee prior to the September 23 preseason contest at Madison Square Garden…

…And Brad Mills, seen here before last night’s game at the Prudential Center.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


5 Responses to “Remember These Guys?”

  1. Philly Devil Says:

    Very happy for both. Next year Jeff will be up for good and Mills has a real decent shot of being the fourth line center on the big club. Both class people and very good players.

  2. Shtikl Says:

    Glad to see Millsy back on skates, did he look healthy?

  3. patriotsashmore Says:

    He did. He played the role of pest. Did it well.

  4. Lousballsack Says:

    Sounds like Frazee sure is a slam dunk at this point. Kind of sounds like they might be calling him lazy but hell what to they know right PD.

    Question 4) What are the Devils plans for the future after Martin Brodeur?

    Answer 4) Marshall answered first, since he went up to Lowell frequently and saw the AHL team perform. He said that Jeff Frazee he needs to take care of himself better. Not just physically, but mentally. Not just right before a game, but weeks ahead of time. Martin Brodeur is one of the greats because he has a high work ethic to get himself ready. Frazee has talent, he just has some ways to go. Marshall also had the same analysis for other AHL players, like Alexander Vasyunov and Nick Palmieri.

    Vanderbeek brought up that the Devils did draft two goaltenders this summer, and then discussed free agency. He noted that the market has changed with respect to goaltenders, and now you can find a few quality goalies available every summer. He used Johan Hedberg as an example. He even brought up the Flyers utilizing multiple, inexpensive goaltenders last season to some success as another example of how the market changed

  5. chiarams Says:

    At least Vanderbeek didn’t say anything about moving their AHL team to the Garden State.

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