Blog Extras: Kevin Dean

Kevin Dean brings Calder Cup and Stanley Cup rings to Trenton. Can he deliver a Kelly Cup?

Hope you all got a chance to check out my story in the paper about new T-Devils head coach Kevin Dean.  But, I promised you guys some quotes that didn’t make The Trentonian

“At some point, you’ve got to try something new.  Have some new challenges.”

“I’m not going to try to change too much.  I’m going to put it on the players to be professionals.  At the end of the day, that’s what they are.  They’re playing hockey, and they’re getting paid for it.  They need to know that they’re pros.  They need to conduct themselves like pros and that means practice and games and between games.  They need to carry themselves like professionals and be representatives of our organization.  Everything they do, do it in a professional way.  Eventually, that trickles over to the ice.  If they take it seriously everywhere, I think their play in the long run will be better.”

“(Quality guys from Trenton) That’s a tribute to Rick and Chris Lamoriello and Lou Lamoriello and Vince, they did a nice job preparing these guys.  Lou and Chris set a good tone, organizationally.  I think that’s important.  You let the personal stuff slide a little bit, and the game slides with it.”

“I don’t have (a coaching goal) mapped out like that.  Kind of like when I was a player, I didn’t have it mapped out either.  I just know I enjoy it and I want to keep doing it and keep growing and just kind of see where it takes me.”

“We haven’t discussed (a roster) at all.  That’s something for Chris Lamoriello.  We haven’t talked about that at all.”

“I checked (Trenton’s stats) two or three times a week to see who was playing well, who was scoring, what their record was like.  We had a few guys that came from Lowell down here, and I followed their progress.”

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One Response to “Blog Extras: Kevin Dean”

  1. Wayne Smith Says:

    Didn’t know anyone was following the T Devils so it’s great to hear someone in the news business that’s interested. I have been a season ticket holder since the first year of Trenton hockey and watched Rick as both a player and a coach. He brought direction and purpose to the game as both a player and coach. He started out each year with green players, a few leftovers and no pros. He lost many games in the beginning of the season because the team had no experienced players. Each year he had to coach the team into a real effective group and by the time they were playing well it was to late because of the loses early in the season. As a fan that’s hard to watch. Everyone likes to see a winner and to put a team on the ice that is not there to win but just give playing time and teach the pro game to prospects will not fill seats in Trenton or improve the Devils fan base in Central Jersey. Rick had an impossible task and he had a plan. Mr Dean better come up with a plan before September and have some discussion about players with management. If not, next season will have one less season ticket holder though that probably makes little difference to the Devils organization. They can run the franchise at a loss unlike most of the teams in the ECHL which are not owned by the parent club. However, Trenton or for that matter any town doesn’t like loosing and the devils name will not be worth much in this part of the state and that should concern Mr. Lamarillo.

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