Thank You

With the Trenton Devils season now over, I wanted to make sure I took the time to write up a few thank you’s.

First and foremost, I want to say thank you to all the fans who have made this blog somewhat successful.  It’s been nice to get to know some of you over the past two seasons, and it’s nice to know that my hard work has been appreciated. 

I want to thank The Trentonian, specifically sports editor Matthew Osborne, for giving me a chance to write for a daily paper…not to mention one that people have actually heard of.  It meant a lot to be trusted with the T-Devils beat, and anyone who worked with me this season knows it’s something I didn’t take lightly.  It was nice to be able to go from doing this blog for a grand total of zero dollars last year to taking over the beat for a while for The Trentonian.  And a special thanks to Rob Chakler belongs here as well…Rob has done and continues to do a great job covering this team, and despite the somewhat awkward situation at times, he was always helpful with whatever questions I had for him.

Thanks to Rick Kowalsky and Vince Williams.  Big thanks to them, especially Rick.  From the audio I’ve posted this season, you’ve probably seen that my first question almost always either sucks or isn’t a question at all…Rick never once snapped at me, never once gave me a snarky answer, never once refused to talk after one of the many bad losses his team endured.  Both Rick and Vinny are good guys, and if they’re not able to land gigs in the AHL, I hope they’re both back next season.

Thanks to the players.  Part of this job I hate is being in locker rooms, so I always tried to make my stay in there as brief as possible.  I was almost always able to speak to whoever I needed to for my story, and often with the help of other players in the room.  It’s almost impossible to stand in that locker room, wait for someone, and not have another player walk past and ask you who you needed.  It was always appreciated.

And thanks to the Devils organization, from Trenton to Lowell to New Jersey.  Everyone from Jim Leahy to Kristen Bartholomew to Dan D’Uva’s cast of interns were a blast to work with this season and made the long drives to and from Trenton more tolerable.  Mike O’Brien was always helpful in Lowell, and Jeff Altstadter has always been nothing but accomodating when I needed something from Newark.

Hockey is my favorite sport…most people may know me as a baseball beat writer, but hockey is my true passion, and the past two seasons in Trenton have been beneficial to me both personally and professionally.  I’d love to cover an AHL or an NHL team full-time one day, and the experience here and the things I’ve learned can only benefit me down the road.

So thanks so much to everyone who’s helped me along the way…and for my readers, stay tuned for some content coming up; including the alumni features, a look at who could come back in 2010-11 and much more.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


9 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. trentondevilsfan Says:

    Excellent job as always Mike. Was great checking out the blog before the game to see who might be playing or sitting. Hope to continue again next year!

  2. red devil Says:

    Mike, you are very welcome and your hard work is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work and I wish you the best in your future!!!!!

  3. LanghorneDevil Says:

    I echo the above sentiments – great job and hope you are able to progress to the big leagues soon.

  4. Bob Smyth Says:

    Mike’s the guy we all should thank, for his insightful reporting, good writing, and knowledge of the game. Good job!

  5. titans04 Says:

    OT – interesting. Clearly they still have an interest in him, even after Alaska moved him.

    04/05/2010 Jack Combs (F) Peoria ADD Signed to PTO

  6. thunderbaseball Says:

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words…

    And, I didn’t think he could do that. Unless the contract runs out the second the season ends…I always thought Trenton players weren’t allowed to sign AHL PTO’s with any other team besides Lowell.

  7. chiarams Says:

    Combs didn’t sign his contract with the NJD org though.

    And at this point, what’s the worst the braintrust can do? Tell him he can’t come back and play for the Devils organization?

    Somehow I think Combs will get over it.

  8. titans04 Says:

    It’s an exception I’m sure and something they probably agreed to when they acquired him. Safe to say it was NEVER going to happen during the season. Only other guy they “allowed” to move on was Wood because well he turned out to be a douche. I wonder if he’s still sitting by the phone waiting for the Amazing Race to call.

  9. Lefty Says:


    Awesome job on the blog and best of luck in the future. It was the go to site for T-devils information and thoughts.

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