Tomko, Murray Suspended By ECHL

Trenton Devils defensemen Slavomir Tomko and Chris Murray have been suspended one and two games, respectively, by the ECHL.  The irony, of course, is that they just got rid of Luke Lucyk.

Gerald Coleman and Kevin Cormier have been placed on the IR, and Justin Pender has been activated.

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3 Responses to “Tomko, Murray Suspended By ECHL”

  1. Use a hurts more Says:

    wow….looks like the league is forcing T-Devs out

    Last minute reassignments to a defunct team….suspensions for what would normally be a 2 minute minor.

    Is there a secret league led conspiracy or have Lou and Sons thrown in the towel on Trenton?

  2. titans04 Says:

    More about a roster limit and even though those guys are suspended they still count when it comes to the active roster. They had to let somebody go when they activated Lerg, that was Lucyk. Realistically you can’t carry 3 goalies on a roster of 20.

    No arguing there’s a conspiracy against us, no way we would take one undisciplined penalty after another since they dropped the back back in Oct. It’s not like there’s a pattern of such penalties all season long.

  3. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    Corms and Colesy on IR? I’m flabbergasted! Shocked! Stunned! Ok, no I’m not. Bring on Lerg. Start Caruso in the home finale, otherwise let’s see Lerg. End of the line this year folks, lets hope they want to go out strong. It’s play for a job time.

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